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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: First Look At Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth!

The buzz surrounding David Fincher’s adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is incredibly high. This is due in large part to the popularity of the books, as well as the Sweden-produced film adaptations that followed their release. Fincher is a big part of the puzzle too, a top-shelf director who is flying even higher right now thanks to the success of The Social Network.

Rooney Mara’s casting as hacker protagonist Lisbeth Salander is also responsible for turning a lot of heads. Perhaps best known now for her role in The Social Network as Erica Albright, the college student who dumps Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and inadvertently sets him on a path that leads to the creation of Facebook. Mara, a lovely young woman with soft features and long, red hair, is not exactly the first person who comes to mind among those who are familiar with the rough-edged, pierced badass that is Lisbeth Salander.

A first look at the movie in the latest issue of W will surely put any concerns on that front to rest. Mara, pictured in character for the first time on the cover and in the related feature, has undergone a transformation. The already slight young girl shed a bunch of weight, looking like a byproduct of the “Heroin chic” fashion culture. Her cheeks are drawn in, her eyes are cocooned in black mascara, most of her hair has been lopped off and she accessorizes with piercings and tattoos. Hold the image up next to one of her as Erica Albright and you could be forgiven for thinking they are two different people. They might as well be.

I don’t think anyone really doubts Fincher’s abilities as a filmmaker, but this look at Mara in character ought to put any doubts about her casting to rest. I thought we were in for a great movie when I first read the news that Fincher was on board, and everything that’s surfaced since has only strengthened that belief.


  • Eightiesologist

    Never read the books so i don’t know what the hype is all about. And i hate to take things as face value….but yeesh, i don’t know that i could enjoy a movie looking at someone so harsh.

  • Tomfitz1

    Lord have mercy! I need me a EMO (or GOTH)chick! ;-)

    Please don’t HURT me!

  • Senojjones

    And why are we remaking this movie?
    The Swedish original was incredible, and with few exceptions we screw things up when we redo it.

  • JasonF

    You know, I’d agree with except that Fincher’s earned my trust. I’m not expecting it to be _as_ good as the original, but I am expecting it to be good, period.

  • misanthrope0

    she definitely has a better looking body than noomi rapace ,who kinda looked like an anorexic little boy especially when nude.

  • Carver_mangolia

    I’m sorry but I honestly doubt Mara will be able to pull off a performance at the same level of Rapace. The character is supposed to look that way, if they are keeping the characterization close to how the books describe her. She isn’t supposed to be super model sexy, and as crazy as it sounds I almost worry Mara is too sexy and good looking in that shot. Either way I’m excited to see how it turns out. Though they will have to be incredible to top the originals.

  • Holly

    The Americans will ruin this story. There is no need for a remake when the story is already a beautifully done film. Americans need to get over themselves and get out more to subtitled films. I have yet to see an American version of a foreign film that hasn’t been over the top Hollywood.

  • Holly

    She was supposed to look like a very thin teenage boy because that was how the character was described. They did an excellent job with casting in this film.

  • Andy

    You must know some awfully muscular little anorexic boys. Rapace looked like she’d been hitting the gym pretty hard for that role.

  • Rmorris

    Excellent point. I’m not sure I even want to see the American version..

  • John

    The Swedish version was not very good beyond
    Rapace’s performance. Fincher is a solid director (a bit overrated but talented nonetheless). So, I’m looking forward to this.

  • Tonii0708

    I think she s hot. I cant WAIT untill the movie comes out…Im so excited. I loved the book.

  • Tonii0708

    I think she s hot. I cant WAIT untill the movie comes out…Im so excited. I loved the book.