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Henry Cavill Cast As Superman

Warner Bros. has cast The Tudors co-star Henry Cavill as the lead in Zack Snyder’s Superman movie, Deadline reports.

The 27-year-old British actor had previously been a front-runner to play the Man of Steel in the planned Superman: Flyby under McG and then Brett Ratner. But when Bryan Singer came on-board to direct Superman Returns, he of course cast Brandon Routh.

Curiously Cavill’s name had been absent from recent casting rumors, which had included everyone from Matthew Goode to Armie Hammer to even Jon Hamm. Just this week, True Blood star Joe Manganiello confirmed he was up for the role of the Last Son of Krypton. So Cavill’s casting may come as a bit of a surprise. However, his age and height — he’s 6’1″ — certainly meet the studio requirements. And he certainly looks the part.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen,” Snyder said in a statement. “I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.”

“He’s got an amazing quality,” a Warner Bros. executive tells Deadline. “He doesn’t look too much like Reeve and Routh but he’s big and strong and he has a very modern feel to him. We’re really going to try and make Superman as contemporary as possible.”

Cavill next stars with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver in the conspiracy thriller The Cold Light of Day, and with Mickey Rourke and John Hurt in director Tarsem Singh’s Immortals.

Snyder’s Superman reboot, thought to be called Man of Steel, is written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan. Charles Rovan, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder also are producing. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are executive producers. Filming is expected to begin in June for a December 2012 release.


  • Sugargl1der

    I didn’t like Superman Returns, but I did like Routh. A lot. I wish they would have given him serious consideration for this.

    Have no idea who this guy is. But I’m not a Snyder fan so the whole enterprise is worrying. After the last one, one more failure could mean the end of Superman movies for quite a while, which now that I think of it, might be a good thing.

  • Michael Sacal


  • Zechs84

    Tall. Check.
    Wide chest. Check.
    Black hair, blue eyes. Check.

    In terms of look Superman is actually about as generic as it gets so I’m fine. Less specific than a Peter Parker or Captain America, in my opinion. I don’t watch the Tudors so I wouldn’t know how he ranks acting wise but he fits the bill as did Tom Welling (whereas Routh didn’t in my opinion).

    I’m much more interested in the story/concept.

    Plus he seems to be rocking the chin.

  • Michael Sacal

    Okay, he can play Superman… but would this guy play the mild-mannered Clark Kent from the Silver Age and Silver Age-derivative crap, or will he play the assertive Clark Kent from the Modern Age?

    Playing the geek Kent requires the skill to play comedy, which I don’t think this guy has based on what is being said about him.

    This bodes very well.

  • Cato38

    Cool, they actually cast someone who isn’t on a crappy WB show. Finally Warners shows some brains. And no upcoming teenybopper piece of shit like Andrew Garfield either.

  • Colierrannd2

    Superman Returns was the best superhero movie in years, Spider-Man 2 excluded. I love SR and frankly Christopher Nolan hasn’t made a movie yet that doesn’t put me to sleep quicker than Ambien. It’s a shame that all people apparently want to see is Superman fighting instead of intelligent scripts like SR. Count me out on this one.

  • Racanelv

    I agree with you on most things but not the Wide chest part. I’m a former artist and one thing you learn about is proportions. Look at his head to chest ratio and you’ll see that he is quite narrow. This is not uncommon in hollywood and is in fact the norm but it can be overcome if he take the same approach as Chris Hemsworth then this can work because Chris has an average frame. Superman is listed as 6,3 240 in the comics. Both Routh and Reeves came in around 215 – 225. Both at 6, 2 – 6, 4 so this guy better hit the gym.

  • guest

    Cant say I like Routh as an actor, but he looked the part. They couldnt have found an actor that looked more like Reeves, which is what they were trying to do. Whether he fits the cartoon/comic portrayal though. I think welling is one of the first Ive seen with the build for the part, and that had to be a good casting call, considering he really grew into that role.

  • Coryjameson

    Physically, Joe Manganiello is much more apt for the role. As to his acting, I suspect we would have gotten a close variant of Alcide in True Blood. Save for the pseudo-southern accent.

    Henry Cavill has the acting chops, but not the physique. He’d literally need to live at the gym with a mobile Testosterone IV (eye-vee) and HGH following him to every exercise station.

    I don’t know… maybe I can be persuaded if they write several nude scenes for him…

  • Jpeaty1575

    Andrew Garfield’s the same age as Cavill and a darn fine actor. But then again, so is Cavill, so everyone’s a winner. Good choice.

  • -_-

    I found Superman Returns to be pretty unbearable. The whole… having an illegitimate child with Lois Lane thing was absurd. And impossible by current continuity standards since Kryptonians and humans can’t breed. And how the heck was that script intelligent? It was mediocre at best. The plot was poor and generic. Lex Luthor is back again. Lex Luthor has Kryptonite. It’s the typical fall back for when people can’t figure out how to make Superman seem threatened.

  • Jism

    OMG, your post is he most hilarious piece of crap I’ve read in years!!!!

  • Jasonmelendez1

    Seems like a fine choice. He can act, which is the most important thing, as most fan casting comments tend to place too much emphasis on the physique, IMO.

  • Nilla

    Now what I’d like to know is if they’re going to do another origin story (which I feel there’s been way too much of for Superman in the past 10 years) or if we’ll just jump ahead straight into the important details such as the recent Hulk film. Though, I would be okay with an origin story if it was based off Strazynski’s recent Superman Earth 2 or MAYBE Superman Birthright. But the real question is… Who’s the villain?

  • Michael Sacal

    Clark wasn’t Kryptonian when he and Lois slept together, so that has no bearing on it.

    As for the child being illegitimate, he couldn’t have known that she was pregnant when he left Earth, not unless he used his X-Ray vision on her womb to see the egg split or the fetus develop (as much as it could have within days or weeks of conception).

    People whine because Superman looked in on Lois, Jason, and Richard, yet they expect him to expose Lois’ womb to X-rays just to make sure he didn’t knock her up?

  • Zhonco

    Geez, why are so many Brits playing American icons?? American actors really need to step their game up!

  • Rolltideguy77

    Before all the fanboys start whining about British actors playing “American” roles keep in mind Christian Bale is a Brit. Also if you nerds wanna get techinical about it Superman isn’t American, he is an illegal alien from another planet.

  • Randy

    Cavill’s physique shouldn’t be a problem. After all Christopher Reeves was a scrawny guy when he auditioned for the part. The gym fixed that and we got our Superman.

  • Ollywood

    to bulk up he should talk to christian bale who went from the machinist to batman begins. he was practically 2d in the machinist and massive in batman begins. i’m just glad they cast someone with wavey hair, brandon routh’s straight hair and random spit curl really distracted me.

    i’m a bit concerned with him being english (i’m english btw), but then robert downy jr was okay as sherlock holmes who is quintessentially english and hugh laurie does a pretty good american accent if you consider what he was like in blackadder or a bit of fry and laurie.

    i shall reserve judgement until some low res, leaked images of stunt costumes hit the net.

  • Anonymous

    I think what they need to be pushing for is capturing the timelessness of the character. The only thing they probably need to do is make Clark a little less of a goof. Make him a little more assertive and sure of himself, but don’t make him cocky. I don’t see Lois as the kind of girl to go for a pushover.

  • Anonymous

    I was just musing to my self how those actors from across the Atlantic are so good at sounding American.

  • Zhonco

    He’s till quintessentially American though. Even more so than Batman. I don’t wanna see some bloody limey talk about Truth, Justice and The American Way.

  • Alec

    If he wasn’t kryptonian, why did the kid have powers?

  • Flying Tiger

    Another mulatto looking lead – shades of hispanic Alba playing snow queen Sue Storm.

  • shawn richter

    How tremendously racist of you!

  • demoncat_4

    the big test now that Henry is cast is what will he look like in the super man suit. can not wait to see Henry stepping up to be the man of steel.

  • Michael Sacal

    It is a fact that he wasn’t Kryptonian at the time. Whether you saw the original version of Superman II in which Lara warned him that he would become human or the Donner cut in which it was Jor-El that did it, Superman became 100% human when he stepped into the crystal chamber that removed his powers.

    That point is undebatable. It is one of the most important plot points of the entire movie.

    Therefore, when he and Lois slept together, he was as human as she was.

    As to why the kid had powers, who knows. That’s something that may never be revealed. I remember reading that Singer wanted to explore Jason White in more depth in the sequel, but that’s not going to happen now.

    If anything, when Superman exposed Zod, Ursa, and Non to the radiation from the chamber and removed their powers, that should have guaranteed that the child Lois was carrying wouldn’t be born with super powers (it could be argued that it was what guaranteed that he didn’t kill her while he was inside her… think about it. Superman had powers the moment he arrived on Earth, and in Superman IV we saw a crib he broke apart when he kicked it, yet Lois was able to carry Jason to term), but he was in fact born with Kryptonian powers.

    I think it’s possible that Singer was using aspects of the Byrne reboot (I’ve long considered that Richard White was Singer’s version of Byrne’s Clark Kent), so it’s possible that Jason devleoped his powers slowly, like the Post Crisis Clark did, through long-term exposure to the yellow sun instead of instantenously, like Pre Crisis/Pre Man of Steel Kryptonians did.

  • nick price

    I’m a little sad I won’t get to see Tom Welling on the big screen

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny that comic movies are suffering from the same things that drive me crazy sometimes about comic books: constant reboots, inconsistent characterization, etc.

  • EvilDead

    Never heard of the man, but he looks the part. And I’m a big fan of Zack Snyder’s work (and Chris Nolan too, of course), so this could be a great film.

  • Drhiphop85

    So what would you prefer: either don’t make the movies at all (which is a legitimate response) or just want them to continue with the same actors and stories even though some of those stories (like Superman) are 20+ years old OR the actor/writer/director might not want to be involved anymore or the last movie just SUCKED…

  • lead sharp

    I’m just looking forward to super speed in slow motion. Snyder’s the only week link in this for me.

  • Michael Sacal

    Do you really see this guy playing the spineless version of Clark Kent from Birthright or Secret Origin? Both of them were derivative of the 60s, and one important thing Nolan has said about Goyer’s idea is that it’s something he hadn’t seen before.

    Does anyone really think that Nolan never saw Donner’s movie? I think we can safely conclude, based on Nolan’s own statement, that if it’s something he already saw, then that something (and whatever may be derivative of that) played no part in Goyer’s idea.

    In a lot of ways, Earth One was like Byrne’s Man of Steel, so those two versions would be a good source of material for the movie.

  • Eldonte

    Superman was created by a Canadian. Truth justice and the American way was added later.

  • Blah

    I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m not familiar with his work as an actor, I’ve seen him in a few things…i think?…I dunno but physically/overall looks certainly make him well suited for the part because he LOOKS like Superman/Clark Kent.

    So far so good.

  • Anonymous

    Spiderman is not 20 years old lol. It’s being rebooted already. Hulk was not 20 years old when it was rebooted and re-cast.

  • Nilla

    Superman losing his powers doesn’t make him any less Kryptonian. It just makes him a depowered Kryptonian who is still genetically incompatible with humans.

  • Misterdisenfranchised

    You “loved” SR and thought TDK stunk? You must belong to the group of people that awaits every new “____ Movie” — as in Epic Movie, Date Movie, Superhero Movie, etc.

  • Nilla

    I really wasn’t that fond of secret origin. But in Birthright, Kent was anything but spineless. He was aggressive in his conflicts with the assassin in Africa and with Luthor. More in line with his current comic persona.

    But I think you’re right in your assumption about Nolan’s statement. Which would be fantastic.

  • Nilla

    If spidey’s good I’ll let it slide. Hulk was like an apology for the terrible movie that preceded it

  • Foolio64

    I think Routh did fine; I don’t blame him for Superman Returns.

    There were a ton of things wrong with that movie, but I don’t think he was responsible for them.

  • BradRz

    In the Donner cut, he actually slept with Lois before he lost his powers. Jor-El made him give up his powers because of his choice to “attach” himself to one human rather than serve all of humanity.

    Donner’s decision to make it idealogy, rather than physiology, keeping them apart made more sense in terms of there being hope of them getting together someday. In the Lester/Salkinds cut, their relationship is basically over, forever, once Clark gets his powers back.

  • Hugo Sleestak

    All the best to Cavill. I would have pushed for Armie Hammer. After seeing him play two fairly different personalities who looked almost exactly alike in “The Social Network,” I have no doubt that he would have been a fine Clark Kent / Superman. A little shoe polish on the hair (like Reeve) and he would have been great in the part.

  • BradRz

    He was actually co-created by a Canadian (Shuster) and an American (Siegel). Joe Shuster was born in Toronto, but his family moved to Cleveland when he was ten years old, where he met Jerry Siegel. Superman was originally based in a city that was an amalgamation of Cleveland and Toronto street and business names.

  • BradRz

    I’m okay with a Brit playing Superman, provided he can do a good American accent (which I’m sure Cavill can). I’d be more upset (and unaccepting) of an American playing James Bond, which would just be too much, and I’m American.

  • BlaBlaBla

    The only way a new Superman will be any good is if he fights a real villain. It has to be an epic battle with Darkseid or at least Braniac. No more Luthor as the main villain and no more Zod. That is boring and lazy. And PLEASE!!!!!!!! No freaking muscle suits. Make it natural as can be. No armor or fake muscles. Superman Returns sucked in so many ways but Brandon played a great role. The rest of the cast was horrible. Singer is a snooze. Not sure Snyder will be better they need to really make this great.

  • Angela

    Hardly anyone even knew/knows who Andrew Garfield is, but now he’s teenybopper piece of shit?

    And the WB doesn’t exist anymore, and hasn’t for years now, by the way.

  • Airwind

    I’d still go for Brandon Routh though. It’s not him, it’s the story of the movie that kinda ruined the “Superman” series. BETTER STORY/PRODUCTION + BRANDON ROUTH = AMAZING!

  • Geovincent

    What a fantastic choice! But couldn’t you have found a more flattering photo? This guy is H-O-T.

  • mfactor00

    Most people I talk to could care less about how he acts as Clark. They want to see him go up against someone that will be in challenge for him to fight. Thats all I want to see. Please no more Luthor.

  • Hsk274

    For people who are worried about his bulk (see the picture in the middle):

  • Cover55555

    I loved Routh too, wish they gave him a better chance. The writing of Returns was a little dull, but now I’m worried its gonna go the dark and gritty route, which is annoying.

  • Louzeyre

    Charles Brandon as a kryptonian. Well at least he already knows how to deal with a power hungry best friend that turns evil.

  • Drhiphop85

    I guess you only read the parts of my response you wanted to see…thats cool…i said “either don’t make the movies at all (which is a legitimate response) or just want them to continue with the same actors and stories even though some of those stories (like Superman) are 20+ years old OR the actor/writer/director might not want to be involved anymore or the last movie just SUCKED”

    yeah i used or to state that it could be more then one reason…the second Hulk was an apology for a horrible movie before it. Spider-Man reboot is so they keep the rights and spider-man 3 SUCKED Ass..

  • JMC

    Quintessentially American?
    Since when is Superman an overbearing, arrogant arsehole determined to force the world to embrace ideals of democracy (but only when it’s in his own interests: can we say Guantanamo Bay?)
    I kid, I kid : P

  • JMC

    A lot of people did think Ang Lee’s Hulk was terrible – they’re the same dumbasses who think Michael Bay films are “awesome!”

  • JMC

    I found it hard to grasp that Superman not only had unprotected sex, but that Lois Lane couldn’t tell that he’d ejaculated inside her. Or was the “oops, better take that Kryptonian morning-after pill” scene cut from the final release? Then again there was that “lose your memory” kiss… what the hell – I think Superman intentionally knocked her up and then made her forget about it!!!

    Superman you bastard!!!!

  • Davidlevack

    I know now what the Mayans were predicting. Zack Snyders Superman is expected for a December 2012 release. You’ll believe a man can flop.

  • Superfan

    Phenomenal actor. He’s a great selection.

  • Djjdub1

    A Brit playing Superman? I guess when your Director is a Brit and his greatest success came with a Brit playing Batman you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I watched the Tudors so I’ve seen Cavill over the course of a couple of seasons. I have to say it’s an intriguing choice.

  • Michael Sacal

    I’m sure you can find plenty of other summaries like this one that say the same thing.

    “Superman decides to transform himself into a human by exposing himself to red Kryptonian sunlight in a crystal chamber, giving up his powers to become romantically closer to Lois despite the pleas of the artificial intelligence of his mother Lara.”

    He didn’t just give up his powers, but also transformed himself into a human. Either way, they did in fact have a son, so genetic compatability isn’t really a debate, is it?



  • Bridgekeepers

    Very disappointed . . . was really hoping that they would build off of 10 years of the popular Smallville and bring forward the cast, especially Tom Welling. Oh well.

  • Wiseguyquestions

    Why can’t Kryptonians and earth humans breed?

  • mars

    Nolan is a producer. Snyder, the director is American.

    Honestly, I think Hollywood is its own worst enemy for young American talent. With so many opportunities on your doorstep its easy to get picky, pick easy roles or high paying roles. In Britain young actors have to do what will feed them.

  • IvCNuB4

    Mulatto ? The dude is white as they come – LOL

  • IvCNuB4

    He was on “The Tudors”

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Look, you have two options based on your premise. 1) Superman was ‘transformed’ into a human (including all genetic modifications) and then had a kid with Lois. If this is true, then it makes no sense that the kid has powers. 2) Superman was only ‘de-powered’ and was not genetically compatible and could not have had kids. If this is true, then it makes no sense that there is a kid.

    Either way, it makes no logical sense.

    Further, SR has the same basic plot as the original Superman, in which Superman has to stop Luthor from a nefarious real estate scam. And that was a boring idea in both movies.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    For the same reason that panthers and eagles cannot.

  • Michael Sacal

    I have no answers for you, only theories based on the available facts as seen in the movies that were eleased in theaters around the world in the 80s and first decade of the 21st Century.

    Above all facts before us, is the one that these five movies are based on the Silver Age interpretations of the characters (keep this in mind for later).

    Facts from Superman 2 are that Clark was exposed to red sun radiation that, according to Lara, made him hyman like us, that Lois & Clark slept together, that Clark regained his powers and became Kryptonian after he was exposed to the green crystal Jor-El sent with him to Earth, and that Lois was exposed to red sun radiation same as Zod, Ursa, Non, and even Lex Luthor while, according to Superman Returns, she was already pregnant.

    Facts from Superman Returns are that Lois brought a child to term that displayed Kryptonian powers and was heavily implied to be Superman’s son.

    In Superman Returns, Jason did not display any Kryptonian powers until AFTER Lex exposed him to Kryptonite (which is a radioactive piece of Krypton) and he was in close proximity to the Kryptonian crystals that Lex stole from the fortress.

    All of the above are FACTS clearly shown on screen in both movies, and from them we can form our own theories and justifications over how things happened.

    For example, one could argue that given the source material for these movies (the Silver Age), that the piece of Kryptonite Jason was exposed to was not Green Kryptonite but some other form of Kryptonite that is the same color which can bestow powers on normal humans (which is unlikely given that it didn’t do the same for anyone else), or some other iteration of Kryptonite that can restore lost powers on Kryptonians.

    One could similarly argue that it was exposure to the crystals from the fortress that made him Kryptonian like the green crystal did his father in Superman 2.

    Given that this movie will never have a sequel, we may never learn the true answer to Jason’s full origin that the writers and director came up for him, and we’ll be left to use the above facts (and those not listed) to come to our own conclusions.

  • Djjdub1

    Sorry you’re right off course Snyder is an American. I think the due to his track record Nolan has to be the main force in terms of casting. Only someone with his clout can rein in the visually spectacular yet, to my mind, bombastically unfulfilling storytelling of Snyder. 300 and Watchmen had their moments but lacked substantial character arcs or heart. Superman’s story has got to have a lot more than balls to the wall visuals and painted abs. With Goyer and Nolan as architects on the project I expect brilliance. Every Superman fan does.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Well, unless they were aiming at the minor number of people who are fluent in ‘Silver Age’ comics, it seems pretty silly to make that the premise of the character. And if they were aiming at that very demographic, well that is silly too based purely on numbers.

    The problem is that the issue is so obvious and rudimentary that it is inexcusable for them to not explain the situation immediately. Nearly every critique of the movie (from comic fan to everyday joe) did not find satisfaction with the movie’s resolution of Supe’s kid.

    If Singer planned on bringing it back up in a sequel, well that is a terrible idea by someone who has been in Hollywood long enough to know that leaving such a huge dangling plotline from movie to movie is problematic. He has been around enough to know to make the movie self-contained. If he didn’t plan on bringing it back up, well we go back to how obvious the issue is. So, in either case, how he handled the kid brought far more problems to the movie than benefits.

  • Michael Sacal

    Targetting the interests and obsessions of Silver Age fanboys has been DC’s bread and butter for the last decade, which is why they’ve been rebooting Superman again, and again, and again, and again for the sole purpose of undoing the modern age origin and replacing it with subpar interpretations that are increasingly more derivative of the Silver Age iteration.

    But anyway…

    I remember when the point of a sequel was to answer any questions left over by the original and not solely done to make more money.

    I particularly remember how that has been used to mock movie sequels that solely existed to make money. How many times have we seen on TV shows or cartoons that parody these things were a character questions the sequel’s existence and wonders what questions were left over by the original that justified the sequel’s existence?

    Who knows, maybe that’s what Singer and his writers were thinking that they were creating a franchise with a story arc told across multiple movies, and that’s why they left the plot of Super boy dangling unresolved.

  • FireD

    They should have kept Routh, he did a good job. I hate when they change actors when the previous is still capable to do the job. This new movie needs to have a really good story+visuals and a few different villans at once. Not just Luthor!

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    “Targetting the interests and obsessions of Silver Age fanboys has been DC’s bread and butter for the last decade”
    I disagree, but only as applied to movies, which is what we are discussing. There has not been enough movie content to support this premise. The Bat franchise does not do this, nor did Jonah Hex. We have not seen GL yet, so we do not know about that one. So SR is the only supporting evidence for this idea.

    “I remember when the point of a sequel was to answer any questions left over by the original and not solely done to make more money”
    I do not believe that this has ever been the case. This is just a romanticized notion that we carry from our youth. These are studios, businesses, they exist to make money and not answer questions.

    “How many times have we seen on TV shows or cartoons”
    This is an unfair, apples to oranges, type comparison. The medium of TV is against ‘one-shot’ type of material, and more about serialzed storytelling.

    “Who knows, maybe that’s what Singer and his writers were thinking that they were creating a franchise with a story arc told across multiple movies, and that’s why they left the plot of Super boy dangling unresolved”
    Yes, I mentioned this. Further, I described how it is a bad idea. Please, demonstrate for me a way, given the confines of the reality that we live in, that this is a good idea.

  • Michael Sacal

    Again, Singer and his cohorts were creating a franchise to tell a long-term story arc. Why wouldn’t they leave unanswered questions to bring people back to the sequel to find out the answers?

    Empire Strikes Back ended on a cliffhanger. Did that make Lucas an idiot or a genius?

  • Michael Sacal

    In the prequel comic she met Richard very soon after Superman left Earth, which is why she believed that Jason was his son.

  • Ellibs07

    SAVE SUPERMAN FOR ONCE!!! theres no question on the matter. for a long time we had reeves to look up to as superman… they stuck with him.. and now we got a new superman who i might say bares very little likeness to reeves. but to change it up so soon will inherently destroy the whole idea of this new movie. yes we need a new and better movie. no we dont need a new actor. change anyone else it wont matter to the viewer. it would be like changing Christian Bale in batman. not happening the public has excepted the he is batman. same concept weve excepted that routh is superman. change any other actor we wont mind. the did it in the dark knight with rachels character we didnt care all to much so change lois jimmy anybody but Brandon Routh…

  • JMC

    So you’re basically implying that Lois Lane slept with Superman one night, then Richard shortly after (within at least a week to be confused over who impregnated her to be believable).

    In other words Lois Lane is a tramp – no wonder Superman left her!!!

  • Shawnrichman

    I just don’t understand why they don’t hand the part over to Tom Welling. Smallville is finished this year so it just seams like a natural fit for him to take it to the big screen. I mean the guy has been playing the part for 10 years already! LOL

  • Adriano Ariganello

    This guy ruled all on ‘The Tudors’. This is great news.

  • Michael Sacal

    Well, this is a fact shown in the comic and movie, so it’s not really an implication as much as it is commenting on what happens in them.

    Lois slept with Clark in Superman 2 and that got her pregnant, then she got together with Richard shortly afterwards and, nine months later, gave birth to Jason.

  • Michael Sacal

    Humans and Kryptonians (that is to say, Lois (sometimes Lana) and Kal-El) have been breeding for decades.

    Superman has has a multitude of children in countless Elseworlds and imaginary stories, sometimes with Lois, sometimes with Lana, sometimes with someone else.

    As for mainstream continuity (not that the fanboy writers know what that is anymore), Armageddon 2001 comes to mind as an example of an instance in which Lois died while trying to carry a Kryptonian baby to term. That wasn’t so much an Elseworlds as a possible future that could have come to pass had things turned out different.

    Another example of Superman’s progeny in mainstream continuity (from the Pre Crisis) would be Kent Shakespeare and Laurel Kent, who were Superman’s descendants in the 30th Century.

  • Michael Sacal

    I didn’t mean to use Armageddon 2001 as an example of them successfully breeding, just as an example of an attempt they made in continuity.

  • Michael Sacal

    It’s interesting how your example of Clark having a spine is from before he became a mask that Superman wears.

    Once that happened, Clark ceased to exist in BR and became a flesh suit that Superman wears to… well, actually, who knows why he wore it. When Clark is a false identity he doesn’t serve much of a purpose at all.

    The idea of Clark Kent, newsreporter, is so that Superman can become aware of an emergency through the newswire and whatever other means of communication existed in the late 30s, but today, in the digital age of IPhones, IPads, and the Internet, false Clark doesn’t provide Superman with anything.

    Superman could have an SPhone that provides him with instant alerts to where he is needed at any given time. He doesn’t need to waste time dressing up as a geek.

    Now, when Clark is real he provides a very necessary function, it keeps him connected to his human roots, it gives him the opportunity to do human things like date, go to the movies, eat dinner with friends, etc.

    In Birthright, Clark is friendless… why? Because “it’s the cost he has to pay”? That’s BS because A) that is NOT the reason Jor-El sent Kal-El to Earth, to be a super hero who hides behind a pair of glasses and has no friends, he sent him to Earth to survive the destruction of their planet, and, B) In today’s era, Superman, as I point out above, doesn’t need to pretend to be Clark in order to save people. All he needs is an IPhone.

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  • mars

    Andrew Garfield is a BAFTA winning/ Golden Globe nominated actor who is known for doing challenging scripts

  • Rishabhagnelo

    there couldn’t have been a better story than this……otherwise come to our country and watch the 2 buck films they make…..then say what you liked…..