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ET’s The Hangover Part II Set Visit Is Sadly Tiger-Free

The Hangover Part II is coming on May 26, shifting the 2009 summer comedy’s foursome from the glittering lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, to the crowded sun-baked streets of Bangkok, Thailand. This time the wedding is Stu’s (Ed Helms), and he’s already gotten married by the time the guys begin their Thailand adventure.

Entertainment Tonight paid a visit to the film’s set, cameras in hand, to give fans a sense of some of the high jinks they can expect. We now know for sure that, at some point, a speedboat will be driven out of the water, across a beach and into the middle of a nearby party. We also know, thanks to Helms, that there are no tigers written into the script. Any tigers that might happen upon the set and find their way into a shot are apparently another story. Which totally supports star Zach Galifianakis’ assertion that Thailand is “the most un-boring place.”


  • Omegasaga

    honestly who the hell can relate to freaking BANGKOK. the first one has relatable qualities but this is just STUPID>

    HANGOVER 2 will FLOP.