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EXCLUSIVE: New Poster From Kevin Smith’s Red State

As we mentioned earlier today, Spinoff Online successfully won an auction to feature the newest poster for Kevin Smith’s Red State. Here it is, featuring the bald-headed and goatee-wearing Mordechai in all of his glory…

Smith also offered a few words to share about our donation to the South East Queensland flood relief fund, encouraging other news outlets to pay attention to the current disaster in Australia:

If you’re a movie website or film journalist and you want to feature this poster or use it in a story, don’t be a detail-thin dick.

Be sure to tell people WHY the poster was released: because Spinoff Online bid $850 to South East Queensland flood relief cause in less than 30 minutes.

If you also include the link for the South East Queensland flood relief in your story/article, you’re not only being a thorough journalist, you’re also helping to save actual lives – lives whose progress you’ll be able to trace via The South East Queensland flood relief website.

It only takes a few seconds longer to provide all available facts in any story.

Including THIS fact can help save a life.

Red State arrives in theaters in March and features Michael Parks, John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Michael Angarano in starring roles. You can learn more about the movie by checking out our exclusive interview with Smith right here on Spinoff Online!


  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the need for snark if the goal is so admirable.

  • Flip Maker

    Nice AND creepy!

  • Zechs84

    Kevin Smith is putting so much more energy and care into this blatant “anti” marketing campaign of his that even though I *love* the premise, this thing is really starting to sour me.

    Hey Kevin; no one’s out to get you.

    Try to make a good movie and let the cards fall where they may.

    It’s the same as his large ass causing a convenient airline stir the week before “Cop Out” came out. This new “wooin, critics!” schtick seems like a desperate attempt to cloud the actual product.

    Because at the end of the day, no marketing ploy will hide a pile of shit. Your harshest critics won’t be the people paid a few bucks to consider your film for 20 minutes and put a thumb up/thumb down at the bottom. It’ll be the general public (which spoiler alert, doesn’t amount to your Twitter follower).

  • Flip Maker

    It seems to me, you’re missing the point — Kevin’s gone guerilla with this and doing so for a good cause, charity! How can that sour you? He’s doing it all on his own, putting himself out there, putting his ass on the line, and it’s getting results! It won’t work for every film maker, but it seems to be working thus far for Kevin.

    This isn’t a marketing ploy, it’s just smart marketing.

  • Anonymous

    That’s just how the dude is. Listen to some of his podcasts (at to pick up on his personality. He’s a pretty straight shooter on his thoughts. He’s also had a lot of bad experience with the press and internet (especially this last year) and he’s basically daring the press guys to include his actual message instead of some truncated version that’s designed to grab readers.
    I was never really a fan of the guy or his movies, but started listening to his podcasts the past couple months and have developed a growing respect for the guy.

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt that he’s a straight shooter since so many of his character’s voices are completely unconvincing and just sound like an author talking through his creations. DARING people to do something is just a childish way to do this imo. Seems like something a guy in his 20’s would do to get attention. And contrary to what many people in Hollywood seem to think, they’re not bastions of morality that I need to TELL me what to focus on.

    Also, FWIW, including an entire press release by COMMAND is not “thorough journalism”, so I’m not even sure what he’s talking about there.

  • Solcaust

    I am very excited about the new movie. Given, I am a Smith fan. So I guess my opinion would mean less… Oh wait, I am the Jackass that will throw down 20 bones just cause it is labeled “Kevin Smith”. So maybe my opinion does count?

    I can be a fickle fan sure, also use to be a fan of “the one who destroyed Airbender and shall not be named”. However this Smith guy has let us all behind the scenes, quite literally into his professional and sometimes personal life and brought his fans along for the ride. We don’t really know what the film will be yet… But right now, I am stoked and can’t wait to see it.

    – Congrats on the Exclusive of the poster!

  • Justin

    Ofcourse with Kevin Smith is… THE AIRLINES!!

    I’m sorry. Kevin Smith seems like kind of a joke now.

    No, the real horror are mormon kids who don’t overeat or smoke crack.

    Well, Smith doesn’t smoke crack I hope.

  • Lookyheer

    You’re an idiot…

  • Jeff Frost

    “…his character’s voices are completely unconvincing…”

    Wow. Couldn’t disagree with you more. You want an author talking through his creations, you might want to check out Mamet, King, or Neil Simon. Didn’t affect their wallet, though. Bitter, much?

  • Leathers2000

    I bet this will suck like all of his movies lately. I could not even finish ‘Cop Out’.

  • Eddie C

    How exactly is this a marketing ploy? How is he “wooing critics” by highlighting a good cause that really has nothing to do with his film? Where is the hostility coming from?

  • Grandth3ftauto

    This film…. god i hope it rolls man. Kev deserves some happy. Like a football (soccer) team or a favouriteband, you stick with them. You support them. Through the highs and lows.

  • Anonymous

    “so many of his character’s voices are completely unconvincing…” Blame the actors then you silly douche. After that retarded rambling you then proceed to criticize him for trying to get donations for a charity. You sir, are one sick fuck. You’re just one in a billion internet users who like to complain about things and people they know nothing about. So take a lesson from the duder and take it easy fucker.

  • Wileyfinn

    You know Kevin didn’t write Cop Out, right? He only directed it. When all is said and done, there’s only so much a director can do with someone elses source material. If you think it will suck, then simple, don’t go see it. If you think he does a bad job of making movies, then put your money where your mouth is and YOU go make a better movie. Because until you’ve so much as TRIED to do what he does, you really have no leg to stand on.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I love the marketing Smith has done for this. Why shouldn’t he do it his own way? He’s been fighting for financing just to get the movie made for three years, and finally got to make it on his own terms, so he should be able to market it that way as well. It’s not from him thinking anyone is out to get him, it’s his way of approaching things in a new way, and I applaud him for it. I’m frankly tired of movies that have so many trailers you know the entire plot before ever sitting down to it. It’s funny I found this site, too…I was using my GooglTV (I’m a DISH customer/employee) to search out Smith on the internet and came accross this…I’ve not looked forward to a movie this much for probably a year.