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Dini: New Spider-Man Cartoon Will Surprise As Much As ’90s Batman

There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding Marvel TV’s upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, with comics and animation vets Paul Dini and Man of Action running the show. According to Dini, that excitement will pay off with the show itself.

As an aside during an interview with Newsarama, Dini said,

Having a great time on [Ultimate Spider-Man], and I’m working with some old friends from the Batman days on that. Coming up with a look for the Spider-Man show, I think it’s really going to take people by surprise. It’s going to take people by surprise as much as the Batman show in the early ‘90s took comic fans by surprise. And yet at the same time it feels very right and it looks very right.

With a tease like that, I’m even more curious about the series now. The visuals of the ’90s Batman revolutionized superhero cartoons and had a massive effect on television animation in general, and I can’t even imagine what kind of thing would have as big an impact today, especially in a world filled with such visually-impressive, stylistically-led shows as Symbiotic Titan, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends or even Batman: The Brave and The Bold. What could this show end up looking like…?


  • Mr. M

    Does there come a point where a character/property is just overplayed in the general marketplace? It seems like I’m reading about Spider-man all the time in some form or another, and although I don’t hate the character, it makes me want to say “enough already!”. I understand how important built-in brand recognition is to any property, but I’m curious if there will ever be a saturation point for Spidey, or X-Men, or Superman etc.

  • Drhiphop85

    Batman TAS simply put is the greatest American Action Cartoon Period. Everything before was either too neutered or simplistic and everything else afterwards has been working in its’ shadow. If Dini said this will be BIG, I got high hopes for it…

  • stealthwise

    I don’t think so. This is how the comics used to be: there was the presumption that a new audience of, say, 5-10 year olds would come and get to play with the toys in the sandbox every so often. The older people can still sit and enjoy it, but I don’t think they get to complain if it’s something they’ve all seen before.

  • Mr. M

    I see what you’re saying, stealthwise, I was thinking of that before I posted the comment. Every now and then there’s an attempt to grab a new wave of fans, which is good, but to the old-timers (such as myself), looking at it from a big picture it can feel like overkill. However, we do get to complain about it if we want to, that’s one of the benefits of growing older ;-)

  • Sageshinigami

    …Avatar kinda curbstomps it to pieces. Generally those who disagree have something against anime….which has nothing to do with A:TLA.

    Anyways. I just don’t want it to be CGI.

  • Jack Derunk

    Generally those who dislike Avatar (either one) have taste. That Last Airbender thing was a silly farmboy fantasy riff, nothing new there, and I still say none of those characters looked Asian in any way. What that show had to do with Anime is exactly nothing.

    I’ve also found people who use the antiquated term ‘CGI’ generally don’t know WTF they are talking about, either.

  • kalorama

    The saturation point is reached when people in the marketplace stop consuming the product. Clearly that point hasn’t been reached with Spider-Man yet.