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How Soon Is Too Soon For Blockbuster Teases?

This week saw the release of the first images of the new movie Spider-Man and Captain America – despite a year separating the release of their respective movies. When it comes to blockbuster movies, how far in advance is too far when teasing audiences?

While Sony seem to have been a little too eager to let us see Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man this week – His movie isn’t due out until July 2012, after all – Marvel/Disney has been much more patient when it comes to doling out images of Chris Evans as Captain America, considering his movie hits theaters this summer. Of course, part of that patience may have to do with not wanting to overwhelm the other Marvel/Disney superhero release of the summer, Thor, but even that movie kept its visual cards close to its metaphorical chest for a surprisingly long time – and we’ve still not seen any official pics from X-Men: First Class, which is due in theaters a month and a half before Cap. When it comes to summer blockbuster movies that rely on visual spectacle, when do you think moviemakers should let fans get a glimpse of what they’re to expect? Let us know with the poll below:

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  •!/haversam [A]

    I like to start seeing stuff from an anticipated movie 6 months before the release. And I’d watch the trailer online, save it (if possible) and rewatch it every now and then. I do not like seeing screencaps and over analysis of trailers online.. they do kill the experience.

  • Glitchy

    I find it harder and harder to get excited about movies any more because the hype machine gets started so early. At first it’s “Oh cool!” and all, but by the time the movie’s actually ready to open, I don’t care any more because it feels all “Been there, done that” even with stuff I am interested in seeing. While I try to avoid a lot of the early hype until about 3-5 months before the opening, it’s not really easy because it’s everywhere..

  • bettydaviseyes

    Too much too soon.

    3-6 months is an adequate amount of time to hype up a potential “blockbuster” When I see images and costumes this far out from the release date I’m tired of it by the time it hits theatres. I’m less likely to rush out and see it so I wait for the DVD or PPV.

  • Anonymous

    Depends on the size of the tease. Considering how secretive Nolan is with his projects, we got a plain website for The Dark Knight with just a teaser bat symbol ( on it in May 2007 when the film was released a year later, and that got everyone excited no matter how simple it was.
    With the Spider-Man reboot, I think they needed to release something just to keep true fans at ease as I know many, including myself, were a bit wary at first. The image doesn’t reveal much, but it’s nice to know that the suit looks better than ever and the possibility of webshooters is an exciting prospect.

  • origamikid

    I think in this case Sony had taken a look at the amount of leaks coming out of the various movies and decided to jump the gun and release a nice, beautiful high-res picture themselves.

    If you were a movie exec what would you rather; crappy low-res shots floating around the internet where details can easily get mixed and first time impressionists damning the film… or glorious pictures from in house that gets the hype machine going.

    Release them whenever the mood is right, i’m already close to explosion with the Spidey pic… looks SO good

  • Lesya

    You guys know how to suck the fun out of things. How about just enjoying the images and not analyze things to death?. Geez….

  • Thegslice55

    it was a good idea to release a picture for the spider man movie just because it shows their progress and can shut people up that are still speculating what it’s going to look like and stop false rumors..but they shouldn’t release anymore pictures revealing anything so when the first trailer comes out 10 months from now, people will be more enthusiastic about the movie. the picture actually helped me get more interested with the movie.

  • Michael

    I think it’s strategic because it’s a reboot, and because of the differences between this movie and the previous three. I think they don’t want to catch anyone off-guard with their changes, and they’re giving people a year and a half to get used to the Garfield version of spider-man, and start pushing out the “old” Tobey Maguire version, which is still lingering fresh in people’s minds.

  • Joeymax8

    A teeaser photo now and then for any movie is cool. But, the insatiable appetite by some on the internet to know every freaking detail asap before a movie comes out is just plain ridiculous. What the hell do you get out of it??? Whatever happeend to just waiting to actually SEE the movie to find out all the secrets??? I avoid all spoilers and peek at a photo now and then because I want to see a movie for the first time and actually SEE A MOVIE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

  • Mikesteinberg

    Its all about making buzz. It doesn’t matter when it comes out. What matters is if the buzz is too big and the movie sucks.

  • Canucklehead

    Personally, I could care less about the Spider-man re-boot. Its just too soon, and I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Raimi’s Spider-man 3. As for Cap: I’m glad that Johnston and the design team went with a more fatigue style Cap suit then a skin tight spandex style. It looks almost realistic enough to be something an American military PR guy would come up with to create a hero for the US to get behind in WWII. And it’s also a great starting point for a modern redesign by Tony Stark/Shield for the Avengers movie. I also think Chris Evans is going to surprise people with his portrayal of Steve Rogers. (fingers crossed)

  • mattcrap

    yeah, the other day I saw the release date for Thor and it actually took me by surprise. After the convention orgies that Thor’s been getting and the FLOOD of hype (a few months ago) it kinda died off. Throwing a photo out now after trailers and interviews and multiple set and character photos seems to have an asinine reverse build-up effect.

  • Al Scorcho

    I believe that Sony did the same thing for the first Raimi Spider-Man; the first picture of Toby Maguire in costume was released over a year before the movie debuted. Hell, the infamous ‘Twin Towers’ teaser trailer was in theaters summer 2001.

  • Omegasaga

    I think movies like TRON LEGACY or PHANTOM MENACE can have a negative effect by having Viral marketing nearly 2 years prior to the films release.

    Back in 1989 BATMAN did it perfectly with :
    *announcement/word of mouth 1 yr prior
    **Teaser trailer in the fall.
    ***full trailer in spring.
    ****Movie poster & merchandise 3 months prior
    *****Movie release in summer.

  • Anonymous

    Six to Three months is cool.

  • Bryan Mc Govern

    i think that with spider-man maybe they did got rush but not with the cap