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Smallville Gets Two-Hour Finale

The CW will end Smallville‘s 10-season run on May 13 with a two-hour series finale that “will send Clark soaring towards his birthright to secure his place in history as the world’s greatest protector.”

“Paying homage to 10 seasons is no small task, and wrapping up each character and story arc has been extremely important to everyone involved in the show,” executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders said in a statement released this afternoon. “We’re excited to be able to make the final moments of Smallville a television event, as the character we’ve grown up with makes his legendary transformation.”

Supernatural, which usually follows Smallville at 9 p.m. ET/PT, will be preempted on May 13. However, it will return at 8 p.m. May 20 for a two-hour season finale. (Note that although The CW has yet to greenlight a seventh season for Supernatural, today’s announcement says season finale.)

Smallville airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • Scott Y

    I bet I can tell you what the last visual will be.

  • DaVeO

    Last visual should have been the first visual this season. I gave up on it. Still hokey, still no costume, still called “The Blue.” Bleh. I’ll watch the Geoff Johns ep though as they have been the highlights the past few seasons.

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    “The Blur”, not “The Blue”…

  • DF

    I haven’t been watching Smallville too much lately. For the past few seasons really. I have watched an odd episode here and there. I liked the Justice Society 2-hour movie and I enjoyed seeing Clark’s future this season. I do want to see the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle episode. And I will be recording the 2-hour finale and will watch it. I really want to see how they turn him into Superman. I hope its a great series finale.

    As for Supernatural, glad to hear they are having a two-hour season finale! Awesome. And I’m glad they are saying SEASON finale and not series. I hope thats true! I’d like to Supernatural run for a bit longer. :)

  • Rogers666

    The show was going so well this season. It almost felt like a new show, then the last episode.. oy!

    I hope they don’t go with the last five minutes of Clark finally flying and then seeing his costume and reaching for it… then the screen goes black! Tease!