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Nolan Fans Quickly Debunk Fake Dark Knight Rises Announcement

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may or may not be the Black Mask

An official-looking release made the online rounds this morning seemingly announcing that Inception co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard had joined The Dark Knight Rises, as the Black Mask and Talia al Ghul, no less. But while some entertainment websites ran with the announcement, or awaited confirmation from Warner Bros., the fans got to work.

Within minutes of a link appearing on Nolan Fans, the online fan community for The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan, members labeled it as a fake, pointing out that the announcement is merely a reworked version of the Jan. 19 press release confirming the casting of Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy. Nolan’s fans actually moved more quickly than Warner Bros. to debunk the story.

Meanwhile, a glance at my Google Reader shows still more sites are being taken in by the ruse, which was sent to some outlets through email. To those, Warner Bros. marketing executive Michael Tritter offers a tip: “FYI, emails from Warners typically come from a Warners email address.”

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012 — with or without Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.


  • Braunrodman

    i wish the ruse was true

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Me too

  • Oh man

    me three

  • Anonymous

    Nah, too many villains.

  • J.G. Molina

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt should play Alberto Falcone. It makes more sense, given Nolan’s established universe in the films. He has featured a mob element in both BB and TDK and it has worked perfectly well. As for Marion, no thanks. leave her out of this film. It does NOT need a Talia(villain) or so called ‘love interest’ where it’s certain that Anne Hathaway will fill in both those roles.Already got a perfectly good lead actress right there. Can’t have Selina Kyle without her becoming Catwoman.seems like a waste of a perfectly good character but we’ll see what Nolan does.

  • John

    quite funny that people got caught out by this but also quite sad as they both would’ve been good in these parts & having Talia al Ghul would’ve been a nice link back to the 1st film

  • Unknown

    I think it would be perfect if Joseph would play Alberto Falcone.

  • Deco

    why would someone bother to fake this? just to see how many places pick it up? Dude, get a life

  • Nads

    JGL would be a great black mask or Alberto Falcone. Falcone would make more sense, but I would love to see Black Mask.

  • Rememberme

    Kind of wish the Anne Hathaway news was fake now.

  • Ryan

    If all the rumors were true, Johnny Depp would be the Riddler, Joseph Gordon Levitt would be Black Mask, Marion Cotillard as Talia al Ghul, Luke Haas as Alberto Falcone, Robin Williams as Hugo Strange… where do the rumors end???