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TRON Legacy Sequel Closer To A Green Light?

Over at Ain’t It Cool News, webmaster and founder Harry Knowles reports that TRON Legacy is “getting close, incredibly close to having its SEQUEL announced!” Knowles is well-connected within the filmmaking industry and was an outspoken supporter of Legacy, so if he says there’s a sequel on the way, there’s probably at least some validity to what he’s saying.

That said, of course a sequel is at the very least in development. Disney tasked Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis with tackling a sequel screenplay months before Legacy first arrived, so this isn’t exactly news. Still, it’s a bit surprising to hear about another TRON movie after Legacy failed to hit the success levels that Disney was banking on. The movie has earned $293 million worldwide at this point, which isn’t small potatoes by any stretch, but it’s not the close-to-record-breaking numbers that the studio had hoped for. Perhaps the movie is making a bigger splash through ancillary means, and if so, that could be enough to push a Legacy sequel through to reality.

Whether or not a Legacy sequel comes to pass, there will be more TRON in our future as the animated TRON Uprising television series continues to push on full steam ahead. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.


  • Rinzler

    “it’s not the close-to-record-breaking numbers that the studio had hoped for”

    Every studio hopes for record breaking numbers for every movie, but can you point to a single press release or comment from a Disney executive where they said exactly what their realistic expectations were? Something that’s not hype or bluster meant to intimidate the competition or convince the audience that they’re the only ones not watching the movie.

    It’s a great movie. It deserves a sequel. It’s making good money. The whole industry is not doing very well at all right now, but it suffered small drops week to week compared to most films.

    This blog exhibits some of the same things I disliked about AICN so much that I haven’t gone back there for years. Keep up the good work!