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Stargate Universe Cancellation ‘Very Bad News’ For Atlantis Movie

The cancellation earlier this month of Stargate Universe by Syfy has derailed plans for the frequently discussed Stargate Atlantis direct-to-DVD movie.

“I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely,” executive producer Joseph Mallozzi wrote on his blog, adding that “the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.”

Announced in August 2008 immediately following news that the fifth season would be the last for Atlantis, the two-hour direct-to-DVD movie — eventually titled Stargate: Extinction — was to reunite most of the cast and lay the groundwork for further installments. However, the recession and the decline in DVD sales reportedly led the movie to be placed on hold.

When asked over the weekend whether fans were simply told there would be an Atlantis movie “to get us to shut up,” Mallozzi responded: “Paul [Mullie] and I didn’t write an Atlantis movie script (Extinction) just so that it could decorate somebody’s office. We had every intention of making the movie but obvious circumstances – the bottom falling out of the DVD market paired with studio issues – delayed production. The studio is finally (just this past month) in a position to move forward on new productions – but the cancellation of SGU has put the brakes on any progress that may have been made on the SGA movie front.”

Mallozzi, who served as an executive producer on all three Stargate series, also told fans that a new installment of the franchise “isn’t even being considered.”

He did, however, hold out hope that Stargate Universe could have a future. Asked whether the show might continue in another format, or be picked up by another network, Mallozzi responded that “all options are being considered at this point.”

The final 10 episodes of Stargate Universe will air this spring on Syfy.

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  • T4tter

    yeah : pretend that you were actually gonna do this movie… and continue pretending that people stopped watching this show to get back SGA….
    This show was kind of boring… even the good scenaristic moves (new aliens…) were used badly…

    I mean : f*ck off! You can’t produce a lame show and expect people to watch it during ten season like SG (wich was awsome for at least 9 season)

  • Khiaao


  • Joseph Blosch

    The ship was cool in itself – the special effects. The space battles were okay. In that area, the show had promise.

  • Andrew

    To be honest, the movie will come far too late. It’s been almost two years as it is, to most of the Atlantis viwers that weren’t hard-core, dedicated to finding out, the characters have ‘died’ and been static too long, the interest isn’t there. If they started today, it’d be a year to a year and a half until it was ready for release; and that’d be three and a half years.

    The Atlantis movie coming five years OR MORE after the show came to an end? I’d be suprised if the actors even bother to remain available, let alone the fans. The set’s been dismantled, the production team moved onto something else and that just broke down; the Atlantis movie is never going to be done. Too late.

  • QcJoe

    Whats funny is no one wanted Universe in the first place. It came off as a Battlestar ripoff on how it was shot and the mood. It took away the soul of what SG is and was. For the longest time I coudnt remember half of the cast names. Thats prob. because I didnt care about them. Thanks again for shitting the bed on the Stargate franchise.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt


    A mixing of both casts (SG & SG:A) and a few new faces in a more serious setting could have worked. Along with more interesting stories and evenly paced episodes.

  • kalorama

    Few if any TV shows come about because of overwhelming pre-existing demand, so the notion that “no one wanted” SGU isn’t really saying anything.