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NBC Orders Wonder Woman Pilot

Just two weeks ago it looked like Warner Bros. Television’s planned Wonder Woman revival had stalled after David E. Kelley’s script failed to find a home at a network. But tonight Deadline reports the surprise news that NBC has picked up the pilot.

Announced in October, the modern-day reboot would return the DC Comics character to live-action TV for the first time since 1979, when she was famously portrayed by Lynda Carter.

Following some unease in December, when Kelley — the award-winning creator of such TV series as Ally McBeal, The Practice and Picket Fences — revealed he hadn’t “necessarily committed” to the superhero project, the pilot script was shopped around early this month. According to Deadline, NBC passed at the time because it was awaiting the arrival of new president of programming Bob Greenblatt, and “couldn’t commit to the type of license fee that the studio was seeking in order to do the show Kelley had envisioned.” With Greenblatt now at the helm, and Kelley’s new comedy-drama Harry’s Law debuting strong, the network snapped up the pilot. (Apparently Kelley knew what he was talking about last week when he said he was “optimistic” the project would make it to TV by next year.)

However, Wonder Woman fans still may have cause for concern. If Deadline’s information is correct, Kelley’s take on the nearly 70-year-old superheroine will differ dramatically from her portrayals in the comic books or the ’70s TV series: Here she’ll be Diana Prince, a vigilante crimefighter and successful corporate executive in Los Angeles who tries to “balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”


  • nailsin

    “a vigilante crimefighter and successful corporate executive “–UGH!

  • Kevin Melrose

    It works for Batman!

  • Secondborn74

    Wonder Woman is NOT Batman.

  • Renrocks

    But she is not Batman!

  • Kevin Melrose

    Yeah, I was joking.

  • Ozouch

    UGH! Why oh why does Hollywood not use the awesome material that is staring them in the face?! Why oh why do they have to re-boot, re-imagine, re-whatever?! There is 70 years of fantastic mythology and stories to tap into and yet it’s being ignored in favour of vigilante crime-fighting in Los Angeles. Really quite disappointing.

  • Cldick

    i hope they don’t change too much of the story. if they don’t make her the amazon princess from paradise island with all the trimmings that fans expect, then this thing will flop as badly as if they tried superman without a cape, the ability to fly, or bullet-proofness. seriously, they need to keep the story and the character intact if they want any success here. it’s only a matter of time before someone gets this concept. duh.

  • Duskknight45

    I’m just happy to see Wonder Woman getting a new TV show. Whether or not it will be a success is a different story. I can understand why they went in this direction, but I know that fans will not like this. So…I’ll just call my stance neutral.

  • Alex

    This is going to fail just like the 1974 tv movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby. The good news is that in 1975 Douglas Cramer, and Lynda Carter saved the day by doing Wonder Woman correctly. Maybe after this upcoming pilot fails somebody will come in and save the day again, and give us the real Wonder Woman the way her creator William Moulton Marston intended.

  • Michael Bryan Walt

    Oh, sweet baby Jesus — Reboot, REBOOT!!! Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I agree with the rest of you gentlemen, just do the comic book version. There is a vast amount of material that Kelley could draw on, not this rehash (REBOOT!! Sorry once again) of the Batman legend. Have read Wonder Woman since I was a kid (discovered W.W. when I was 6), I’m 51 now, so I know that there is a Hell of a lot stories to mine and that could be used for a T.V. series. But, that’s television for ya’. REBOOT! Damn it, I did it again!

  • Andrew LoVuolo

    Maybe it’s tax write-off. How could Michael Uslan usher in a new era of Batman with Tim Burton, ride the success to a great animated series (he also produced) only to let CATWOMAN be made the way it was and then bounce right into something a great as the Nolan movies? Tax write-off. You need to lose money sometimes I guess to balance the books. I think it’s time Disney steps up and just comes out and announces the Marvel channel. With 5500+ characters there’s plenty of IP’s to mine.

    Likewise, once Smallville’s wrapped, the WB needs to try a new take on it’s own DC Network. Except this time don’t aim for the Twilight crowd and tie the films into the shows like Ron Howard’s planning to do with the upcoming Dark Tower series of films and shows.

  • Talesin_x

    Hardly a suprise given Kelly scripted it. This is literally going to be Ally McBeal with fight scenes bllecch

  • Andrew LoVuolo

    And oddly enough there’s an add for a RIFT video game on this page and I’ve had a comic book called The Rift in print since 2001. Hmmmm. lol

  • demoncat_4

    do not care what Davids take its for wonder woman . just happy NBc is willing to take a risk and help wonder woman start getting her due in other media like all the other dc heroes lately. and still think david should cast Linda Carter as Diana’s mother.

  • Alonzo

    I swear by Gaia’s sake if David Kelly screws this up I will call upon Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto the great sisters of fury to throw his very soul into the gaping mouth of Tartarus where vultures and demon dogs shall feast upon his heart EVER MORE!!!

  • demoncat_4

    of course she is not batman there can be only one batman. though one should consider her the female counter part of batman .

  • Anonymous

    no, one should NOT…

  • kalorama

    Oh please. Stop the whining. Wonder Woman IS a vigilante crimefighter. Just like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and all the rest. Unless she’s employed by some recognized Federal, state. or local law enforcement organization, when she goes out looking for super- criminals to fight, she’s performing an act of vigilantism. Deal with it.

    As for the rest . . . of course it’s going to be different from the comics. Why? Because if weren’t it would be guaranteed a short run and a quick hook. Now it’s only a semi-guarantee. If the vast majority of comics fans aren’t interested in stories featuring the comic book version of the character, why would anyone think TV viewers would be?

  • Alonzo

    While agree WW is pretty much a vigilante crime-fighter. However in the DCU she was also an ambassador giving her diplomatic immunity, But I digress.

    I agree with you. True I would prefer to see Diana Princess of Themyscira brought to life. But as with other comic book characters if done right they can exist in a universe that’s different from the comic book.

    I’m not a huge Superman fan and I thought the first 3 seasons of Smallville sucked monkey balls. But it’s later season have been pretty good and the show isn’t in line with comics but as it’s own entity it works. All we can do for the WW project is wish it success.

    However if she’s depowered in the show I will NOT be watching it.

  • Alonzo

    I agree she has more in common with Batman than Superman who must consider to be her male counterpart. Clark is a alien from outer-space. Bruce and Diana are both warriors.

  • KHill

    If this were a big budget movie then yeah, I’d say go traditional, but given that this will be an ongoing television series maybe some changes do have to be made. Wonder Woman isn’t the highest selling book, and Xena has already been done. It might not be so bad. As long as key things don’t get changed like with Birds of Prey.

  • Chaelamity

    Did anyone note that this take sounds like a continuation of the Lynda Carter TV series? The show ended with her moving to the LA branch of the IADC. I’m beginning to think Kelly’s sole source material was the 70’s tv series. God, just when I thought there was hope, I get dashed on the rocks. Wonde Woman has so much you can draw from to make an interesting long lasting show, yet no one wants to be bothered to use any of her history to bring this about.

  • Richardcasey

    ugh, that sounds baaaaaaaaad.

  • Mark Walley

    Superman without a cape? Without the ability to fly? SMALLVILLE IS DOOMED.

    (I do kinda agree with your point though, just your analogy is a bit weak.)

  • Michael Sacal

    Only one Batman? [sarcasm]Not according to Grant Morrison…. me thinks someone here hasn’t read his newest genius idea, Batman Inc.[/sarcasm]

  • juniper

    Oh this sounds awful…just awful… But since I’m not really a Wonder Woman fan, I’ll reserve my opinions for later…

  • Amazon Archiver

    A Warner Bros Studio Exec meeting….

    “Let’s make a Wonder Woman show because she’s the most famous and instantly recognisable comic book heroine outside the rather niche world of comic book fans”

    ” Hell yeah!! But let’s not retain anything about the character that people love and recognise. Her costume has to go, the whole Paradise Island thing is probably not the way to go and come to think of it, the name “Wonder Woman” is kinda lame. So, what we got left?”

    “Alley McBeal-esque vigilante corporate exec. fights crime. That’s gonna rock in every way that Dark Angel, the Bionic Woman etc didn’t!”

    “And just remind me, what does that have to do with our original desire to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen?

    ” Err……”

  • Danknich

    This has epic fail written all over it. I knew I couldn’t trust David Kelley.

  • Mk

    Will everyone calm down? No more “ugh” or “meh” until we see the first episode. Those of you lamenting they won’t use the comic or tv story are the same ones who aren’t buying the comic and complain about remakes. Get over yourselves and read a goddamned book or something.

  • Rich W.

    NICE! Now NBC will will have a REAL superhero to make a BORING show out of like the Cape!I gurss WW will not wear her star Spangeled pantys for her new skinny jeans!A after it gets canned becuse IT WILL SUCK we can see it again on the SI-FI channel!

  • Olivia

    I actually wouldn’t mind if they changed her back-story to be grittier. As long as they’re true to Diana’s personality and moral code I don’t see a problem with them making her a “vigilante”.

    I think the real trick will be to design a new costume for her that will look like her comic book outfit but still be accessible to audiences who don’t read comics. They will also have to make sure that they don’t sexually objectify ANY of the characters.

    I think the show has great potential!

  • sillymander

    This will probably work on TV.
    Do I like it? No. Do I want it? No.

    But enough people watched that piece of steaming poo called, “Smallville.”

  • Sugargl1der

    Messing with the origin a bit is probably a given, but my biggest worry is the point someone else made about “Ally McBeal with fight scenes”. The press blurb about balancing all the aspects of her life, coupled with the Kelley involvement, signals to me we’re going to get a lot of “quirky bed hopping” and whimsical romance. I hope I’m wrong; there’s just nothing in this guy’s resume that says he can do action or superhero material.

  • Bryantalley

    ignoring the source material is a guaranteed recipe for failure. the fans are the ones that are going to be supporting the show and watching it. look at all the shows that have flopped and have been successful for a reference. you want this show to go 5 years and hit the much desired syndication process? Stick with comic books for your source material.

  • Flying Tiger

    Hilarious. Awesomely terrible. This could actually be what finally puts the character out of its misery.

  • 00gonzo

    I guess NBC is saying bye-bye to the “Cape”. Never followed WW in the comics but have to say that Linda Carter circa 70’s was the most awesome woman to walk the planet.

  • Anonymous

    Depends on how its handled.

    Wonder Woman has ALWAYS been a vigilante hero.

    Very few of the elements have stayed the same.

    Being a corporate exec is not necessarily a bad thing; given her mission is not just beating up villains, forming a company that encapsulates the Amazon set of values actually makes sense. And it’s an interesting, unexpected twist that could embody the spirit of the comics.

  • OHOHOHO-suckittrebekconnery

    NBC? Does Bionic Woman and cancellation ring a bell? Another dead end. Not that I care.

  • nailsin

    It works for Batman because that’s who he is and always has been. It is the height of laziness to abandon material altogether and simply copy something else. Tweaking things here and there is fine but throwing out the baby with the bath water is not.
    Now the show could succeed like Smallville did but I never liked Smallville. You want to do a show about a woman who solves crimes on the side fine but call it Amazing Woman.
    Don’t steal a name because it’s established.

  • the boy can’t help it!

    the first cheapshot comment kelley makes, (as he ALWAYS does) about a conservative in this concept and i am SO OUTTA HERE!

  • Justin Quizon

    Well, it’s going to pilot, and for all we know, that’s as far as it could go. Just because Kelly’s a big name doesn’t mean it will automatically go to series. J.J. Abrams just finished Alias (a huge hit) and did a pilot called The Catch. That show didn’t make it to series. So that could very well happen to Wonder Woman. Also, I’m pretty sure NBC will see how well The Cape is doing before they make any real big decisions.

  • Osmium

    Doesn’t NBC own Showtime, where each show demands nudity and graphic sex (think Weeds) from its lead characters? Move WW there. Cast Olivia Munn or Olivia Wild and have her wear a different costume each episode, which winds up on the floor. Borrow heavily from “The L Word” and “Californication” and you not only have a show that draws huge ratings, but pisses off the nutjobs who comprise the character’s cult following.

  • Redhawk

    Why do I think she will be wearing the all white jump suit out fit from the early 70s too?

    Why make a Wonder Woman show/movie…if it’s a character that has nothing to do with Wonder Woman, besides the name?

  • Skeptical

    The sad thing is, this is the first project out of the gate (development-wise) for the new team of Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns. Which tells me that either they have a lot of faith in this premise, or they’re just trying to get a Wonder Woman project out there for the sake of doing something with the property. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the future of Nelson & Johns.

  • Anonymous

    I love Love LOVE David E. Kelley’s work as a whole.

    Please … make this go away.

  • JLB

    I’ll give it a look, but, that doesn’t sound like an original premise. Wonder Woman, in my opinion, is a warrior. The problems, and villians she takes on are larger than life.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that far removed from the source material. She’s worked in an office before as Steve Trevor’s secretary or some other capacity long before the post-crisis “ambassador of peace” and “wonder warrior” crap. Kelley’s just changed the occupation.

    And no, she’s not a warrior or ambassador she’s a SUPER HERO. It’s way past time you nerds let go of Perez’ 25 year-old reboot abomination.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Yep only one Batman. The rest are just inspired copy cats.

  • Mr_Wayne

    They make “Xena”, “300”, “Clash of the Titans”, and “Thor” but they can’t make an acurate Wonder Woman? All you can do is laugh and hope the show doesn’t suck at least.

  • kalorama

    Being an ambassador didn’t make what she did any less vigilantism. It simply meant that she couldn’t be prosecuted for doing it.

  • kalorama

    Does the word “Smallville” ring any bells?

  • Osmium

    Conservative, eh? Thanks to your comrades, moderate is the new liberal, liberal the new socialist, socialist the new terrorist.

    By your teabagger movement’s own warped reality, “conservative” is the new Ku Klultz Klan.

  • Anonymous

    It really is amazing that they just can’t give her a freaking movie. Batman’s on his third film this generation with Superman on his second. Green Lantern has a movie this year and Flash is in the works and they really can’t make a freaking movie?

    Checkmate should be on TV. Wonder Woman deserves the same treatment that every other major member of the Justice League is getting.

  • Philip A Moore

    Am I the only on willing to give David E Kelly the chance to do some thing great sure his take may be slightly different the the comic but so was the incredibal Hulk and thats a classic the orgenal wonder woman didn’t follow the comic either going from the forties to the seventies in such away as to be jaring one season Natzi’s are invading paridise Island next she is working on domestic cases with the I.A.D.C . I think this could be very good if given the cahnce

  • Mr. Wonderful

    The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, this new re-boot promises to be even more New-e-er than the New Adventures of Wonder Woman in 1975!

  • Anonymous

    If she doesn’t have the iconic star-spangled look, invisible jet, and magical transformation, I’m thinking folks are less likely to recognize the character and will likely quickly turn their backs from the show.They also need to cast someone rather sensational in looks and personality, like Megan Gale as well as to cast Lynda Carter as the Queen.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Nothing saying she isn’t still from Paradise Island. If they change Diana Prince’s life to better suit mainstream audiences, thay’s fine with me. As long as she’s still from Themiscira(don’t care why she leaves the island) and fights crime in an outfit recognizeable as a Wonder Woman costume. She doesn’t have to be as strong as Superman, the original WW wasn’t any stronger than Spider-man.
    And get Kelly Monaco(Dancing With The Stars, General Hospital) to play her. I look forward to seeing what David Kelley does with her.

  • Michael Sacal

    Dude, Batman Inc is a rehash of the Batmen of Many Nations, another way to pander to the 60s.

    The whole thing is ill-conceived. Bruce outing himself as Batman? That’s bs.

  • samuel

    The “successful corporate exec” is okay like the Amazon’s are attempting to seed their way into “man’s world” instead of ripping of Batman or even Superman why not embrance Wonder Woman’s world with the greek gods and useage of other patheons.

    Make like a mash-up of Xena: the warrior princess and ally Mcbeal embrace the supernatural instead making her a rip off of Superman and Batman look at wonder woman the animated movie it kicked all types of ass and properly embraces the character

  • filmfan2000

    This “vigilante and corporate executive synopsis” sounds bad compared to the cotemporary version of the character that we are familiar with, but lets face it comics Wonder Woman is kind of fake. Comic’s creators took Wonder Woman in a direction that may make her difficult to swallow in the real world. There no benefits or medical plan associated with being a full-time diplomat and super hero. If you think most people will tune in each week to see her spend her allowance from Paradise Island I think you have more faith than I do about the viewing public. Let’s not forget she’s supposed to be a real life person who happens to be a super heroine. It sounds like Kelley is trying to make her into someone who male and female audiences can relate to.

    We should be glad to receive a newly relevant and revitalized Diana Prince, and let’s see how long it takes before DC comics follow the show’s lead if the show is successful. This character goes through a major make over every three or so years and she might be overdue for a reboot right now.

    Fortunately the Comics version is ahead of this reboot because it has by proposed a plausible uniform this time.

  • Mou101

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many comic book fans piss and moan about other-media adaptations of comic book characters after they read the first eight- or ten-sentence paragraph announcing them. Maybe, just maybe, David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” will be good. We won’t know ’til the first episode airs.

    That said, where are all these complainers when the comic book series needs readers?

  • nailsin

    Because they’ve been burned so many times.
    And I do read Wonder Woman.

  • Mou101

    Everyone who likes anything has been burned so many times—comic book fans are no different from fans of any other genre. They’re just louder and poorer dressers, it seems.

    I’ve been reading Wonder Woman since 1971, and I’m hoping for the best here. If it goes south, it goes south and I’ll move on.

  • Flying Tiger

    You’re making several errors of logic. I despise wonder woman and hope to see the character disappear completely. I also despise the “genius” work of the tv producer named. It’s pathetic trash all round and a marriage truly made in hell.

    Warner comics will be a mercy killing when they finally go the way of the king syndicate characters.

  • lead sharp

    Warner Brothers today official declared!

    “We don’t know where the door handle to the bathroom is and our shoes are too big!”

  • Kelly

    Sure you will.
    In case you haven’t noticed Wonder Woman doesn’t belong to you.
    And until you see what David brings to the screen, why don’t you reign in your imagination?
    Heaven forbid Wonder Woman has a day job like the rest of us. It’s the end of the world.
    Perhaps you prefer she sling chimichangas at the local Taco Whiz?

  • Kelly

    There’s nothing “gritty” about being a vigilante. EVERYONE who operates outside recognized law enforcement is a vigilante. If you’re not deputized, you’re a vigilante. It’s as true for Superman and Wonder Woman as it is for Batman and Batwoman.

  • Kelly

    The original WW was 100x stronger than Spider-man.

  • kalorama

    And aside from having a female lead, what does “Bionic Woman” have to do with Wonder Woman?

  • notcrnl

    This is actually unfortunate. I admit I might be bitter and have little trust after: The Bionic Woman, Heros, Stargate Universe, Caprica… NBC Universal Comcast is not exactly big for Sci-Fi [or] Superhero franchises. The problem might be this is a potential vehicle for WWE Divas to get extra camera time. I do not make that threat lightly, When things go bad in the expected ratings with Comcast they go REALLY bad. Think about how they killed two great niche channels: TechTV and G4TV.

  • Alonzo


    You want me to reign in my imagination about a comic book character…seriously?

    BTW: At one point Diana did work at a hamburger joint. As long as she still has her Greek based myth history and powers I could care less about her having a daytime job.

  • Alonzo

    Duh that’s what I said!

  • Monkeypants2230

    Well she’s fricking Batwoman now isn’t she?

    Are you people ashamed about WW? The day you stop feeling ashamed of you heroes and embrace why they were created, and why they have longevity and not water them down, then you might start seeing respect for them. Look at what they did to Catwoman on the big scree, It’s just taking the property’s name and saying it is her when it clearly is not.

  • thesnappysneezer

    G4 is gone? Never cared for it as I loved TechTV which was superior and more popular and I could not understand why G4 came out dominant in the merger. I would miss XPlay a bit but oh well haven’t watched it in ages.

    HOpefully the corporate thing is the only real change in her secret identity.If the classic costume and something of her origins are intact I will be happy. It would be nice if the golden age origin is intact but she stayed in man’s world, built a corporate empire, is posing as her grand daughter and all of a sudden the need to return to the Wonder Woman persona is called upon her.Otherwise, if e are at a point fter her entrance into man’s world, perhaps her corporation is a way to provide for Paradise Island’s needs after some catastrophe that affects their environment or maybe they set up the corporation as a means to provide a cover for Wonder Woman. there are many options, this is not hopeless yet.

  • Yanks5179

    Bruce DIDN’T out himself as Batman. He outed himself as having been financing Batman but has never said he was Batman. If you’re going to hate on a story, at least know the facts of it first…

  • Sijo

    Hey, REBOOT was an awesome show!! ;)

    Kidding aside, while I dislike what I’m hearing about the premise, a new WW TV show might still give her much-needed exposure, not to mention that it could slowly be retooled into a more proper version. Getting a foot in is always the hardest part.

  • Michael Sacal

    If I cared one bit about anything Morrison does, I might, but since there’s no point in reading his work since it’ll be erased as soon as he leaves, I don’t bother with it.

  • Mr B

    having heard the pitch, it’s actually a lot better than they describe it in this article.

  • Tlrenfro

    When is it suppose to premier?

  • Analizramos

    I think for this rol would it been perfect to use Percy Jackson & Olympians actress Alexandra Daddario….. She looks like her!!!!