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Fox Addresses Renewal Chances For Fringe, Human Target

Between Fringe‘s move to Friday and falling ratings for both Human Target and Lie To Me, fans need to reasonably consider the possibility that Fox might pull the plug on any one of them to make room in the schedule for new shows. Fringe showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman were very optimistic about their future when we spoke to them last week, but that was before Friday’s episode drew a 0.7 rating, less than half the 1.6 the show picked up the week before (and the two 1.9s before that).

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly spoke a bit about all three shows in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly. Things are looking good for Fringe, at the very least. “I’m so psyched about it,” he said. “It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience, I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here.” Well we have a lot of passion for that show here, too, so thank you, Mr. Reilly. Virtual handshake accepted and reciprocated.

The outlook is sadly not as cheery for the other two shows, but more in the “let’s wait and see” vein than the “these things are crap, get them off my network” way. “We have some decisions to make about [Human Target] and Lie to Me as well. These shows are not being rejected. They’re doing a consistent and solid number. There are networks that would be happy to take those shows. We have to look at our shelf space.”


  • Respect (for show creators)

    I like all 3 shows. I’ve only seen Season One of Fringe, though. When it moved to Thursday, I decided I’d rather watch The Office every week and watch Fringe on DVD. I’d prefer they keep one of these shows and cancel House. Most of what I watch is on Fox, but not if the keep canceling them. House, Lie to Me, Human Target, and The Good Guys are all shows I’ve enjoyed this season. Also, I plan to enjoy all half-season of Running Wilde on DVD as well since that’s obviously gone to make way for the genius that is “Traffic Light” (note sarcasm.)

    I don’t even care if stuff gets canceled anymore. I’ve stopped investing in TV shows because it’s all about money and not quality storytelling. All I want is for networks to allow show creators to end their shows satisfactorily. So networks, if you’re listening (ha!), make your decisions sooner and let writers wrap up their stories in a somewhat coherent manner so that when people finally do experience these shows on DVD (because DVD is forever), they’ll at least get a story with an ending and not have to get pissed off about not knowing what happens (Heroes, Defying Gravity, etc.) after investing the time and money of DVD watching. Thank you.

  • Axel Rauschmayer

    Fringe is kind of an anti-“Heroes”: It has an average 1st season, but has since then become a really great show. If you haven’t checked out any of the later episodes, you should really give Fringe another chance. In contrast, I *only* liked Heroes’ 1st season.

  • Geistbusters

    Fringe is the best show FOX has come out with in a LONG TIME. If you’re not watching it, you’re missing something great on TV.

  • Games987

    Fringe didn’t drop to a 0.7! It got 1.4!

  • Cover55555

    It’d help a lot if the shows had a consistent time slot. I have to go online every week to find out when Human target is on. Friday is dangerous, but at least they are there.

  • snapper

    No NO NO! Do not cancel Human Target!!!! My husband hates TV and really likes this show (so do I) It’s one of the few TV shows we watch where he doesn’t make some kind of snide comment about the show. I thoroughly enjoy watching their escapades, and now with the romance heating up betwwn Chance and Ilsa, so have some interesting plots!

  • Jacob

    Honestly, I bet USA would love to have Human Target. Or FX. But with the Ilsa thing, I bet The CW would love to have it.

  • Chrisolicious

    Human Target is one of the most surprisingly good shows on television. But heres the problem. Its uncommon and lets face it most people are happy to watch the same old crap over and over again with different actors. Human target has a wow factor that might make people uncomfortable as new story lines and unpredictable plot twists will do. Lets face it we live in a society where survivor is a hit. So i guess it is true ignorance is bliss.

  • Truthwizard

    Lie To Me is as good as it gets… When you are looking invest an hour watching TV, this show pays dividends…

  • Dan

    God I hope they choose to keep Human Target, it’s just such a great show.

  • Atower219

    Like other posters here, my wife and i really look forward to Human Target. Please Fox come back with a third season. We weren’t aware that last weeks ep was the season finale. Love the show.

  • Chathamite

    As others have said, the main problem with Human Target is that Fox keeps changing when it airs. It was on last week at 9 Eastern; now, Fox is subjecting its viewers to another hour of Idol … like there’s not enough of that already. Fox, keep Human Target! And give it a regular time slot! Please! It’s a very enjoyable show, but it’s almost impossible to know when it’ll be on week to week, and that’s probably a major factor in why its ratings aren’t higher.

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Fox, cancel Human Target and on behalf of myself and my whole family I shall have to pull a Guerrero on you.

    “It’s not personal, just business, dude.”

  • Jtroester

    I’ll help! I agree with the other statements made here: unaware of last week being the last episode and constantly changing time are frustrating. I’d also add that it’s amazing to me that you would end this show and subject us to more American Idol. Come on, do us all a favor, put a fork in it and call A.I. DONE! Please continue this program and get more like it.

  • D T

    Keep Human Target – we love the show!! Just leave it on the same night.

  • Got2Bkidding

    Dear FOX, If you want to save/make more money, instead of canceling great shows like Human Target, just get rid of half your programming morons.

  • Guerrerro

    If Fox cancels Human Target, Mr. Guerrero will be paying the Fox Execs a visit. HAHAHAHAHA

    Com’n Fox! These shows are the only thing battling those useless wastes of time, “reality” shows!!

  • Lawrencellewis

    Human target and Lie To Me are rwonof the best shows on television. FOX DON’T BE STUPID, RENEW BOTH.

  • soprano

    Please leave Human Target and Lie to Me in your programming and toss the ‘realilty’ shows and the “Idol-shows”. I suggest that Fox also return to programming the nightly news at 10:00 like the rest of the channels because no one I know looks at the news then anyway. It would give five more hours of programming and we wouldn’t have to be having this conversation now.

  • LuvinLyfe

    Keep Human Target! Smart, interesting characters, sexy guys AND gals instead of just sexy gals, men and women can enjoy it together, get their fantasy on and follow action/plot each week. I agree with everyone else- an easy fix is to put it on a permanent time slot and keep it there where we can find it and enjoy it every week. These actors all deserve the big break this show offers, and with a unique character like Guererro you can’t go wrong! Love him, love the show, never miss it.

  • Maclopez

    Please keep human target! Fox kept changing the day … How is that fair to the show and viewers? I am tired of investing time in shows that get cancelled. Human target is one of the rare shows my husband and I look forward to each week!! The chemistry of the cast is great! Don’t give up on it fox!!

  • L Dodin

    Human Target is the Best show ever, I sent a letter from The Hague to fox asking for renewal, I hope they will listen to the fans.


  • Rwiles

    Please keep Human Target going, the best you have offered in Years and each show was getting better, liked it better than Hawaii 5-0

  • Mball

    Please do not cancel Human Target – My husband and I love it. We have recommended it to my daughter and her husband and brother and sister-in-law, and they have begun to watch it as well. Give it more time, please.

  • Firstdance_2000

    Lets pass Human Target or Lie to Me to USA or FX. They seem to know how to develop shows for their greater potential. Fox seems to want to stay in contention with ABC for cutting the best of shows (Eli Stone to name one).
    Fringe took a year to grow on me but, the acting is wonderful and now so are the story lines. In that first year I was have a deja vous with some X-file-esque shows. Now, its like syrup on pancakes…a MUST!