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Kelley’s Wonder Woman Longs For Steve Trevor, Loves Pop Music

If you were betting that David E. Kelley’s reimagined Wonder Woman would look a lot like Ally McBeal, but with superpowers, congratulations — you just won the office pool.

Bleeding Cool and The Futon Critic have gotten their hands on a 72-page draft of the pilot, which landed at NBC just last week, and, well, it’s very Kelley-esque. Both sites avoid giving away significant plot details, but they paint a picture of a Wonder Woman unlike anything we’ve previously seen in comic books or on television.

This Wonder Woman, it seems, is Diana Themyscira, pop culture-savvy head of Themyscira Industries, a corporation that sells, among other things, Wonder Woman merchandise to fund our heroine’s crime-fighting endeavors. But because the public is aware that Wonder Woman and Diana Themyscira are one and the same — shades of Iron Man and Tony Stark — she’s recently created the secret identity of Diana Prince.

Although there are elements that will be familiar to comic-book readers — the supporting cast includes versions of Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, Myndi Myers and a villainous Veronica Cale — gone is the iconic costume and the invisible jet. She still has the bullet-deflecting bracelets and the magic lasso, but she wears what’s described as a “colorful Spandex suit,” and flies around in a fleet of sedan-sized aircraft made by BMW.

Other additions include Henry Demeter (groan), the CEO of Themyscira Industries who has a crush on Wonder Woman, “The Animals,” a group of three science nerds who help Diana analyze evidence, and an inexplicable running joke involving singer Katy Perry.

Visit both sites for more script details — “an ice cream-filled sleepover”! “Pines for Steve like Carrie for Big”! — then brace yourselves for the debut of Wonder Woman sometime next season.


  • matt4hire

    You guys mean Steve Trevor, right? I’m pretty sure Steve Rogers is from another comic company.

  • Kevin Melrose

    Yeah, the comic-book adaptations are bleeding together!

  • Bob

    So… what exactly is the point of calling this character “Wonder Woman”? I’m failing to see any resemblance at all except in name.

  • Ultras28

    Well, at least we know it’ll end up canceled. A cable channel like showtime or hbo should tackle this, they’d have the guts to make the real thing, and have it work for television. NBC shouldn’t be allowed to make anything that doesn’t have the word LAW in it. I mean I’m pretty sure it stands for No Body Cares to watch our channel.

  • Lando

    good to know DC and Warner Brothers are taking care of their properties.

  • Nospam

    Please at least credit Al Rio or Amazon Archives with your snatched WW image. or

  • Anonymous


  • Spectresgoatee

    Um…where is Geoff Johns? He has said time and time again that his new job as CCO is to “make sure anything involving DC superheroes doens’t suck.” Seems like this might be slipping under his radar. Maybe he’s too busy writing 14 miniseries that tie into flashpoint…..

  • Markfowler54

    This sounds like a nightmare of a trainwreck. Poor Diana.

  • Anonymous

    Oddly enough the fans on CBR forum don’t seem to dislike what they’ve heard too much. Personally, I just want to see a big screen epic staring Wonder Woman in all her glory. Too much to ask for? Warner Brothers says yes.

  • Casual WW Fan

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JTRobin

    and I thought Bionic Woman was bad…

  • Phineas J. Whoopie

    Give Wonder Woman to Nolan to “godfather” and appoint a director like he’s doing with Superman.

  • John D

    The more I hear about this, the more I wish that NBC hadn’t picked it up. This adaptation of Wonder Woman has EPIC FAIL written all over it. I could not be more disappointed right now, yet knowing David Kelley, I’m not surprised.

  • Joe S. Walker

    Stinker ahoy!

  • Jwonder7

    right??? hate this! hate this so bad! if you can’t do it, right leave it alone!

  • RaynaIsabella

    Cast Rayna Isabella as Diana.

  • filmfan2000

    I think three identities sound pretty exciting. That’s really innovative for any comic’s character. Maybe they’ll add more if the lasts more than a season. That would define a Wonder Woman.

  • Multispaz

    I wonder whether this Wonder woman can fly; unlike the character defined by Linda Carter who a lot of leaping.

    Not one jet but multiple jets, great I thought the jet had become fairly useless since she spends most of her time flying on her own power in the comics.

  • filmfan2000

    Great Steve and Etta are back, and with one new member added to her supporting cast I think Diana prince will have an interesting secret identity. I thought Etta was her best friend?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it doesn’t sound as bad as I feared. I don’t mind the show reinterpreting the character in a way that fits the times or that is limited by budget- remember, the Carter WW had things like a talking computer and transformation by spinning, neither from the comics- as long as the core of the character- Diana as a mythological heroine adapted to the modern world, who is *wiser* than the average female TV hero, is kept.