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Warner Bros Wins A Weak 2010

Warner Bros was the most successful movie studio of the year – but it was a year that saw some of the lowest attendance in almost a decade. It was the best of times, it was the least viewed of times…

According to, the year’s projected box office total of $10.5 billion is deceptive, when you look at the actual number of people who went to the cinema:

More telling is that attendance this year will see a 5.36% downturn vs. 2009 giving us the biggest percentage drop year over year since 2005 when attendance fell a whopping 8.14% vs. 2004.

This will also be the second lowest attended year of the decade with only 2008 showing lower attendance from years 2000 to 2010. With the summer of 2010 being the lowest attended in over a decade and the current holiday season experiencing seven consecutive “down” weekends vs. last year and a 20% attendance deficit, it is not surprising that even with higher average ticket prices that full year revenues and attendance have fallen short of 2009.

Deadline Hollywood adds that Warners led the major studios for the third year running, followed by Paramount, Fox, Disney and Sony, with Universal bringing up the rear. Clearly, they need to go for more nostalgic franchises with 3D potential in 2011…


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