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Kick-Ass 2 Unlikely Anytime Soon

The future isn’t looking particularly bright for the Kick-Ass sequel, which had been rumored to be on track for a 2012 release.

The first blow was delivered in October by Hit Girl herself,  Chloe Moretz, who dismissed announcements about Kick-Ass 2 as “all rumor.” The second came this morning from screenwriter Jane Goldman, who took to Twitter to dispel a newspaper report that she’s working on the script for a Matthew Vaughn-directed sequel: “Saw a few erroneous reports today that I’m currently writing Kick Ass 2 script – sorry if anyone’s disappointed, but not true. Currently writing for 2 other projects, then on to lovely Matthew V’s next thing (right now, looks unlikely to be KA2) when X-Men post-prod’ ends.”

If everyone thought thought the sequel was speeding forward, that may be because comics writer Mark Millar announced in late August on BBC Radio Five that it had been “greenlit.” “[W]e can go ahead and do the follow up now, you know,” he said. “The first made so much compared to what it cost it would be crazy not to.”

This morning, however, Millar seemed decidedly less confident.

“It all depends on our schedules really,” he wrote on his message board. “I’m only halfway through writing the sequel comic and Matthew and I have been talking about something else for the last few weeks. It changes on a daily basis though as we’re all keen to get moving on KA2 before the actors grow old and die. The original cost 28 mill and has made back over 200 when you count DVD and Blu Ray so the studio is very keen. We’re all just busy on various projects (as you’ll hear about v soon) and need to get the stars to align.”

(via Cinema Blend)


  • Wcburns

    Mark Millar exaggerates movie rumours.

    And now, the weather.

  • Jacob

    Maybe he can hurry and get the second issue out instead of running his mouth? Hmm? No? Okay, just a thought.

  • Jvoigtschild

    The Kick Ass 2 Comic shipping schedule has nothing to do with Millar and more to do with John Romita Junior’s other contractual commitments to marvel. He is the penciller on the Avengers and I have seen stated in other interviews that Romita Jr’s other Marvel work comes before Kick Ass since all profit from Kick Ass goes straight to its creators and Marvel doesn’t get a dime past their publishing agreement.

  • Alex

    I don’t get why people like Millar’s stuff that much. He leaves sections of plot out of books and then just ends it. Or does his most famous and insulting non-ending of ‘I quit’ which pretty much cracked the credibility of the company in my opinion. There wasn’t much story there and everything was supposed to change.Change? Yeah, nothing made sense anymore. It makes even less sense now.. in my opinion. Who is everyone supposed to be now? The pre or post Civil War people?

    I doubt his movie adaptions were that great, either. On the other hand, he didn’t actually make them, so…

  • Carden_rod

    No offense but you shouldn’t talk about stuff you have no knowledge of. The reviews for Kick-Ass were great. Maybe that should signal you this movie might actually be good? Or go on some forums and read opinions from regular movie goers. They’ll still be overwhelmingly positive.

    I didn’t exactly enjoy the Kick-Ass comic but I loved the movie and it’s by far my favorite comic book movie of all time. If you like action or CBMs you should leave your preconceptions at home and try this. You’re missing out on some quality entertainment here.

  • Jacob

    It was the same when he was teamed with Bryan Hitch. Romita works fast, always has. Avengers always ships on time. If he’s really being hung up that much, wait until he’s finished the series before starting to print it. I honestly forgot about it before seeing this article. It’s been three months. Ultimates 1&2, Fantastic Four, Kick-Ass 1&2, Nemesis, Old Man Logan. Millar books are almost always late.