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John McClane Goes On The Hunt For A Die Hard 5 Director

It seems the Die Hard franchise is not going down anytime soon, especially when John McClane himself is making sure that doesn’t happen.

Vulture reports that action star Bruce Willis signed on to director Stephen Frears’ adaptation of Beth Raymor’s Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling. He’ll play a cantankerous ex-bookie who mentors Raymor in the world of gambling. However, more important to fans of the action franchise, Vulture also gives an update to the status of Die Hard 5.

According to the site, Fox was not too pleased with the latest draft of the script by Skip Woods, who previously penned X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The A-Team. Depending on how you feel about those two films, no surprises there. On the other hand, Willis himself is taking the lead and is on the hunt for a director, already making a number of interviews. The apparent frontrunner for the job is Jorge Daniel Espinosa, a Swedish filmmaker about to make his American debut with the Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds CIA thriller Safe House.

How about it readers? What are your thoughts on a fifth Die Hard? Can we get a yippie-kai-yay?

Update: Deadline now reports that Fox has selected Noam Murro, who directed the movie Smart People and the Halo Reach promotional short “Deliver Hope.”


  • Wes

    As far as sequels go, 2 was excellent, 3 sucked, and Live Free of Die Hard was okay. I wouldn’t mind another Die Hard along the lines of #2.

  • Jakk

    Funny, 2 was bad, 3 was better than two but not as good as the original. LFoDH was either equal or better than 3, but still nothing outdoes the original.

  • Gabriel

    Thank you Jakk! I completely agree. The second movie was a pale clone of the original. While the third movie had serious problems in the last act it was at least different. And I agree that the last one was about on par with 3 (maybe a little bit better). That said, I’m glad we can all agree that the original was pretty much the best action movie ever.

  • Jack Bauer

    1 was the best action movie ever.
    2 sucked bad. Terrible title: Die Hard 2: Die Harder. This movie is why directors don’t number the top.
    sequels. Ex: the Dark Knight.4 tried to imitate 3 by giving McClane a sidekick, but Justin Long wasn’t as good as Samuel L. Jackson. The action was good but the jet vs McClane was over
    3 was great. Cool villain and Samuel L. Jackson.

    I don’t want the writer of A-team writing a Die Hard film.

  • Mel

    It would be cool if they brought back the donut eating cop that helped him in the first movie, at least for a cameo.

  • shawn richter

    I wouldn’t mind another Die Hard (I love Bruce Willis as John McClane) as long as they tone it down from 4. I thought A-Team was fine, for an actioner, and the same writer wouldn’t be a problem, but I just don’t want to see John McClane the superhero again.

  • Omegasaga

    Die Hard 3 was a better sequel. But i liked 2 also.

    Die Hard 4 was a decent Bruce Willis by the numbers movie… but a TERRIBLE DieHard sequel.

    Bruce is pushing 60 real fast. Hes not in the best of shape either…his old ass better get this film made soon!

  • Omegasaga

    I thnk that cop died in real life.