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Heroes Creator Still Has The Touch

Say what you want to about Heroes, but it looks like series creator Tim Kring still has the touch. The television veteran, who has been quite vocal about his desire to resurrect the now-defunct NBC superhero series in some way, shape or form, is returning to the small screen by way of Touch, a new drama pilot picked up by Fox.

Deadline reports that Touch centers on a father who discovers that his young son, who is mute and suffers from autism, can predict events well before they actually happen. No other details have been revealed, but it sounds like it’ll feature some of the superhuman ability elements of Heroes while still maintaining easy access to procedural storytelling. Given the overly-complicated narrative that Heroes had to offer, that kind of mix must be very appealing for someone like Kring right now — but appealing doesn’t always mean good. Given its touchy premise (whoa, that wasn’t even intentional!) and the still healing wounds inflicted by Heroes, it’s hard to get too excited about Touch at the moment.


  • Bclewis6593

    This isn’t going anywhere. He was over his head with Heroes and it showed.

  • Jolewist

    Seriously, can’t we think of anything more original as “autistic freak kid as main narrative device for hit tv blockbuster”? Being autistic myself, I can’t help but feel offended.

  • Leekelee3

    Wow! I am sorry you have had so much pain with your autism. Not all people do. Why would you call yourself a freak? Autism is beautiful. The ability to communicate with life in a less judgmental and Loving way? I think this would be a beautiful story line. As this child would communicate from his soul, not his emotions….I pray it is as wonderful as it sounds..

  • TheSadTruth

    Depends on the form/severity of autism.

    I’m annoyed that there are some many people calling autism a blessing forgetting that many suffer from severe autism which is much more detrimental than having some social awkwardness.

  • The Domestic Goddess

    My son has severe autism. he isn’t suffering. He’s beautiful, unique, fabulous and intelligent. And he’s nonverbal. Not being able to speak doesn’t mean you have nothing to say.

  • ForgetYou

    lol autisim!

  • TheSadTruth

    My son also has autism and I love him with all my heart but I have many concerns for his future.

    If you really think that no one suffers from autism then watch this:

  • TheSadTruth

    Heres a longer & more informative video.