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Jackman Bulks Up For The Wolverine

When word broke that acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky would be helming the upcoming sequel-but-not-quite-a-sequel film The Wolverine, many fans had no idea what to expect. Thanks to the Clawed Canuck himself, actor Hugh Jackman, we now have a little bit of an idea, and it involves taking the character back to his roots, both in regards to the movie’s story and the character’s look.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Jackman expressed his excitement over the upcoming film, which is based on the 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, a story Jackman has wanted to explore for some time.

“I’m really, really pumped about it,” he said. “I feel like all the planets are finally aligned to make a great movie. We finally have the character and with this mythology — ever since [the 2000 Bryan Singer film] X-Men, when I was kind of hanging around and reading all these comics, because I was cast before I ever read any X-Men comics, so I was trying to get my hands on everything. I remember saying to [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner, ‘Lauren, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen this Japanese story, and I think it’s so good. It’s just genius, it’s brilliant.’ And we kind of always talked about it from there on. I sort of even wanted to do that in the third X-Men movie at first, but we thought, no, we really need to establish who he is at first, and we did that [with X-Men Origins: Wolverine], and now this is sort of the cherry on top, to finally do it and have Darren Aronofsky direct it. I love his gung-ho attitude toward it and great vision. Straight off, it’s not a sequel, it’s a stand-alone, and I think we’re going to make one that people will describe as the best of the bunch.”

Along with basing the tale around arguably one of the most iconic Wolverine stories in all of comics, Jackman said Aronofsky wanted to make the character physically more akin to how he used to look in the old X-Men comics — less tall and fit and more built like a fire hydrant.

“I don’t know how much I want to give away about it, but Darren said with the last one, ‘Hey you looked great, but you’re so tall that in those long shots you looked kind of like Clint Eastwood, and that’s not Wolverine,'” said Jackman. “He said that Wolverine, in the comics, is powerful, stocky, you know, he’s short and thick. So he said, ‘I want you to go there, get bigger.’”

To help rectify that situation, Jackman is on a 6,000 calories-a-day diet, already bulking up to approximately 210 pounds. The actor compared the look to how Mike Tyson looked when he first debuted, thick and powerful, “a full foot shorter than his opponents and bent over [with this] massive build.”

The idea of making Wolverine more like his comic book counterpart ought to appease a generous amount of hardcore comic fans. Although, short and stocky might not appeal as much to the female viewers. Either way, difficult to imagine Jackman even more built than he was in the first film.

What do you all think of this latest news? Does the direction of the film make you pop your claws in excitement?


  • Randy Watson

    The best Wolverine story adapted to film by an fantastic director. This movie will be tits-awesome.

  • pDUB

    my claws are popped, and so hard.

  • Ortiz

    The first film was kinda weak (too many FREAKIN’ characters), but I really like Jackman as Wolverine and Aronofsky is a great director, so, this movie has potential. Let’s wait and see.


  • The Hudda Budda

    I’m hella excited for this, but let’s not forget that an Oscar winning director directed a comic film before. Whether you liked it or not, Ang Lee’s Hulk had some major flaws. But I definitely like where he’s going with this thick build, rather than ripped. That being said, Jackman was straight emanating power with how jacked he got in the last film. And now he’s gonna get bigger? Jesus.

  • cfosmooooooooooooov

    Good direction. Jckman can pack iton, now let’s have him do it in a way that recognizes the source material. If the ladies want pretty boys they can sod off and line up for the next twilight. This is freakin Wolverine.

  • Son of Trojan Man

    Since Jackman maintains Aronofsky is going for fidelity with the look of Wolverine as depicted in the comics, I’m hoping to see a variation of the classic costume. That is to say, full head mask and funky boots. If this is really going to be a stand alone film, having Wolverine in a film appropriate version of his comic book costume would go a long way of establishing that.

  • JMC

    And this is the reason why fanboys should not make comic-based films…

  • T.

    Yes, because putting the hero in a superhero costume in movies is proven to turn off non-fanboy viewership! Look at Spider-Man, Dark Knight and Watchmen. Oh wait…

  • T.

    I’m curious to see if Aronofsky plans to use trick photography to make Jackman seem shorter. There are definite ways to pull it off, as seen in Lord of the Rings.

  • Son of Trojan Man

    I don’t know about you JMC, but calling the next film THE WOLVERINE sounds to me like this is going to be the definitive celluloid statement about the famed comic character. I’m sure the filmmakers can logically find a way to bring the costume to the screen and make it work storywise. It just seems like a wasted opportunity that none of the X-MEN films to date have featured Wolverine in some version of his classic duds. If Aronofsky can make Natalie Portman morphing into a literal black swan have dramatic and psychological heft, I’m sure he can do the same for Hugh Jackman wearing a costume.

  • Anonymous

    Jackman won’t get my money again.

  • JMC

    Of course you’re right – putting a hard-arse character like Wolverine in yellow spandex with huge knee length boots (with spikes on them), and a big pointy mask is the key to making this franchise reach Avatar-like proportions.

    Obviously the lack of white booties and white gloves were the reason for the Punisher franchises lack of success as well. Forward your email address to Fox Studios ASAP!!

  • JMC

    Like I said before, this is why fanboys shouldn’t make comic-based films. The fact that you have a desperate need to force an unrealistic, and uncharacteristic costume on a hard-arse character like Wolverine shows how bizarre you are.

    But I’m sure they could find a completely logical reason to put him in yellow spandex.

    Maybe Wolverine goes undercover in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade?

    Wolverine, in a flashback sequence, is revealed as the Gimp in Pulp Fiction. Prior to running into Bruce Willis and Ving Rames, we find out that Zed was a fan of yellow leather. This could work, it is after all a prequel.

    Wolverine, gives up the bar-room brawling as a means of supporting himself, and instead becomes a human cannonball (in yellow spandex of course!!) in a Circus act travelling throughout Canada!

    Don’t steal my ideas Aronofsky!!!

  • JMC

    Just to spite you I’m gonna buy my tickets to The Wolverine online using the name “”


  • Son of Trojan Man

    I find it amusing that you think of Wovie’s costume as being “uncharacteristic” when he’s been pretty much stuck in the damn thing since his comic book debut. I guess the various artists and writers who have worked on the character in comics, animation and video games must be bizarre as well since Logan has consistently been depicted wearing some version of the costume.

    Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t mind seeing a film-appropriate costume in the film. This doesn’t have to be “yellow spandex,” per se, but something that looks “cool” and menacing on screen. Wolverine has sported more than one color design in the comics besides the yellow and blue ensemble.

    I don’t want to impugn your manhood but if your ideal visual of this “hard-arse” character is decked out in a motorcycle jacket, wife-beater and tight blue jeans or a skintight black leather outfit. . . Ahem.

  • JMC

    This from the guy desperate to get Hugh Jackman in spandex or some form of “costume?” Pot calling the kettle black… and for the record, even the X-Men outifit didn’t suit the Wolverine character. He shouldn’t have one.

    The only reason Wolverine has a costume in the comics anyway is for merchandising reasons – to sell shirts, toys, etc. The majority of all comic creators who have worked on the character agree that Wolverine in spandex is the silliest idea in the Marvel Universe.

    Anyway, hold on to your spandex dream – but it isn’t going to happen.

  • Minik Motzfeldt

    Bigger, meaner, better Wolverine. Its a lot better with him being freakishly big, its true to the original and i think the impact on the audience will be better.And to top it of with Aronofsky as the director. Lets say. The potential is huge. And Ang lee is not as dark as Aronofsky and that i think is gonna be the difference.

  • Ong

    “The only reason Wolverine has a costume in the comics anyway is for merchandising reasons – to sell shirts, toys, etc. The majority of all comic creators who have worked on the character agree that Wolverine in spandex is the silliest idea in the Marvel Universe. ”

    Proove it.

  • Son of Trojan Man

    “And for the record, even the X-Men outifit didn’t suit the Wolverine character.” I’ll echo your sentiment about why fanboys shouldn’t make movies. If you have the first film on either DVD or Blu-ray, look at the unused character designs for the cosutme in the special features. There are several instances where the filmmakers were contemplating a look (face mask included) that mirrored Wolverine’s comic book counterpart.

    So the alternative is, “He shouldn’t have one.” Very telling on your part which speaks volumes about how you envision this “hard-arse” character. Got it. He’s tough if he’s naked. Have fun with that fantasy.

    Plus your generalizations/fabrications about Wolvie being in costume for marketing purposes is entirely unfounded. You do realize Wolverine inhabits a four-color fictional universe and that he runs around with similarly dressed characters. It’s part of the milieu of being a super-hero (and yeah, Wolverine’s a super-hero) in a super-hero comic.

    Bottom line, neither you nor I know what is or is not going to happen in the next film. I just want to see something new done with the character. It’s all about tone anyway and a gifted filmmaker like Aronofsky should be able to take an outlandish concept such as a comic book cosutme (and it shows how limited your views are JMC when you think this means spandex) and translate it so it fits with the world he’s creating.