Zombie Drama Shuffles Toward CW

The CW wants in on some of that sweet, sweet Walking Dead ratings action.

TV Guide reports the network is developing Awakening, a one-hour drama about two sisters who face off against each other amid the beginning of a zombie outbreak. Given that The CW is home to such easy-on-the-eyes fantasy-horror series as The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, odds are that Awakening will have the finest-looking reanimated corpses this side of a Glamour Shots studio.

The pilot was penned by writer-producers William Laurin and Glenn Davis (Missing, Once a Thief), who brought the script to Reveille — the production company behind The Office and Ugly Betty — which in turn sold it to Warner Bros. Television. Deadline notes that, “Going after a spec so late in the game usually means that the network has a potential pilot order in mind.”

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