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Smallville Final Season Promo Image Hints At The Arrival Of Superman

This is it, Smallville fans. It’s just about time to see Clark Kent squeeze into his trademark red and blue tights so he can run faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall buildings in a single bound as Superman.

We think.

The CW has released a promo image for the Superman origin TV series’ tenth and final season, which continues on January 28th. It’s an image that tantalizingly teases his coming transformation into a full-fledged superhero: Tom Welling’s Kent striking a pose while an obscured image of him in his future costume is reflected below.

Welling’s Kent has his powers of course, but we’ve never yet seen him don the cape and tights on Smallville. Between this being the show’s final season and The CW’s new promo image, it seems a safe bet that we’ll be seeing Supes fly around in his true superhero persona before everything comes to an end. The big question is: When? There are five episodes left, so there’s not a whole lot of time. It’s already known that the January 28th episode (spoiler alert) will pit Clark against the Suicide Squad, and that he’ll be losing his powers again. He’s obviously going to get them back, but he won’t necessary jump directly into his tights and fly off.

How would you like to see it play out? Would you rather Clark don the suit early in the series’ last few hours and get a few episodes featuring some full-on Superman action? Or would it be more faithful to the series to have the suit come up as a final grace note in the series finale?


  • Joey Meow

    Theres 11 episodes left, not five. Unless the CW decided to cut the season down from 22 to 16. Which they didn’t, because that would be dumb.

  • Mark

    I don’t regularly watch the show (I’ll tune for the special events like the Legion / Wonder Twins / Absolute Justice), but I think they should do as they said way back around S1: the very last scene is Clark’s debut in the suit. If the series ends with him saying “Up, up and away,” so much the better.

  • Shawn jansen

    personally, I think the final episode should show him in the suit, & then fly off!

  • Adam Rosenberg

    All of the episode listings I could find show that 11 episodes have aired so far in the season and five or left. It could just be that they haven’t announced airdates, but I couldn’t find any indication that the show continues past February.

  • nick

    Kryptonsite has info on the 17th ep, “Booster,” which is written by Geoff Johns and directed by Welling, so the series is going at least 17 (they say ep 17 is probably airing in April). And I highly doubt it’s ending on a Booster Gold episode, so …

  • W!LL

    i think the last two episode….the last two episode should be a two part finally….. in my opinion i think thats the best way to do it……..

  • Mark

    Like previous series with George Reeves and Dean Cain let Tom Welling don his suit and take to the skies and win his battles. In the last season give everyone hope that crime will have consequences. It’s a simple formula that has worked in the past. People really need the boost these days.

  • Biancamaasdorp

    I would love to see Lex Luther ( Michael Rosenbaum) . Loved him

  • Markfowler54

    There are 22 shows in this last season; not all the shows’ information is listed yet. At the SDCC last summer, they confirmed that the final season has 22 shows . . .