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Yes, Really: Robert Pattinson Joins David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson, the dreamy-eyed, debatably talented star of the ‘tween sensation Twilight series has nailed down his first post-vampire role, and it’s a bit of a coup. The actor will star in acclaimed director David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis, Deadline reports. The work of near-future fiction follows a young moneymaker (Pattinson) as he ends up being the target of an assassination after making a risky business decision.

I say “debatably talented” because, frankly, the jury’s still out on Pattinson from where I’m sitting. While I respect what the Twilight movies represent in terms of widening the reach and appeal of geek culture… they’re really not very good. I’m not familiar enough with Stephenie Meyer’s books to place the blame squarely in that direction, but it certainly feels like a failure on the ensemble level. The scripts, performances, cinematography, visual effects… it all feels like pop filmmaking in its lowest form, a series of low-budget spectacle-driven blockbusters. I understand the appeal, but I’m not willing to pass judgment on any of the cast based on their involvement in the series.

Pattinson has already stepped outside the Twilight fold a couple of times, notably playing artist Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and the lead role of Jacob Jankowski in director Francis Lawrence’s upcoming adaptation of the Sara Gruen novel, Water For Elephants. Cosmopolis will be his first role after the two-part telling of Breaking Dawn, Twilight‘s final chapter, wraps.

All negativity aside, this is a cool bit of casting and a smart move for the actor. Whether or not he can bring what is needed to the role remains to be seen, but working with a filmmaker as talented as Cronenberg on a high-profile adaptation will certainly put Pattinson’s skills to the test. And honestly, no matter how the movie turns out, there’s something to be said for the fact that this casting news will certainly inspire Pattinson’s more ardent supporters to go out and buy a Don DeLillo book. Anything that gets the kids of the world reading quality fiction is okay by me.


  • multispaz

    Wow, a site that promotes porn and critiques acting ability

  • Adam Kirby

    As stupid as Twilight is, people that hate on anything related to it have paid at least SOME attention to this dude’s career, right? He seems pretty much set on making bank off of Twilight while taking roles that he thinks might be cool.

    It’s like when Cage does some stupid shit like Ghost Rider or whatever and then turns around and does Adaptation or Lord of War.

  • Michele

    Hey Adam,

    I like your blog because you’re a lot more positive than many. I think this will be a great venue for Rob P. to break out of the Twilight role. I have read the books, (I’m a writer so I read everything I can ) and, trust me, the characters of Twilight make cardboard cutouts seem exciting. They have no humor, not a lot of personality, but she’s the one who has made millions off it. Go Figure.

    Anyway, I do like Rob Pattinson, more so from Remember Me (I don’t mind Twilight but it’s light fluff). I think this is a bold move for Rob, and good for him for breaking out. Also, David Cronenberg is a well respected director and I would think he knows what he’s doing. This should be good. I’m also looking forward to seeing Water for Elephants, I loved that book.

  • frosty yourself a favour and watch Remember Me… you may just be surprised. Edward is certainly not his best role.