Men In Black Pushed Back Again

Despite being on hiatus for nearly two months, word broke this afternoon on 24 Frames that production on Men in Black III will not resume this week as initially planned but will instead continue on March 28. According to an unnamed source close to production, the delays are due to ongoing script issues.

The third installment to the sci-fi franchise was originally supposed to start shooting in October. However, even then production faced a month delay before producers decided to split the process in two, which in a way fit with the story of the film. The plot of MiB III takes place in both the past and present. Filming for the present section finally began in November and wrapped before the holidays. As previously mentioned, filming for the second section was to begin this week, but the delay now continues for another month.

At the time of the break, producer Walter Parkes and a spokesman for Sony asserted that seasonal concerns and tax incentives were the reason for the break and not, as reported by the New York Post, creative differences between star Will Smith and filmmakers.

“We had to start shooting this year to take advantage of New York State tax incentives, but we also needed to be able to shoot certain exteriors in warmer weather,” Parkes had said. “So back in July we had the idea to keep the start date but build in a hiatus so we could essentially extend the production to late spring.”

Along with Smith, who returns as Agent J, Tommy Lee Jones reprises his role as Agent K. Josh Brolin also stars as Agent K, albeit one from the past circa 1969. The first film hit theaters in 1997, with the sequel appearing five years later. Barry Sonnenfeld directed the first two films and returns for the third installment.

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  • Cover55555

    I enjoyed the first one a lot as a child. Don’t remember the second one, a single bit.

  • Scud

    Don’t really know if this series needed a sequel but I am glad they aren’t trying to reboot it or anything. I have a feeling they will eventually though.

  • Anonymous

    And there are very good reasons why you cannot recall the second one. I tell you but I can’t remember either.

  • Michael

    The best thing about the 2nd movie was Lara Flynn Boyle as a hot alien with serious impulse control issues and a thing for Zed

  • Shift

    I loved the first film. Hated the second one. It’s been how many years now? Do they really need to make a third one after all this time?