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5 Things I Want To See In The Smallville Finale

With the two-hour series finale of the CW’s Smallville now announced for May 13th, it’s time to start looking ahead to just what to expect from those fateful final moments of the show. Will Clark finally realize that “The Blur” is a stupid superhero name? Will Lana return one final time, to prove that hotness is no way to gauge acting ability? And, most importantly of all, will somebody finally save the guy who sings the opening theme music?

I’ll admit it: After losing faith with Smallville far later than I should’ve — thankfully, before Lex was written out entirely, but definitely somewhere around the fifth season or so — I’ve found myself not only watching the occasional episode in the last few years (it was, honestly, part of my job), but actually enjoying them (not necessarily part of my job). Maybe it was the fact that they’d realized that they were coming somewhere close to a conclusion, and so could have some fun with the characters, maybe it was that losing Lex and Lana opened things up so that the plots didn’t seem so overwhelmingly repetitive every single season, but something seemed to have changed, and the show seemed… well, more fun, if not really anything that I could describe as great. With that in mind, here are five things that I hope we’ll get before the show finishes for good:

Clark As Superman
This is the obvious one and there’s got to be no way that they can not do this, right? The show has teased Clark’s more famous alter ego on numerous occasions, whether it’s been glimpses of the cape or multiple references to his destiny: We need some pay-off to all of that before the show finishes, and if that pay-off isn’t wearing red, yellow and blue, then I’m going to be really pissed.

The Return Of The Real Lex Luthor
Talking about characters’ destinies, didn’t Lex have quite a few leading futures left ahead of him, before he disappeared/died/whatever actually happened to him? Michael Rosenbaum shouldered a lot, if not almost all, of the show’s dramatic weight when he was a regular, so I can’t really blame him for bailing before the series was finished — especially when it looked like it might go on forever — but a Lex-less finale really won’t be the ending that people have really been looking forward to.

Martha Returns
This final season, Pa Kent made a comeback, despite being dead (It was a fantasy sequence, I think? Or a ghost? It wasn’t exactly clear, it has to be said), but Ma Kent? Nowhere to be seen, even though she’s still alive in Smallville World. What’s with the bias, Smallville producers? Can’t mothers have any influence on their sons, or is that just deviating a little too much from the Joseph Campbell thing?

A Batman Cameo
Yeah, like you wouldn’t want to see Bruce Wayne show up for a couple of scenes, even if it’s just to frown in the background and make some kind of comment about, in his experience, criminals being a cowardly and superstitious lot …

A Clear Message That This Isn’t Going To Fit Into The Superman Mythos As We Know Them
Superboy, as a “Superman … as a kid!” concept, wasn’t built to last ten years, and by the time Smallville finishes, so much will have happened to Clark, Lois and the rest of the familiar characters (and, specifically, to Clark and Lois as a couple), that there’s no way that they can easily slot into where people would expect them to, in time (and place) to start Superman: The Movie. So why try? Instead, bring the story of all the regulars to a satisfying close, even if it’s not the close. The series has been ongoing for a decade: while ending with a “to be continued” should be expected — Superman fights the “never-ending” battle for truth and justice, after all — it’s got to be the right “to be continued” for fans not to have feel like they’ve wasted so many hours of their lives.


  • demoncat_4

    definitly want clark to really be super man on the finale. along with kicking Darksides butt. for batman showing up at the end would love it but wb has stated no since small vile beginign due to rights with the bat and supes. Martha and Lex if nothing else maybe as a cameo. just have to wait and see how the show goes out.

  • Kayel

    Honestly, all i wana see is an epic showdown with Darkseid. I dont want a cop out fight like with Doomsday, i want to see ALL of Darkseid and i want an all out battle.

  • Why I outta..!

    “We need some pay-off to all of that before the show finishes, and if that pay-off isn’t wearing red, yellow and blue, then I’m going to be really pissed.”

    That, my friend, is an understatement. I’ve been watching this show loyaly for ten years. I’ve been there through all the great moments, and all the really really bad ones. I’ve spent many an hour in front of my TV set all because “one day” this guy is going to be Superman. If they don’t deliver in the end, I’m liable to go up to Vancouver and give someone a Super ass-whooping!

  • Maphillips

    Martha (Ma) Kent they have already shown in the previews, so she’ll be back at least.

  • Cover55555

    LOL, they do owe you that. I bailed on the terrible seasons beginning with 4-8, and only recently started watching it again. I expect cape and lots of it.

  • Anonymous

    I admit I haven’t watched it must the last two seasons… but it’s time to catch up!!! Excited to see how they wrap up 10 years!! –

  • Shift

    I would love to see Batman appear in the show, even if its just his silhouette on a rooftop or something. I mean, going the entire series without Batman, while they’ve included characters like Cyborg and Impulse? That doesn’t seem fair.

    And the same goes for Wonder Woman. I want to see at least more explicit hints at the DCU trinity. Its the last season and the fans have been waiting for this since the start.

  • Jacob

    There was (and probably still is) a ban on Batman and Wonder Woman from appearing. That’s why we got Green Arrow. He fills the role that Bruce would have (quite ably, if you ask me, which you didn’t, but i’m saying anyway).

  • Jacob

    It’s like you don’t even watch the.. oh, right.

    Clark has the costume.
    Martha has appear recently, and gave Clark the costume. She is in advertisements for later episodes. John Schneider is also confirmed for another appearance.
    Batman won’t appear, but he doesn’t need to. He really, really doesn’t.
    They’re setting up a return of Lex Luthor. There’s a clone that’s aging really freaking fast. By the end of the season, he should be around 30. With all of Lex’s knowledge.
    Does anybody still think it can? The existing mythos has Superman being Superman before arriving in Metropolis. Clark has been there for years. There’s already a Justice League, he’s getting married to Lois, and a whole lot more that wasn’t supposed to happen before he became Superman.

  • Yanks5179

    You do know he HAS the costume and that Martha Kent has been in the previews for this season and THIS VERY SITE confirmed she’ll be in this season a few times, right?

  • Hutchimus

    I’d love it to end with a wink to the audience.

  • Anxy

    I think it would be fitting to end the series with one of the characters actually having some clever reason to say “to be continued”, rather than having the words flash on the screen.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to see him in the suit. Even if it’s in the final few seconds of the very last scene.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the article for the most part. However, I don’t see THIS incarnation of what is basically an “Ultimate DC” universe Superman donning the ‘Red and Blue’. I also don’t see him taking the name of ‘Superman’ It makes no sense for either to happen in THIS version of the story/mythos. There’s already a ‘Supergirl’. He’d seem like an imitator takign the name and red n blue suit. Though I’d cream my pants like a girl, Batman will NOT show up this season either, at least not in this version. If they don’t do Rosenbaum returning as Lex, then, as Vader said, this show’s “failure is complete!” in my humble opinion. My money is a cliffhanger type ending – like in ‘The Sopranos’…….

  • Shomy

    I agree with all of the ‘demands’…. And real Lex is a MUST, same goes for Batman, eaven as Bruce Wayne….

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for a Bruce Wayne appearance, however, I believe those involved with the show really realyl don’t want to do an alternate ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’ like they’ve done all the other heroes.Just my opinion, I could be wrong

  • Ross

    Isn’t Martha Kent in it this week?

  • The FilmGuru

    At this point, Smallville is so far-off canon they can do anything and don’t need to tie up loose ends. Lex Luthor dead? Doesn’t matter. Lois and Clark engaged before he becomes Superman? Fine. Chloe turns out to be some evil version of Wonder Woman and a Yellow Lantern? Why not? My point here is that I agree with Graeme’s final statement. We need a CLEAR message that this is an alternate world (Earth-23 or something) where things were radically different. In the end, that’s the only thing that will save this show.

  • smith

    I just have one thing.

    Can the big retard decide to anything remotely related to the suit by himself? That he doesn’t need Jor-El, nagging, Green Arrow showing him why the world needs him ,Lois playing his PR and spoon feeding him etc etc. How about showing him actually learning about the world he wants to police? Yeah Smallville is too much to ask for decent Superman development.

    I’ll be glad when this thing is over.

  • Juss

    It will not be enough simply to see Clark in the suit. I want him to act and behave as Superman–with a deeper voice, a steady, self-assured, commanding manner. I want to see him interact with some ordinary people in this way, and I want him to be in several action sequences in the uniform, too.

  • Nathan Daniels

    We don’t need something to say this is an alternate take on Superman. It obviously is. No one should think this is a prequel to the Donner Superman movie, or the upcoming new Superman movie. “Smallville” stands on its own as its own unique take on the mythos.

    No need for Batman/Bruce Wayne to appear. It would be nice, but it’s not ‘”necessary.” I like the fact that so many lesser characters have shown up.

    Yes, we need to see Welling in the full costume at least once. That’s the payoff…that’s what this series was about – the road Clark takes from boy to Superman.

    Lex – either way works for me. If he comes back, great. If not, no worries.

    I’d love to see a “Green Arrow” tv show spin-off starring Hartley, based in Star City with occasional Black Canary appearances.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Martha is back in this week’s episode, ‘Beacon’. She might put in another appearance before the end of the season, if not in the finale. And while they have done some pruning to try to line the series up with the comic book mythos, I think everyone involved has finally owned up to the fact that the series is in a continuity of its own. Sure, there are a number of stories they haven’t touched that can be left to the [non-existant] future when the series ends. But the showrunners have basically admitted that ‘Smallville’ is its own thing with nods to its comic book origins.

  • Anonymous

    interesting take. It wasn’t so obvious to me this was an alternate ‘Superman” until Season 2 – with respect to the metoer freaks. I personally believe the payoff changed from seeing him in the suit to something else. To me, it just doesn’t make any sense for him to get into the suit as we know it or take the name. At this point in this version,. hed be a copy to the ‘Supergirl’ whereas the Supergirl mythos indicates Kara took the name/costume as an homage to her famous cousin. I personally wouldn’t want to see it as a prequel to the Donner movie.
    Good opinoins, though.

  • Kayel

    The thing is…in this more realistic world of Smallville, how will clark conceal his identity with his face showing? I mean in the comics we can use suspension of disbelief to pretend that people dont recognize clark kent in the outfit, but i dont think that same suspension of disbelief can be used in Smallville. People would INSTANTLY recognize clark, especially since he doesnt even wear glasses when he’s out of costume. So how would that work?

  • Dawnell_do

    I would like the show to end with a revel of Clark’s future meetings as Superman with Batman and Wonder Woman.

  • Audiocomicsinfo

    What about a return of Kristin Kreuk as Lana? Kreuk was a huge part of that show, it would be unfortunate to write her out completely.

  • Jessica


  • DF

    Totally disagree with the people (or person?) saying it doesn’t make sense for him to be in the costume by series end. As someone else said, thats what the whole show has been about (well, what it was supposed to be about anyway). Clark’s journey from being just Clark to being Clark Kent aka. Superman!

    Plus, they even had an episode where Clark went into the future recently and saw that he had become Superman! He was even wearing the glasses. So there’s no way around it now. They HAVE to get into the suit by the end of the show. Nothing else matters really. The finale has to be Clark becoming Superman. And no more this teasing stuff. We have to see Tom Welling, in the suit, flying away. That has to be the final image or at least one of the final images. To not do that would be a total cop-out.

    I admit I haven’t been watching the show as much for a long while now, but I still want to see them do the right ending. I don’t want a Sopronos ending. I don’t want a “oh he puts on the costume, but we don’t see it. we just see a blur’. lol. I want the final episode to be about Lois giving him the better name of Superman, Clark putting on the outfit, heck, the finale would be awesome if Clark, in full Superman gear, would fight Darkseid. That would be awesome. Doubt it’ll happen, but they, at the very least, need to have the final image or images be of Clark as Superman. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if Lex comes back, it doesn’t matter if they tie up all the loose ends. Basically the Clark Kent as Superman thing as the most important aspect of the finale. I hope the people running the show & the WB realize that. Enough with the teasing already!

  • Jambohemie

    I have a feeling that the show is going to end at Clark and Lois’ wedding. They will get through the nuptuals but then Clark will pick up something with his super-hearing and Lois will tell him to go. As he turns to leave the church he will rip open his shirt to see the S-shield underneath and then everything will fade to black.

  • Kentramone

    Martha will be showing up. They’ve said they want Lex, but they seem to be at an impasse with Rosenbaum. I figure the Superman suit will be in the finale. I’m sure they’d be happy with a Batman cameo, but Warner Bros. is, pardon the phrase, batshit when it comes to the use of that character. They only let him be in one animated series at a time, even when they would be radically different interpretations of the character and they wouldn’t even let Batman villains be on Justice League because of the Nolan movies. (But they have no problem with Superman being in a cartoon, Smallville and Returns at the same time.)

    You’re right, by the way. The show went through a renaissance once they didn’t have to write for Lana or Lex. Especially Lex. Once he was out of the way, they seemed to truly open their eyes to the possibilities of the DC Universe.

  • SpacemonkeyMikey

    Okay…Here’s what has to happen:

    Superman needs to show up. Not the SMALLVILLE version of Superman but the REAL Superman. Based, preferably, on the familiar (and more accurate) Donner films. Perhaps give Brandon Routh one last shot in the red n’ blue, perhaps not. Whatever. Point is, he shows up and explains to SMALLVILLE-Clark that the universe is not singular. In fact, there are many distinct alternate universes containing many different alternate Earths (fifty-two of them, to be exact) and each Earth has its own Superman (or reasonable facsimile). SMALLVILLE-Clark is the chosen protector of that particular Earth and, more than anything, he needs to embrace his destiny or that Earth will cease-to-be. Perhaps Superman-prime (for lack of a better name) can take SMALLVILLE-Clark on a journey through the multiverse visiting different versions of Superman, sort of showing him the ropes. Giving him direction through the example of others.

    Superman-Prime returns to his OWN worl and SMALLVILLE-Clark embraces who he is and what he is meant to be, dons the red n’ blues and the rest is history.

    The End.

    Hmm? Yeah. I know. Awesome.

  • SpacemonkeyMikey

    PS: Maybe Superman-Prime and Smallville-Clark team up to defeat Darkseid?

  • Anonymous

    That would really be the perfect ending.

  • The_dude135

    He puts on the costume and changes his name from The Blur to Superman.

  • Psycott07

    I love the Batman cameo part! A frown in the background and talk of his inexperience. Classic!

  • Excaliburfoundation

    Ma Kent is due back in this week’s episode. Can’t speak for the finale. And no Bruce Wayne/Batman will never be seen in the show, I’d like it but not happening.

    Hope for the costume, and actually being named Superman by Lois.

  • Jbwbubba

    I was hoping for a mention of Batman, in the recent future look episode of Smallville last fall. clark goes to the future in which he is Superman and talks with Lois. I thought it would have been cool, for Lois to tell Clark something like “tell Bruce and Diana not to keep you to long at the league, we have dinner reservations

  • Ccelticfan

    It has to end With Superman flying off to Fight the neverending Battle

  • Angela

    A Batman cameo is not needed.

  • Jim

    We *need* that? No, *you* *want* that.

    The series/the viewers needs/deserves sufficient closure: the series should conclude rather than either end or trail off into nothing. We don’t need a Lost ending, but we also don’t deserve a Twin Peaks ending.

  • Kal-El Fan


  • Thoream

    It will be great that even if Batman can’t show up someone mention to Clark that Mr Wayne would like to meet him or is waiting for him.
    I agree with “Why I outta..” comment

  • Captain_Obvious

    Obviously Lindsay Lohan = Stupidman’s long lost mom. Obviously

  • Mattkiely5

    to be honest this crap reboot movie has cause soo much trouble now..i dont even know if there finish Smallville the way it was meant, if got feeling we’ll see a realy crappy clipp of Tom wearing his kryptonian colours..and thats what it’ll be…just a clipp, because these guys in the movie and tv business are all to scared to step on each others toes…im putting the shit season finale name on that one aswell…WTF…KIND OF NAME IS FINALE..ARE THESE GUYS TAKING THE P..S OUT OF US..THE DEVOTED FANS WHO HAVE FOLLOWED THIS FOR 10 YEARS”…OOOH WE CANT CALL IT SUPERMAN…BECAUSE WE MIGHT UPSET THOSE TWATS MAKING THE REBOOT” that in my opinion and the opinion of other Superman fans is and will be dead in the water…the future of Superman lies souly on where Smallville goe’s after the show finishes….i fear they may have blown it for the franchise if they dont make there own movie”

  • Wolveriter

    Maybe I’m showing my age, but anytime they pull a character out of the comics and onto the screen (be it TV or movie), we should understand that there will be differences. What I’ve enjoyed about this show is that they are telling a story where we all know how it ends up. But they’ve still managed to keep it good, keep it playful, and even make it funny from time to time. I think any other show that had gone through the upheavals Smallville has with cast, writers and even creators would have been lucky to make it through 3 years, much less 10.

    Yeah, I’d love to see Batman, WW and Krypto with a cape…will any of that happen? Who knows. But we’ve been darn lucky to see Supergilr, the JLA, JSA (Hawkman AND Dr. Fate???), the Legion and some others. Throw me a little Spectre and I’m happy.

    To me, the two requirements for the finale have to be Rosenberg back as Lex and the Lois-Clark wedding. That is the one essential…other than that, I think it’s a good 10 years they can be proud of…

  • Iangirshek

    My wish for Smallville final scene:

    Fade in exterior-high above the bustling city that is metropolis.

    The sun disappears beyond the goliath spires. A massive globe with the words “Daily Planet” shimmers off the incandescent lights as it revolves high above the city.

    Close up on above the globe, a man’s red boots are seen hovering; a cape is seen bellowing in the wind. Pan in on the famous yellow emblazoned S-Shield. A familiar smirk is seen creeping across the face of the man hovering.

    The man gestures his head toward the sound sirens and effortlessly moves into a flight position. As he is about to fly off, a voice emanates from the shadowy area not captured by the shimmering light of the globe.

    Pan in on the subtle movements of a figure within the shadowy darkness. A pointed cowl can barely be seen in the miniscule ambient light.

    Mysterious figure: (in a commanding gruff sandy tone) It’s time to talk. I have been watching you for a while… (dramatic lark/pause) Clark.

    Clark/Superman: (turning his neck in the direction of the shadowy area) Who are you?

    Close up on Clark’s eyes opened wide obviously scanning the shadows for a glimpse of whom he is talking to.

    Mysterious figure: (No longer in the same shadowy area, but now cloaked in darkness in the opposite direction of Clark’s line of sight.) You’ll find out…

    The sound of a cape is heard unfurling; the mysterious figure leaps of the tall building and his cape spreads out in the shape of the wings of a bat. Clark attempts to follow, but as he positions his aerial body, the figure is already gone.

    Clark: These times are sure are changing. (Clark explodes with a sonic boom into the air)

    Fade to black, Superman’s theme is heard.

  • Guest

    First off, Martha is going to be in season 10. In fact she’s going to be in the next episode ‘Beacon’.

    Secondly, because Warner Brothers are particularly daft, Batmann/Bruce Wayne was not allowed to be incorporated into Smallville. Which I think is pretty stupid. If anything it would have just boosted the character’s populalrity. Certainly wouldn’t take anything away from Nolan’s movies.

  • graehaus

    I just would like to see Clark as Superman, and not this whiny prat he has been since the start.

  • J Trent

    I really think we will be seeing the suit for at least part of the final episode, and probably one flight. I’m not sure they have the budget for too much more, especially since Darkseid seems to be CGI. The show has definitely had its ups and downs (more downs than ups I think) but it is entertaining to watch, even during some of those “down” periods. Is it Superman? No, not as fans would like it to be, but ultimately this Clark will become “Superman” and his future adventures will be left to our imaginations.
    I don’t care that this Superman is whiny and reactive – that’s the way they’re telling it and well, they’ve shown that that does eventually change (even though we’ll never see it).
    I just wish the show would follow SOME type of earth logic and take care of the issues that it creates – the most glaring to me being the disguise issue. It’s what, 7 eps left and he still isn’t wearing glasses. I assumed that one of the reasons they introduced Zatanna was for a deus-ex-machina worldwide mystical mind whammy that made everyone think Clark ALWAYS wore glasses, but **SPOILER ALERT** based on early loglines and spoilers for the remaining eps, it doesnt seem likely ***END SPOILER***. They have made a point of talking about Clark and Lois having a private life and shown us the future (Homecoming, ep 10.4) where he wears the glasses, so to just put on the glasses in episode 16 and think no one who works at the Planet will recognize Superman is just crazy insane. I dont care if they use a magical mind whammy at this point, I just would like them to acknowledge that every person in the Smallville universe isn’t a total and complete moron.

  • Ben G.

    Now my 2 cents:
    1) Martha Kent will appear at least once more, in tomorrow’s episode, “Beacon” (she’s rallying people for the heroes)
    2) Batman will never appear, b/c of a licensing agreement with someone/thing. I would, however, like to see a few more DC characters appear, if possible (after all, someone needs to replace Clark, since Clark is replacing Hawkman as “this generation’s leader, like Hawkman led [theirs]~Dr. Fate)
    3) Call me a romantic, but I want to see the Clois wedding!
    4) Pa Kent is slated to show up in an episode, creatively titled “Kent”.
    5) Yes, the suit. And yes, I agree it would be nice if he could make a decision for himself. Additionally, he should interact with people
    6) Again, something everyone has been waiting for (which was hinted to in the mid season premier): FLYING.
    7) If all else fails, I’d like the last shot to be him ripping open the front of his shirt to reveal the S logo, or changing in a telephone booth and flying off. One of these two would be incredibly satisfying endings.

  • Mark Kalet

    Ever since they started messing around with other heroes I’ve thought the series would end in a press conference. Clark comes out in the blue and red stands before the microphones and make a speech that ends with “My name is Clark Kent. But you can call me Superman.” And then he flies up over Metropolis. Maybe winks to the camera at the very end, like in the Reeve movies.

  • GT

    The Legion episode already confirmed that Smallville is an alternate world when Lightning Lad said Clark should be flying, Chloe didn’t exist, etc. There was also some word play with historical documents (what I took to mean Comic books) being slightly different than true events (possibly to prevent altering of the time line). It was a quick but well done scene.

    I think we’ll definitely get the suit and Lex, even if its a voice over from Rosenbaum watching as Clark, in full suit, takes off from the Daily Planet. Lex could say something like “I knew from the moment you appeared that our conflicts would result in a never ending battle.” The camera could then focus on Supes and, as someone suggested, he could wink at the audience.

  • Iambillcode

    Good call all the way around!!!!

  • Brian from Canada

    Darkseid feeds on doubt. To defeat Darkseid, you need a beacon… someone to step out of the darkness and into the light. Oliver showed Clark the way by coming forward to be seen as a hero. The series finale will have Clark realize this himself, put on the suit, and lead the heroes to victory.

    My dream ending is the wedding of Lois & Clark. After the wedding, he picks her up and one of them (preferably Lois) says “Up, up and away” and they fly off together. As they fly away from Metropolis, a bald-headed silhouette watches them from the office of Luthorcorp. Lex is back. The End.

    Kristen Kreuk will — THANKFULLY — not be returning. And I say that based on her three episode appearance the year before. It’s nothing against the actress, it’s against the writers: they forced her in where the season arc couldn’t take it, and ended it with Lana killing Clark in proximity. But if she did come back, just make her a guest at the wedding.

    Because, in reality, WB’s inability to spin off Smallville has resulted in the series becoming more of a real DC series than just Superman. (Aquaman’s pilot failed, Green Arrow and Supergirl couldn’t get enough interest to make a pilot, and there was noise of Martian Manhunter at one point as well!)

    With this season introducing Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, on top of the already large list of Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Zatanna, The Legion Of Superheroes, The JSA and The Wonder Twins, that’s quite a feat of connecting Clark into the greater fabric of the DCU.

    The only disappointment for me is that CW didn’t take their opportunity to follow up Smallville with Wonder Woman based on a take from what’s going on in the comics today. I mean, imagine the final shot being a young Diana looking at the newspaper and then fade to black with a commercial for next year’s Wonder Woman the year after. But, oh, what could have been.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Martha will appear tomorrow night, along with alt-universe Lionel and the young Lex clone.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Only if Clark refuses to take her back because he sees her for the faithless twit she is and not because of some cheap stunt that left her radiating Kryptonite. Clark looking Lana in the eye and saying, “It’s not me, it’s you,” would be the most important step to him finally evolving from boy to (super)man!

  • Commonsense

    smallville has taken 10 years and built up an incredible story, its time they write supermans destiny their own way moving away from whatever the movie or the comics have potrayed. Given that they spent close to 8 seasons potraying Lana and Clarks undying love and connection, just to jump to Lois because the original story demands it, doesnt quite fit. It would be great to see them change it all and reunite Lana and Clark at long last, till death do them part. After all its not like any of the new superman movies are making any kind of impact, despite sticking to the old format. Smallville RULES.

  • Lana Clark Forever

    I TOTALLY AGREE. All you have to do is go back and see the few episodes that Clark and Lana are together as a couple and they look so amazingly happy, thats its hard to imagine another person in Clark Kents life. Whether it was meant to turn out that way or not, well the chemistry between the lead pair just took it to another dimension. Great to see them together at last