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Stephen King’s The Stand Marches Toward The Big Screen

Stephen King’s mammoth post-apocalyptic novel The Stand is finally making its way toward the big screen.

Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros. and CBS Films are developing the adaptation of the 1978 novel, which involves a struggle between good and evil in the wake of a man-made virus referred to as “Captain Trips” wipes out most of the population. The story follows two groups of survivors drawn separately the prophetic Mother Abigail and the demonic Randall Flagg.

The Stand was mired in development hell throughout the 1980s, with George Romero and Warner Bros. each attempting a movie version. Ultimately, the novel was adapted by King himself for a six-hour miniseries that aired on ABC in 1994. Marvel also began adapting the novel as a series of comic-book miniseries in 2008.

According to Heat Vision, the studios and producers Mosaic and Roy Lee will begin meeting with writers and directors in the coming weeks to settle on the right approach and to determine whether The Stand will be one movie or multiple parts. King is expected to be involved in some capacity.


  • demoncat_4

    given how long trying to get the Stand to the big screen has been. hope Warner’s and Cbs can finaly crack the code of being able to do one of the few steven king works that seem impossible to do as a film and pull it off.

  • stealthwise

    Stupid movies and tv mini-series. You could easily adapt the Stand into a quality HBO/Showtime/AMC television series that spans 3-5 seasons, expanding on the characters within the original novel. Not sure why the rush to put everything into a movie or set of movies.

  • Scott

    I quite liked the 94 tv series. I’ve watched not-too long ago, and I thought it held up just fine. I think a movie would be entirely too short to embrace the desolation of a global pandemic. Hasn’t anyone seen “The Walking Dead” at CBS films? Make it a TV series, and draw it out, rather than try and compress it.