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Smallville Finds Its Blue Beetle And Booster Gold For March Episode

Eric Martsolf, left, and Jaren Brandt Bartlett

Smallville has found its Blue Beetle and Booster Gold for an upcoming episode of The CW series written by Geoff Johns.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Days of Our Lives actor Eric Martsolf and relative newcomer Jaren Brandt Bartlett will play Booster Gold and Jaime Reyes, respectively, in the much-anticipated episode. Titled “Booster,” it presumably will air on March 4. Star and executive producer Tom Welling will direct.

Johns told Comic Book Resources last month that he’s always liked the chemistry between Booster and the new Blue Beetle, who debuted in 2006 in DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis. “… So when I was going to do this episode, I wanted to do those two together and I think the story that we came up works really well,” he said. “It’s very Booster 1.0, meaning he’s in the early stages of his career as a hero — and is pretty self-serving. […] You’ll see Beetle’s origin, Booster first meeting Clark and Lois and maybe a cameo by someone from Kord Industries.”

Martsolf, 39, appeared in the daytime soap Passions from 2002 until its cancellation in August 2008, before debuting on Days of Our Lives later that year. Bartlett, who turns 23 in February, has several movie and TV credits on his resume, including Dark Angel, The 4400 and a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s live-action series The Troop.

Smallville‘s 10th and final season airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Update: The show also has cast Ted Kord.


  • Jacob

    Just hope they acknowledge Ted Kord as Blue Beetle in some way. Not just a throwaway cameo.

  • Jacob

    Just hope they acknowledge Ted Kord as Blue Beetle in some way. Not just a throwaway cameo.

  • Shawn

    Amen to that; it just won’t be the same comradery without Ted.

  • JB

    This is stupid. He likes the chemistry between Booster and the NEW BEETLE? That’s nothing compared to the chemistry between Booster and Ted.

    And then he says that it’s going to be an early Booster. So, in other words, not even the Booster that has spent time with the new Beetle….wonderful…

    Still happy to see Blue & Gold. But damn it, I want to see Ted.

  • Hi

    I know that I don’t represent the majority, and this may sound nit-picky, but please stop writing the name of upcoming guest characters in the titles of the article. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as I just wouldn’t come to your website, but it’s on the Comic Book Resources front page. Please stop. I’d be fine with just, “News: exciting guest character for next week’s Smallville episode”.

  • demoncat_4

    love Blue beetle is making his first showing on small ville hope its a test to see if the proposed blue beetle series has support. booster gold never liked the character will make sure to miss the episode with booster epsicaly if it includes skeetes

  • dfsdfds

    I love the continued loathing and hate for Ted as the beatle.

  • Diocles Hoyos

    I’m sorry, I know there was some sort of comment or something here, but it seems like you took a perfectly good English sentence and put it in a blender. And then you set the blender on ‘pulverize’.

  • Diocles Hoyos

    Yeah, Ringo’s clearly better.