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Law & Order: Los Angeles Boots Ulrich, Promotes Molina & Howard

With only half of the show’s first season under his belt, Law & Order: Los Angeles creator Dick Wolf has made some major creative shakeups to the crime procedural.

Skeet Ulrich is out as Detective Rex Winters, the show’s leading man, Deadline reports. The Jericho actor’s final appearance will be in the season’s fourteenth episode. He’s vacating the premises alongside fellow cast members Regina Hall and Megan Boone, who play assistants to the show’s district attorneys.

Replacing Ulrich is none other than Alfred Molina, who already stars on LOLA as district attorney Ricardo Morales. In a later episode, it will be revealed that Morales served as a Los Angeles detective for 15 years, and after reaching a boiling point with his career as a prosecutor, he’ll return to his roots as a member of the police force. His departure from the courtroom means the show’s other lawyer, Terrence Howard’s Jonah Dekker, will be the sole DDA. Both Molina and Howard, who have alternated episodes so far this season, will appear in every episode for the rest of the year.

“We have the fortune of two world class actors on LOLA, and it was frustrating to have one on the bench every week,” Wolf explained of his decision. “It would be like having Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as your quarterbacks, playing alternate games.”

Wolf and his team are currently seeking a new actress to play an assistant district attorney under Dekker.


  • RunnerX13

    Epic fail. I thought they cancelled this show and was a little bummed, but I’m not sure that this news is much better. Terrence Howard’s character is boring, and Molina is perfect in his current role as ADA. He’s too old (and too out of shape) to be on the streets of LA. Regina Hall and Megan Boone are both great too. At least I still have Southland, which provides a realistic take of LA police.

  • kmoor17

    RunnerX13 is a clown, Howard’s character is fine and as for Molina being out of shape. Welcome the real world not every police detective is Jack Bauer!

  • BlackPookie

    jack bauer was never a police detective!

  • kmoor17

    I know That Jack Bauer wasn’t a police detective, the point I was making is that not all law enforcement people are fit and trim! JACK BAUER COUNTER TERRORISM AGENT THANKS!

  • RunnerX13

    Nobody is looking for super cop Jack Bauer; just don’t replace a young, fit cop for one who’s gotten a little soft.

  • kmoor17

    Police precincts all over the country, cops are young and fit as well as middle aged and soft.