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Can Fox’s Human Target Make It To Season 3?

Is it time to say goodbye to Human Target? Two weeks of pre-emption doesn’t look good, after all, and switching broadcast days without notice is a sure way to lose viewers. So is there reason to be slightly hopeful about the future of Christopher Chance? And if so, why?

I’ll admit a bias straight off: I like Human Target. I know, it’s not the greatest show ever made, and I’m still not convinced that the creative changes made going into the second season were necessarily for the best – Ames, in particular, really annoys me – but it’s a fun show that entertains without requiring too much input from the viewer, nor without a ridiculous level of pandering or going for the lowest common denominator tricks. But it’s never been a hit, and even the second season renewal seemed a surprise, considering the ratings for the first go-around. No surprise, then, that this second season has been equally problematic for Fox, and just as depressingly obvious, no surprise that they’re reportedly thinking about supersizing the impossibly-successful American Idol, squeezing the show out of its timeslot for the next few Wednesdays.

But here’s the thing: There’s a chance that Target might have the same chance as Fringe at survival – which, admittedly, may not be great, but is something – on the very same night. Last week’s unannounced pre-emption of the show to Friday (Missed by many DVRs, he writes, bitterly) may have dropped almost 25% compared with Wednesdays in terms of ratings, but it nonetheless brought in more viewers than previous Friday night Fox shows like Dollhouse and The Good Guys. In fact, with an average of 4.7 million viewers over its two hour period, Human Target turned out to play pretty well on Fridays. So why not just move it to that night for good, and let it find its level?

There’s an interesting side-effect to this: What if Fringe doesn’t do as well as Human Target did, when it starts its Friday run this week? Will that make Fox more likely to move Target there permanently, to bolster the night? Will it make them wonder if Fringe is failing, and put that show in more danger? Or will Target‘s Friday performance be judged a fluke and ignored forever from this point on?

All remains to be seen (And, I should add, I’d rather have Fringe than Human Target if I was forced at gunpoint to choose), but it’s a strange thing indeed when Friday night has become the possible savior of two genre shows on Fox…


  • Sean

    FRIDAY NIGHT NERD BLOCK ON FOX! Human Target followed by Fringe…I’d watch it…

  • karen baker

    I donèt care what night HT is on….just want it on!!! I would watch at 3 in the morning if I had to!

  • Jay Gerding

    I enjoy Human Target, and am hooked on Fringe. There is NOTHING on the other channels or Friday night, so for me this could be a win-win situation. Not EVERYONE is out partying on Friday night.

  • Tomfitz1

    It’s hard to say, two out of three newest Fox shows that I’ve seen in the past few years were cancelled after two seasons (Dollhouse, and Sarah Connors Chronicles, Fringe is the only holdout).

    So maybe HT will get renewed, and perhaps Fringe.

    If I’m forced to choose, then I’d go with Fringe.

  • Andwhodisguisedas

    Seriously, the show has (sorry about this) no Chance. The new show runner destroyed the show’s chemistry, bromance, and the mystery of Chance’s history. Two new and boring female characters add nothing to the show and stop the action with every screen appearance (either give them more to do, make them more dimensional or 86 them). Then there’s the Fox network so uncommitted to the show it’s impossible to find it let alone watch it. A little publicity and Internet viral campaigning would be nice. GIve Human Target a (c’mon you know what’s coming) Chance.

  • Anonymous

    The second season has been awful, and the Pucci character is unwatchable.

  • Cover55555

    Love watching Human target myself, but I’d choose it over Fringe any day. Fringe is interesting, but not my cup of tea right now. Too bad its so hard to find when Human Target is on, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to find it three weeks in a row at the same time/day.

  • stealthwise

    And none of them compared to the newest cancellation THE GOOD GUYS. That show was too damn beautiful to live…

  • demoncat_4

    the way fox is moving Human target around trying to find an audience to stick . i sadly do not see a third season even if they quickly retool and at least get rid of ames. though they could just put fringe and human target together. and maybe try and prove friday is not the death slot.

  • Erikgalston

    well last week i think the unannounced switch had more to do with the President pre-empting EVERYTHING then something they did last minute.

  • Jasonmelendez1

    Don’t get me started on that show. Dan Stark forever.

  • Tomfitz1

    Well, up here in the north, we get SPACE channel (SyFi equivalent) which also has Human Target shown on sunday nights and got to see the pre-empted episodes. ;-)

    I’m sure Fox will man up and show those two episodes. Eventually.

  • Melanie

    I really like HT and have from the beginning but am in agreement-the two women are awful and need to go. When HT was pre-empted on Wednesday, I checked the on-screen guide frequently to see if FOX would show on another day and never saw it listed. Now ‘Idol’ will be in the way so wonder when we will see HT again.

  • Chys Nac

    How ironic would that be, the thing all Human Target fans were fearing (it was originally intended to air in the Friday nigh death slot) might end up saving it…

  • Scavenger

    I’ve missed most of Season 2…despite the publicitiy here…there was none on TV…Didn’t even realize it was on Weds now…or nolonger now..

  • Joseph

    I love the show as well, for exactly the reasons you state. Ames is tolerable, I can’t stand Pucci (although they have both been tolerable in recent episodes) but the chemistry between the three male leads more than makes up for it. It’s ridiculous that Hawaii 5-0 is a hit while this struggles, as anyone who enjoys 5-0 would fall in love with Target if they gave it a chance.

  • Maiandra

    I didn’t realize it was having so much trouble. I watch everything on Hulu, so I never notice time-slots. I had wondered that they posted four new episodes in the past two weeks. The extras are probably the two that got skipped.

  • taryn

    Totally agree, 100%

  • Will

    I hope the show continues for many more seasons. In my opinion it is the best show on tv and anticipate it every week.

  • william

    Bring on Season 3 of human target. One of the best shows on TV.

  • taryn

    Fridays could work….there has to be some shows on friday, someone is paying for commercials on those days…it’s not like they say, oh it’s friday, no point in showing commercials. Let HT rule Fridays! If they don’t have the #1 shows to complete with maybe more people will tune in.
    It looks like something similar happened to Blue Bloods…it played fridays and now has gotten itself a following and is being moved to Wednesdays. Give people that are watching other shows and just don’t know about HT a chance to see it on Friday and they might even leave their boring reality or Dr shows once they see how great HT is….then HT can move back to Wednesday…or just rule Fridays…don’t care..just want it to stay!

  • Pattyworld

    I don’t care where they put it, I just hope they keep it on. I love it.

  • Rynfish

    Human Target is a good show. My favorite on TV so far. The addition of the 2 women has not worked but the triumvirate of guys works well. I hope they do not take it off. It is as good as Burn Notice! Why do the suits always need 20 million veiwers to keep a show. They need to give a “chance” and grow, it will catch on.

  • Paralegallh

    I would rather watch Human Target than American Idol…I don’t want Human Target cancelled. I enjoy it…who do we write and bug to keep shows on…

  • Jsheadley

    Human Target or Fringe? My head might explode trying to decide between these two wildly entertaining shows. They are literally my favorites on television, but why must we choose? The first poster had the right idea: A Human Target/Fringe Friday night nerd block- I’m in! Give us what we want Fox:)

  • guest

    Next show will be Monday January 31-and then another will air I believe on Wednesdy following this.

  • Trevor

    It’s one of my favorite shows, and while I admit it’s lost some of the things I loved about the 1st season, it’s still got a lot going for it. There have been episodes where the new characters have really not been interesting at all, but there have also been some really great episodes–some that are better than the 1st season. I hope a 3rd season comes along, even if the female characters stick around.

  • Chase

    I LOVE human target, didn;t know it was on last season but I’m sure a fan this season I hope it’s not cancelled

  • Melany

    if you’re not a fan of the show, i don’t know why you bother to comment here. i understand not having a life yourself so you have to come online and just talk trash to make yourselves feel important. with that said, i disagree with most of the comments here. in fact i’m pretty much getting sick of hearing so many people complain about the “new direction” of the show. if you like a show then you should support it, and if a show is going to stay interesting that’s exactly what it needs New Direction. as kick-a** and amazing as the show was in season one, you couldn’t just keep having the same old story play out over and over. that said, i think the new characters are great. i really don’t care what others have said about Aimes, i think she’s funny as hell, not to mention the fact that she’s uber hot. and then there’s pucci. she is just as great as Aimes, not to mention the fact that she brought all that money and cool new toys to the show. i honestly don’t see what your problems are with them, but i think they both blended in perfectly with the rest of the group. they are just as cool, and quick with funny remarks as anyone else. that’s one of the reason i liked the show so much to begin with is the fact that the characters work so well together and that they have the same funny wit about them in serious situations, and Aimes and Pucci have been just as equal to the rest when it comes to this. i don’t see why these girls are not getting a fair shake or what anyone finds distracting about them, and although ultimately i know the networks final decision on a show never truly comes down to fan base, i think it’s sad that there are so many so-called fans of the show that don’t see how much better even than season one that the show has become. it has grown and moved forward, just like any good show has. and as far as the opinion of the writer of this article, i think he is also just as hypocritical for calling himself a fan, then moments later saying that the show has “never been a hit” when in fact it has Always been a hit, and even Fox itself, who so rarely gives props to it’s own great shows, has continuously proclaimed the show, “Fox’s new Hit series”. though, as with most of the posters here, and any true fan doesn’t give a rats a** what night it’s on, or if it’s preempted by some president address or whatever the case, if you are indeed a “true fan” then it makes no difference what night it is on, and frankly i am getting sick and tired also of all the wasted complaints about “whine whine” first they didn’t show it and then “whine whine” it got moved to a different night, and then “whine whine” they didn’t tell us when it would be on, and then “whine whine” fox obviously doesn’t care about the show if they keep moving it around. who gives a flying fig about all that. i was ecstatic being able to watch two shows in a row two weeks in a row. and i Really didn’t care why. more than anything i really wish that the people who have nothing better to do than talk trash about a show while at the same time calling themselves fans would stop posting their opinions in these lame articles that couldn’t be farther from the truth. if you don’t know true entertainment when you see it, find a different hobby, and let the rest of us just enjoy it as long as it lasts.

  • taryn

    You took the words right out of my mouth! I could have been the writer of your post! Thank you! This is what I’ve been saying all along on other sites/mostly the human target facebook page. Love the show, don’t care what they do, change the theme song, add new characters…as long as the original 3 are there…Im in for anything.

    Another thing that makes me laugh is when people are critical of the “return to baptise” episode, that the kidnapped girl didn’t have socks on and that is was unbelievable….really!!! It’s only an hour show people….if she did have socks off she still could have taken them off, I take off my socks all the time without my hands, but a 1hr tv show doesn’t have time to show her taking off socks….please, give me a break…when I read that someone said that I couldn’t beleive that. Same with the guys knife being right there for them to get it, it could have been under him or more difficult to get…again…time is not on the side of a 1hr shows…they don’t need to drag out scenes like that.

    Anyway, thank you for you post!!

  • timtamslam


    I don’t watch a whole lot of tv, mostly sports, but I dig this show. Sure it isn’t the most realistic (gun fights in this series aren’t as convincing. See second episode with two ‘highly’ trained assassins). But I dig this show. I want to see what happens to chance, what his past is. I love the characters. Ames is cute, but she annoys me a bit too at times. Mature her as a character or get rid of her (Be funny to be implied that Guerrero did it. Everyone looks at him and he just has that knowingly innocent look and says, “What? She talked to much.”

    Who do I have to write/troll to save the show? This is the only Fox show I watch/like. Save it please!


    Leave Human Target on . It is a action pack, funny show and need to stay on. Just let us know when its on. DO NOT CANCELL HUMAN TARGET !!!

  • Jacob

    They just changed the night, the episodes were still aired.

  • Jacob

    None were skipped, they just moved them to a different night. They aired two episodes back-to-back for two weeks.

  • Jacob

    The only reason Human Target was ever on Wednesday is because Lie to Me was moved to Mondays to cover for some failure of a show. It was supposed to be on Fridays. I think it would thrive beautifully there. Human Target and Fringe is a wonderful pairing.

  • ras349

    I hate the fact that Fox constantly changes when HT airs and it has hurts the show. I always have to HT facebook page to see what the latest schedule change is going to be.

  • Racrsi08

    man just start running it again. I never so the first season but the second one rocks so does Hulu

  • Jen

    I love this show, the the action and the underlying chemistry between the characters. Simply love Pucci, she is one of most elegant and beautiful actresses on TV.

  • Qqsingle

    The additions are just awful. It was much better bringing in the new super hottie every couple weeks vs. having ames running around 1/2 naked every 3rd episode. Gurrero is hands down the coolest character on TV atm and it would be a shame for the show to go away.

  • Shadow21

    the show is boss…period!!
    will watch it anytime

  • Allencoe

    I would definately watch Human Target… keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 14237536

    Ames is absolutely hot and the second season is far more better than the first one. I`m looking forward to the third season.

  • Annie

    It would seriously suck if they got rid of this show or any of the cast. I love Ilsa and Ames. I am really loving the Ilsa and Chance storyline. They have so much chemistry and it is hot to watch.

  • Devlin

    Please please please do not let them cancel this show!!! It is ssooooo awesome and it is the only show I watch every week.

  • Sharon

    I have to go with Karen Baker. I don’t care when it’s on as long as it’s on.

  • Rogers

    i love human target, i live in the uk so i have to download it at 3 in the morning to watch it, which i dont like as it fox doesnt know for my support, i think its awesome,
    get in the with pucci :D
    season 3 come on!!!!!

  • Ragnador


  • Amartin75

    I just love this show…please don´t cancel!

  • ChancedaMAN

    There’s this little thing called Am I the only person in the nation that thought of that?

  • ChancedaMAN

    What’s the big deal about Fringe? I’ve never watched it, but the commercials look downright disturbing. Why do all these shows have to be so dirty? Human Target is the best show on TV right now. Do people feel some kind of need to watch a bunch of trash on the screen? Who couldn’t like HT? It’s got humor, action, and though I doubt that it will convince anyone that it’s a great show, I have to say it’s got the best romance I’ve ever seen in a TV show.

    Give it a “Chance.”

  • ChancedaMAN

    What’s the matter with Ames? In order to have a great show, you have to have a wide variety of characters, and they can’t all be superhuman. If everyone is a savior then there’s no one to save. Ames is like a mixture of Chance and Guererro. (I have almost no idea how to spell that) I know, she’s really embarrassing sometimes, O.K. practically all the time, but so was Barney Fife.

  • Tjcwildcat

    Save Human Target!!! Fringe got just a little too weird for me, lost interest.

  • Kpreet

    watch that, he says we want to start fresh with season 3

  • Jenannshak

    I think Human Target is a great show, it is quality tv. It is a show that I can watch with my children and not have to worry about them picking up a new foul word or have to explain explicit behavior that really isn’t needed on regular television. Mark Valley is incredible! The cast of characters are engaging and entertaining. While I am not all that crazy about the new cast members or the fact that Guerrero is taking a more laid back role this season, but I firmly believe that Fox would be stupid to cancel this show!

  • Mwvail

    Human target deserves a 3rd season!! Love that show & tape it when I can’t watch it live.

  • HumanTarget Lover

    I Beg you FOX don’t cancel HT i will seriously cry myself to sleep if you do! PLEASE DONT DO IT!

  • Sythetailor

    human target is just great please continue next season we cannot be without mark valley and team. he is just adorable and a very good actor in the catagory of montgomery clift and steve mcqueen.please please do not cancel this show alice in swan lake

  • Harvey Martell

    I don’t care what night what night Human Target is on I will watch for quicker than Fringe. Human target is a far more realistice than Fringe. I hope it’s not cancled. I love the new format of the show, it is exciting and well made.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t cancel it it’s just starting to come together with the new characters that were added this season. Finale was well done.

  • patti smith

    keep fringe and human target on. they are two great shows. good writers. they are a lot better than some of those silly shows out thet . give them a chance. instead of always cancelling.

  • Grandmacz


  • Shane

    Human Target is one of my favorite shows and the best on Fox, I really hope they renew for a season 3!

  • Anonymous

    Human Target all the way i just downloaded and finished the season finale for season 2. The story was great. I’m voting for another 1 more season at the lease. Hopefully more haha RENEW HUMAN TARGET!!!

  • A.

    I love the additions of Ames & Ilsa Pucci to Human Target and all they bring to the program.
    I very much enjoy all that they bring out in the in the rest of the team.

    The banter between Winston & Ilsa Pucci and Guerrero & Ames is priceless and has me on the floor every week. The pairing of Christopher Chance & Ilsa Pucci has all the makings of a Dave & Maddie(moonlighting) / Mulder & Scully (The X-Files) super couple.

    In season three I would like to see them add even more people to the team. I’d like to see them bring back Layla (Autumn Reeser – now on No Ordinary Family) and beef up Harry’s role with in the team.

    I really enjoyed the season 2 finale and I was kind of hoping they would not resolve things by the end of the episode. It could have been a really interesting twist to have the whole team be on the run. Having them on the lame running from the CIA hunting down the evidence they need to save the team through out all of Season 3..

  • Mylovebugagain

    super agree! love the Hawaii five-o and human target!

  • ashlee

    the first season is a blast, phenomenal!

    it feels like you’re watching a movie, second season isn’t that strong.
    Ames and Pucci add ‘color’ to the show but c’mon the three guys is enough as a lead actors.

  • Marc

    pfoe.. if i had to choose between Human Target and Fringe at the beginning of both series,the choise would be utterly tough, but i would have picked Fringe, however, after Fringe changed story direction from x-files meets science to as the world turns meets star trek.. I would pick Human Target in a heartbeat..

    Human Target for the win!

    And yes, I too, still miss the mustache … Rip Good Guys..

  • Beefcake Bruiser

    These are the two best shows out. If they cancel these shows the entire world will blow up.

  • Marea_smm_75

    The show needed some female action cause it was all male during the first season. I’m not saying that was bad, but it’s definetly better with some girls in there.
    And they are NOT boring (but it would be cool to give them some more action)
    And just for the fun of it:
    Give it a Chance. :P

  • Marea

    definitely right.
    i think its Guerrero.

  • Suj21

    Fox! Bring on the 3rd season , The best show on TV. Pucci & Chance’s onscreen chemistry is molten lava. The rest of the cast compliment each other so well. Just love it!!!!!!!!

  • Bubba

    Human Target is a good show but Fox has handicapped it by not being consistent by changing nites and most of all by showing a few episodes then stopping or showing reruns. Doing this just make veiwers of the show look for another show during down time . Have a consistent show with enough episodes to keep us veiwers interested . Watching 3 or 4 shows then stopping will not draw in people to watch . I would have missed some of the shows if not for my DVR . Comparing “American Idol” to “Human Target” is like comparing apples to oranges , American Idol is consistent and a full season . If you done “Idol” like you do “Human Target” you would loose veiwers also

  • Bubbaearl

    Amen to that . A season is what 4 shows then it disappears. You are forced to watch something else. Tape a whole season keep it consistent and you could get viewers !

  • Marcvsgreen

    I dont even have cable…but I watch them as soon as they pop on the net. Lets keep em’ comin’! (now if only “The Unusuals came back…)

  • Tangae29

    I’m living in France, and I watch human target. Sorry about my poor English, but I have to say that’s show is amazing. The Final of the 2nd season was very strong! Human Target continues to gain momentum due to the discovery of the charismatic characters, and also that their relationships grow up day after day. This show must go and continue to feed the suspense.

  • Tangae29

    And about “Fringe, ” I watched the first season (which I also liked), but when I saw the huge shot that introduces the 2nd season, I immediately stopped to watch. Paranormal things are going well a little, but enough is enough … I prefer the series that do not constitute evidence of any pretension.

  • Michaelrasmussen2010

    I don’t care what station Human Target is on. As long as it’s on. I is truely the best show ever!!

  • Lao4lifevk

    Human Target is the best show ever! It’s a nice relief from all the twisted dramas out there. Pure entertainment that keeps getting better!

  • Jess

    I liked the songs that human target put in it and I buy them & the episodes. This is the first show I bought in iTunes all of them an I will keep doing it when it is still on air keep it on plaese.

  • Guest

    Human Target is refreshing and I like the changes in season 2 . My vote is for another season whatever night it airs …

  • Tdial

    Its a cool show with alot of action.Keep ht on the air!!!! t dial

  • Hockeyman914

    i dont care when its on. human target is one of the only shows on tv that i really like

  • Fream4

    men give them a chance I think they are awesome

  • Mictmouse

    I love Human Target. We have watched them over and over. We NEED season 3!

  • Davidsh

    I’d take HT over Fringe, I feel like the story on Fringe is getting rediculous.

  • Naples_nightlife

    Regardless of the time or day I would watch HT. You don’t have to think too hard about it and it is good old fashioned fun.

  • Randy

    If it is like usual Fox always cancels shows that most of us like. I am to the point that I am going to just start watching SyFy on DirecTv and drop watching anything on fox plain and simple.

  • Maurry Pazarian

    Hands down my wife and mine favorite show on TV. We never miss an episode, even when they move the show around. Hope there are MANY more seasons of this series as we want to buy a large box set.

    And my two cants are the addition of Ames and Pucci have really helped gel this cast into a fine line up with real chemistry. WE love the interchange of all the current personalities. Don’t change anything!

    -M. Pazarack

  • Austingwright

    The idoit dont know TV…I absolutely love the show and demand a 3rd season…it is awesome…I love the comedy , the action, the twists, its friggin total awesome. Fringe lost me with all the wacko changes, the HT changes were a little weird at first but now I love it, bring back HT season 3 FOX, you would be stupid not to..ya hear me you large conglomerate brodcasting bastards…lol…SEASON 3 SEASON 3 SEASON 3

  • Austingwright

    you…Pucci is hot

  • Ic Eman60

    il est clair que la fox ne sais pas ce quelle rate en envoyant human target aux oubliettes pour ma part je ne regarderais surement pas fringepour une fois qu il y avait une bonne serie d action

  • In12jb

    I enjoy human target and i dont care what time it is on as long as it is played. I would watch it.

  • Alanna

    Me too! :)

  • Evanevers

    Fox Network just another name for stupid, Rupert “you’ll like what I say you will like and screw you” Murdock.

    Very addictive show and I look forward to watching the next round. One of the best shows ever and I think Ames is hilarious. Guerro one the best chars to come along in a long time.

  • L. Dodin

    I love Human target very much, i’ll watch it no matter which day it’s prodcast. just make the Schudel clear to the viewers. I hope to see a third season.

    The Netherlands

  • Matt Ellison


  • Rlthorp

    HT is good. it works due to the cast working well. BUT the stories are too simple. It needs some writers who have worked on shows like 24, at least. Also, those 2 wimmen are terrible. especially the english one. I say that as a brit who watches in sunny mexico. who do they know to have got into the show? HT cannot be another Burn Notice. It can be better than the B TEAM in Hawaii!

  • Rajan singh

    plzzzz go ahead…………

  • Neel

    both shows are awesome…come on fox..listen to the viewers!

  • Randomz

    Human Target is 100 times better than fringe and should be renewed without question Tyvm :P

  • JT

    I will be highly disappointed if there is NOT a Season 3 for Human Target. And Fringe needs to keep going,as well!

  • Overshadow

    I have found that the plots to the shows are both creative and extremely entertaining. The honest truth is there are so many things they could do with the show so many directions its almost boundless, The characters have slowly been growing as we have been learning more and more about them. However once again there is still a great deal more to go.. Especially with Chance and Guerrero I mean they are both massive mysteries where their pasts are concerned..
    I wont lie though of all three of them my favorite character is Guerrero. In truth I was a bit skeptical like others when they added the ladies because the as the dynamics between the 3 male characters is beyond first rate however the addition of the ladies has added to the depth of the exsisting characters and allowed for a bit more freedom in a sence. With Pucci came access to a different class of people as well as the financial aide that the team was in need of as demonstrated in certain episodes where they were being paid with a bit of a barter system well actually chance and winston were but Guerrero was still some how paid in money kinda didnt make alot of sense and now they fill that gap in the story as it were. As to Ames well she brings her on spin on things she is like the lil sister on the team she isnt as naive as PUcci After all Pucci comes from a different world compaired to the guys.However Ames is like the happy medium in a way she is a street wise woman that has tested the dark waters but never really emersed herself within their murkey depths. She looks to both chance and Guerrero as guides or brothers… more so Guerrero then Chance from my persepctive. Ames also bring her on spin on life as well as some skills to the team as well. All in all I believe Human Target is a one of the best shows that they currently have on the air sadly the networks doesnt seem to see or recognize this and have taken to moving the series around in time slot and days. Luckily for us there are ways to track it and still have the opportunity to watch it. Thus far I have seen every episode of both seasons and am eagerly awaiting the third season.

  • bruceda

    Human target is sick….it rocks if there is not a 3rd season i’ll just have to keep watching white collar….and by the way fringe is gay as hell…and i kinda like the way that human target is predictable….

  • L_farrar

    i love human target make me laugh.its just a great tv show.i hope they make season 3,i can,t wait fingers cross

  • D33eez

    i represent 40thousand viewers and after reading this article i must say, WTF is wrong with you guys, Human Target is wayyy better than Fringe i been watching Fringe since is started and i tell ya now it just completely has turned into a bad version of the X Files, i really don’t see why Fox keeps taking every fucking show i like there was “Dollhouse” then “Lonestar” oh and lets not forget “Sarah Connor Chronicles” “Good Guys” and now Human Target FOX has literally turned into a piece of shit broadcasting station who do nothing for their viewers and take orders from freakin nielsen families.

  • Lakeybear33


  • Coop

    We have 2 in my house that support HT…..Bring it back for season 3! Its FOX’s #2 show by far…..

  • Lakeybear33

    I think Human Target is #1 in my book… I suppose Fringe is the rated one. {noting that Mark Valley was once married to Anna Torve}…but the production values are Masterworks for a TV series in Human Target.. +Mark’s deft knowledge of spoken Japanese,martial arts and incredible spot on timing along w/a cast to die for….% PLEASE BRING IT BACK AND MORE ADVERTISING SO THE +INFECTIONS WILL SPREAD!!

  • T. Tambs

    Human Target hands down

  • Annievette56

    If Fox cancels Human Target it would be another mistake in a line of many made by Fox. I can’t stand to watch tv most of the time because it is a bunch of winny “fake” reality shows. They finaly have a great show in Human Target and what do they do, they move it around so it’s a hunt just to watch a well scripted and acted out show. Don’t screw up Fox, keep HT for season 3. We the fans would watch it no matter what day or time you would air the show.

  • Stephenswart69

    come on why is it when shows like human target and fringe come there is always a possibality of it being cut short because of shows like idols i mean its the same s*%t just diffrent day i vote keep fringe and human target and move idols im running out of shows to watch here in south africa

  • sarah

    I love human target it should be renewed

  • scarecrow

    I like this show. Season 1 was much better than Season 2. Argue all you want, but you can’t ignore these facts.

    Season 1 did not have the “female mainstay element” in it. Hence, Season 1 had a more “manly” appeal to it. The characters of Chance, Winston, and Guerrero were all mysterious in their own way (but it was Season 1 and they were just introduced to us). The mystery behind all of them kept you guessing as to their motives. None of the characters truly trusted the others. And then, of course, there was the tension between Winston and Guerrero with a welcome touch of comedy/sarcasm. Each character came from different backgrounds (with only Winston really ever being a true “boy scout” at any time). Winston is now willing to not be a boy scout all of the time while Chance strives to undo his wrongs and become the boy scout and Guerrero is who he is and along for the ride because Chance spared his life. Regardless of their motives, they each contributed to the job at hand very well – and kept the comedy out of the job itself. The jobs were done in a professional manner as would be expected by so-called professionals in their fields. When it came to the business of the job, the comedy, trust, and/or dislike for each other went away. This made the success of each job seem very realistic and did not take away from the action scenes.

    Season 2 imposed the “female element”. Because the ratings of the show were not up to Fox’s standards, they wanted a change. And this is what we got. Pucci is naive, inexperienced, and the cash cow. Ames is an attempt at something (not quite sure what, maybe comedy), but she really is nothing more than eye candy. The end result is the female element which brings in feelings, love, romance, etc. As a result of this female element, the “manly appeal” is diminished from Season 1 greatly (way too much). Winston seems to maintain his character from Season 1 pretty well, but he really doesn’t seem to like Pucci or Ames that well. Of course, Chance is falling for Pucci which results in him not seeming like the superstar (best man in the job, etc.) he was in Season 1. And poor Guerrero’s character is torn to shreds with Ames tagging along everywhere. Guerrero is supposed to be a hardcore guy with a bad reputation that you do not mess around with. And his character is brutally reduced to just “another guy” with Ames tagging along. Ames is beautiful, but I cannot stand to hear her talk, not to mention her acting is poor at best. Her role truly is worthless in my opinion and does nothing but hurt the show.

    The true result of Season 2 is the “pussification” of the characters from Season 1, story line, and the show as a whole. I use the word “pussification” to describe the change from being a “purely manly show” to adding the “female element” to try to attract a larger audience including women. In my opinion, this “pussification” change was awful and makes show the awful. I hope every week that Pucci and Ames both get killed or something else happens to them. I was hoping Pucci would get on the plane at the end of Season 2. All of the jobs seem half-assed like they just threw it together and they use completely inexperienced people on professional jobs against professional foes and still save the day – this is unrealistic. At this point and time, my favorite characters are Winston and Guerrero and really all I watch the show for. But they are making it close to being unwatchable for me with the continued pussification of Guerrero .

    Alright naysayers…
    Bring your worst.

  • Diana Shelton

    I like this show, and wholly believe it needs to come back for another season. I’m one of those people that think when a show has lived it’s life, it needs a great send off. HT has neither lived it’s life nor has it had a proper send off, so we need another season to either end it properly, or continue the fan base.

    As far as Ilsa and Ames are concerned, to me, they bring a new level of feeling to the show. Some people may not like them, but think about it, isn’t it fun to hate some of the characters? It means they have the depth for emotion. Ames, to me, brings an under-learned innocence, a rookie factor to the team, as well as a set of her own problems. Ilsa, brings a different kind of innocence, a kind of humor in her ignorance of Chance and Guerrero’s ways. She brings a morality in to balance out the other end of the spectrum which ranges with Guerrero as the extreme.

    The character development is gradual, and there is still a lot we don’t know about them. I’m looking forward to the announcement either way of whether or not the show is continued or not, and I will be sorely disappointed if they don’t pick it up for a third season. Even if it is place on Fridays (competing with Supernatural on the CW) I’ll still watch it. I’ll watch it no matter what day or time it’s on. I feel like this show is definitely worth continuing.

  • Briar

    There’s this thing, it’s called development. And I don’t know if you saw the season 2 finale, but I’m pretty sure Guerrero hasn’t been turned into just another guy. He blew up his car with a CIA agent in it. He still has his ways. And, Ames and Ilsa may not bring a whole lot to the table, but they do bring a balance. I watched the show from the beginning, and I can say, with out Bias (which you seem to have simply because you’re male) that the show hasn’t improved, nor diminished with the addition of two female characters. I AGREE that the addition of a love interest for Chance was not the best idea, and Ames lacks a bit of…..intelligence, but you can’t say that Janet can’t act when you don’t look at interviews. Janet, in interviews, unscripted, is actually quite intelligent and….British.

  • Scottoyster

    HT is just pulp. Entertainment not unlike MacGuyver. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, but for the genre, there is just mass amounts of void when it comes to schlock action man bad guy turned good. To think that both Fringe and Human Target are in trouble says a lot for the type of people consuming the ABSURD horror that is Reality TV.

  • JonT

    My wife and me really enjoy this show. I have already purchased season 1 on blu-Ray and in the process of finding season 2. Please do not cancel this show. I was very upset when they delayed the start of season 2 then bumped it for AI. Please bring it back asap.

  • Laurakyla

    Bring back Human target for Season 3 !!!!!!!!! Love this show

  • Lalabings

    i hope it makes it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lalabings

    same here

  • Chard_nie

    i just watch this on the web, but id pay monthly if i have to

  • Whenwinningisontheline

    You want Human Target back? Then DUMP THE BROADS! The writers can’t seem to find any reason for them to be in the plot but to get in the way…..which is getting annoying. By writing a romance between Chance and his boss is even further evidence that they can’t think of a point of them being there.It’s becoming more of a comedy than an action series.

  • Buzz2003dodge

    Human Target and Fringe are both very cool shows, I can wait to see what happens next in Human Target. I really hope it stays on the air

  • Jrpayan

    I record both Fringe and Human Target. I’d rather watch Human Target. enough said.

  • Carol

    Human Target is wonderful!!! It is a combination of James Bond and 24. I love the one liners, and the coolness of Chase. I always look forward to the show, and I do hope it continues for another season. I like the sexual tension between Chase and Mrs. Pucci.

  • Slick

    I watch it online b/c for some reason Fox won’t do on-demand on Fios like every other REAL network…don’t care what night its on if I can watch on-demand. This is the real future of tv, so Fox, GET WIT DA PROGRAM!

  • Port-cartier

    Humour,Action,Romance all that play one of the best castings since a long time.

  • Bjmeljr

    good show keep it on any day any time

  • Bjmeljr

    keep this show on!!!!!

  • katarn

    well, if fringe doesn’t do very well on fridays, they should help Human Target by giving it another chance, and move it to fridays, and make some commercials on other advertisements to bolster Human target to it’s origional timeslot on fridays.

  • Rumabaap

    human target great serie keep on goiing whit season 3

  • HugeHumanTargetFan

    You can’t cancel Human Tharget! It is one of my favorite shows and I don’t know what I would do if it didn’t come back. Please give it another season, I know plenty of people that watch it. You will have many angry viewers if you get rid of that show.

  • Indythe2nd

    i like human target,its basic guns , kicks ,punches and yes hot chics and romance.whats not to like .the thing is with FRINGE ,which is a good show ,but if you haven’t kept up with the whole thing and missed a few shows ,you can be completely lost and not understand whats going on .i mean come on ,quantam physics ,parallel universes,its a lot of matterial to keep up with.when personaly, i just want to kick back and want to see some simple detective work and some kick butt action.bring on the human target.

  • d03

    Please Do Not Cancel Human Target!!! It has a MacGyver type feel to the show. It is an adventure show without all the horrible gore that some have. My husband and I love it and so do our teenagers. We will be really disappointed if another great Fox show is canceled!!!! I do not care when it is on because I will watch it whenever it comes!!!! It has humor, style, charm, and excitement!

  • Stinakri

    I want Human Target back as well as Fringe!They are the best!!!!))))

    Kristina from Russia

  • Lrrprrte

    I watched 20 minutes of Fringe and have become a Human Target die hard fan. So like all the other shows I like, Fox is going to kill the show……Guess I don’t need to watch Fox anymore.

  • Lost_nn_found

    It is a sad SAD day.

    Human Target has been CANCELED.

    Another huge mistake at the hands of FOX.

  • jeff

    i liked human target and id like to have it back on it was a very good show i was looking forward to the new season too.


    Human Target is best !!
    And Come on people we want season 3 ^_^


    Human Target is best !!
    And Come on people we want season 3 ^_^

  • Ther

     Human Target is the best! I love the Team, the action, the way to solve problems… I want a new season as soon as possible!!!

  • Diana

    Sorry, dude. Fox has officially decided to cancel HT. No season three unless the masses of fans can get them to change their mind about it. Join one of the many protest groups.

  • Angelique turner

    bring back human target it is the bedt show ever please do not cancell

  • Ruud wendriks

    hi i’m from the netherlands and i sine 2 sesoans and i love the show please make a 3 seasone PLAESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • The guru of tv

    I say human target rules i am from United kingdom and i love the show. i watch it online since busy day and such but the program rules maybe they should make a deal with like ITV or bbc to maybe have a james bond movie and get human target in the adverts. 

  • Shill1

    We are watching season 2 human target over here in england and we love it, great fun, action and mark valley does not look that bad either. please fox bring it back again, will miss it love it love it love human target   janette liverpool

  • Unknown0ne

    Hopefully FOX will bring back HT for a 3rd and even for a 4th and 5th Season, since HT is the best series i’ve seen yet. It’s a great mix of comedy and action. It’s even better than Fringe, Navi CIS, and any other CSI series.
    The characters are as awesome as the story ~
    Let’s hope FOX will see that’s a mistake to cancel HT (it’s a great success here in germany also)

  • Aigars

    I like HT and I want season 3, 4, 6! :)

    Aigars from Latvia!

  • this salantine

    yeah love this show. sigh. hope it stays around for a while.

  • Enoch Leo Andoh-Mensah

    oh ma God, i will seriously cry if the season 3 of human target doesn’t come, please do everything possible to bring the season 3

  • Galerian

    Why? We are from Lithuania and I want to say that in my whole life our family wasn’t waiting so faithfully for a new series of some TV show. Human Target is the one which you want to watch over and over again, characters are great everyone stands in their socks suitable perfectly and with every play it ends with a differerent story like it is used in nowadays, not like The Killing, The Cape and etc…
    Human Target is equall to House M.D., Lie to Me, Hawaii-o-five and similar franchise, don’t make such stupid mistakes in cancelations. Close soap operas and stupid reality shows but leave good evening entertainers alive!!!

  • Yasar Yousaf

    Please bring back Human Target,,, love it…..

  • Ortho Pa3

    keep human target….chance ROCKS !!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Bayette

    J’espère qu’il y aura une troisième saison de Human target et pkus si possible

  • Mike Harwood

    The twats that Canceled human target should be sacked would’nt know good tv if it feel out of the sky and hit them on the head 

  • Anonymous

    I loved season 1 and 2 but i whas disapointed when they changed the intro theme to other way what did not fit the human target serie!

  • Richar

    In Mexico, Human Target has just started its second season. Mexican viewers can see it tuesday to friday at 11:00 pm, and I personaly LOVE the series. One of the best I ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot, believe me. So, it’s a shame, a real shame for me to know that FOX is actualy planning to force me see whatever TELEVISA broadcast in place . Perhaps it will be time for me to go to sleep earlier…   

  • Tgd

    Everyone is out partying FRIDAY

  • Carolina

    Make season 3 NOW please !!!!!!!

  • Lakeybear33

    Does anybody know what Mark Valley is up to…. I did see him on Harry’s Law afte Human