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Gaze Upon The Cosmic Cube And Red Skull In New Captain America Photos!

The Cosmic Cube just went from fiction to reality as Superhero Hype has posted a scanned image of the reality-warping weapon from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger, courtesy of SFX Magazine.

The image shows Huge Weaving — pre-red skulled Red Skull — holding the Cube, which pretty much looks exactly as it does in the comics. Although not particularly fancy looking, make no mistake that the Cosmic Cube stands as one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in all of the Marvel Universe, able to bend reality itself to the will of its user. The previous announcement of the Cube’s part in the film came as no surprise to comic fans as Cosmic Cube and the Red Skull go together like Captain America and his shield, but this stands as the first official image of the item from the film itself. However, eagle eyed audience members should keep their eye out in the upcoming Thor film since rumor has it that the Cube makes an appearance there as well.

Also appearing online today in a related story, Comic Book Movie posted what they’re describing as leaked concept images of the Red Skull in costume and holding the Cosmic Cube. The alleged concept image on the right looks incredibly similar to the one of Hugo Weaving, albeit with more red skulls. This of course leads to the speculation that the official photo with the Cube takes place before Weaving’s head gets Red Skull-ified, or may even lead into it.

One thing we do know for sure: all our wishes for answers get granted on July 22, when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters.


  • TheLoneCreature


  • Anonymous


    Ok, we’re almost 6 months away from release. Trailer date anyone?

  • Jolewist

    This movie just gets worse and worse each day.

  • Yippie

    your face does.

  • Al Cook

    I hate this movie. Mainly because they took the little wings off of Captain America’s head. It’s a total lack of respect. The only way I’ll be paying to see this trash, is if John Byrne orders me to.

  • Bad_guy_sephiroth

    Hello, John Bryne here. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

  • Anonymous

    YES! COSMIC CUBE!!! this movie has just gotten so much more interesting to me. now put some vibranium in that shield and introduce Wakanda, and i’ll go berserk!

  • Ebolorama

    Really? Mainly because they too the wings off the helmet? I think what a lot of people seem to forget about comic book-to-movie adaptations is that they need to appeal to as wide an audience as possible in order to make money and, to the uninitiated, the “little wings” will induce a “haha look at those stupid wings” kind of reaction.It’s like the squid ending of watchmen, that just would not have worked on the silver screen and would have had most people rolling in the aisles laughing at it. changes have to be made for mass consumption.

    to say you “hate” a movie based mainly on changes to make a movie more marketable is, to quote Peter Griffin, “shallow and pedantic”. and, to be honest, haters like you WILL pay to see this simply to go online as soon as you leave the theatre just to trash it.
    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. you have yours, I have mine, but i think fans of the original, such as yourself, need to be a little more accepting of why such changes are made.

  • Tikkix

    um the wings are on his head. they werent at first but in the latest promotional material for the toys and whatnot he definately has the wings on his head.

  • Alkdhgalk

    John Bryne likes Sephiroth?

  • Fletch312

    I understand Marvel wants to use Hydra (who wants to sell toys with a swastika on them) for the villian but I get the feeling that they are going to be wiping out any mention of the Nazi’s. They did just that in the newest Avengers cartoon. How you can you have a period WWII movie and what seems to be no mention of Nazi’s or the holocaust? That would be a mistake and I hope they in someway acknowledge the connection.

  • Leslie

    You do know the cosmic cube is Still just fiction, despite being represented in a film? ;)

  • Randy Watson

    It’s becoming painfully obvious that they are shying away from Nazis in this movie. Aside from that, the concept looks great.

  • Wes

    Why shy away? Toy sales? Worked fine for Indiana Jones and Hellboy. I really hope they don’t keep the Nazis out because their evil makes Cap look even more heroic.

  • Beyonders


  • Anonymous

    Who said they’re avoiding Nazi’s? This isn’t a Lego Indiana Jones game …

  • Wilburpenguin

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! First they ruin the look of Captain America, then they ruin the Red Skull. I’ve been a Captain America collector for FORTY YEARS and I have no intention of seeing this “Ultimates” movie.

  • Loredragonmaster

    Well, for one, they just took off the wings of Captain America’s helmet because of realism. And really, if you think about it, the wings would most likely be shot off or fall off during battle anyways in real life. The only things important to me are Red, White, Blue, and shield and stars.

    Oh, and this Red Skull looks nothing like the illegitimate son, white tee shirt wearing joke that was Ultimate Red Skull. These designs look cool for the Red Skull, he’s always seen wearing a dark green shirt and white gloves (well, from what I’ve seen), so a slick black coat/ military gray outfit makes him seem more…commanding. Hugo Weaving FTW!!!