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Dana Carvey And Mike Myers Revive Wayne’s World For SNL

Saturday Night Live alum Dana Carvey came back to host last weekend’s episode. It was … a little weird. But Carvey’s former sketchmate Mike Myers stopped by to help kick off the show with an all-new episode of Wayne’s World. Party time, right?!

Ehhhhhhhhh … sort of. I’ve always been a fan of the classic Wayne’s World sketches, and the movies as well, but Myers and Carvey don’t quite pull off the magic of the youthful metalhead duo any more. Really it’s Myer who’s the problem. Whatever you may think of Carvey, he’s a gifted impressionist who has a knack for giving life to cartoonish characters. His now-Garth is pretty flawless, and he’s given the opportunity to throw out some great one-liners.

Myers, on the other hand, doesn’t quite sell it. As the more well-spoken of the two — Carvey can pretty much disappear behind the glasses, hair and funny voice — he’s got the harder job. Myers has proven himself to be a fine actor, but it kind of feels like he’s aged out of his old Wayne persona. It works fine for the sketch, but maybe fans ought to put away their hopes for another Wayne’s World movie. You fans had some hope still, right? Hello? Fans?


  • David

    Best part of the whole sketch was the Aurora, Illinois cable introduction. It was Phil Hartman.

  • Dpcoltx

    Myers was definitely off in this one. Often times, he seemed a tad bored, maybe.

    The opening with Hartman brought a tear. For you consideration…

  • Gregg

    “…It was never established.”


  • Alex

    They did it so well a year or two ago at that MTV awards thing.

    Having seen the original Waynes World sketch probably the night it first came on and seeing most of the rest of them It was nice.

    I noticed they didn’t have the old set, but who keeps old sets around for over 15 years. I love how correct Dana Carvey was in his song during the monologue. Sure, it was meant to be a joke, but… let’s face it… he was right!:) Hey, I was there! Schwing!

  • The Mad Monkey

    Won’t play cuz I’m not in the US.

  • Jkellz

    seriously..this US censorship bs has to go.

  • Jacob

    I liked it. But then… I’ve only ever seen the movies.

  • Dan

    limewire it people!! I just watched it. It was great walking down memory lane!

    Party on!!

  • Jacob

    Limewire? xD I’m surprised people still use Torrents! You’re still on Limewire!?

  • Jeffg

    Whats so surprising about torrents? Is there something better?