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Jamie Bamber Cast In Ron Moore’s Magical Crime Drama 17th Precinct

Jamie Bamber will reunite with Battlestar Executive producer Ronald D. Moore for his new NBC pilot 17th Precinct, TVLine reports.

The British actor joins Stockard Channing in the police procedural set in Excelsior, a town where science takes a backseat to magic and the supernatural. The 37-year-old Bamber will play Caolan, an extremely focused crime-scene detective. Channing will portray Mira, a former homicide detective now working in the 17th Precinct’s robbery division.

Teased in September as “an adult Harry Potter — the producers don’t care for that description — 17th Precinct received a pilot commitment from NBC last month. Battlestar Galactica alum Michael Rymer will direct the pilot, which will be shot in Vancouver.

Bamber, who played Lee Adama in Moore’s Battlestar Galactica update, also starred in Law & Order: UK and Outcasts.


  • Paul

    Does this mean Outcasts has been cancelled? Never even saw it.

  • Kevin Melrose

    I believe Outcasts is only eight episodes.

  • chrys

    Is L&O UK over after just three series’??

  • DF

    Just because Jamie Bamber isn’t in L&O UK doesn’t neccessary mean its over. In the U.S., the actors in Law & Order changed every few years, so maybe they are doing the same thing with the UK verison? Who knows. As for Outcasts, I don’t think Jamie is even the main star of that show is he? I’m not sure. In any case, I was already hoping that this got picked up by NBC already because Ron Moore created it, but now I hope even more so. It would be cool to see Ron & Jamie team-up again for a series. :)

  • ATK

    Spolier Alert – Outcasts

    So is he going to be at least a recurring character, or is he “Starring” in it like Outcasts where he’s only in the first episode? It would be nice to see him in something other than Law and Order UK.