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Henry Cavill Dons Famous ‘S’ For Entertainment Weekly Cover

Although it will be months before we see an image of Henry Cavill in cape and tights, the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly offers a first look at the new Man of Steel wearing the familiar “S” shield — even if it is on a faded T-shirt.

However, 27-year-old British actor has donned the red-and-blue suit. Well, a suit: Cavill’s audition included a screen test in which he wore a replica of Christopher Reeve’s famous, if woefully dated, costume.

“If you can put on that suit and pull it off,” director Zack Snyder says, “that’s an awesome achievement. […] “He walked out, and no one laughed. Other actors put that suit on, and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go ‘Wow.’ Okay: This was Superman.’”

The new issue of EW is on sale now. Snyder’s still-untitled Superman movie is expected to begin production in June for a December 2012 release.


  • Villachica


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  • cfosmoooooooov

    Now THAT is Supes. Kick ass.

  • DaMarico Fowler

    Still too skinny

  • Roger Klorese

    Shape of his face is all wrong. Where’s that big square jaw?

  • Dawnell_do

    Know thats Superman!

  • Jonathan Richards

    that may be the stupidest comment ever.

  • mars

    He’s still filming another movie so he can’t bulk up yet. He did a photo call for it the other day. He looks thinner than usual and his hair here looks longer or fluffier. I wonder when this was taken.

  • Crusader K

    “Woefully dated”? ….the hell?! What does THAT mean? That suit design was miles ahead of the travesty Brandon Routh was forced to wear in terms of simplicity, symbolism and color.

  • kalorama

    You must be new to the Internet.

  • Mak

    That really is a stupid comment though…

  • Mou101

    Not sure how the 1978 Superman uniform is “woefully dated,” but I can certainly buy Henry Cavill as Superman.

  • Alex

    Looks really cool.

  • Grumpy DC Fan

    I think I’d rather watch Brandon Routh on a street corner reading the part of his contract with the “No Sequel/Reboot Clause,” than give Britishy McWhatshisface a chance. Ehhh….

  • Kevin Melrose

    Why’s that?

  • Matt Triano

    I assume you are extremely overweight, have some sort of speech issue, and hate your job because when they talk to you they talk down, as if speaking to a dog
    I couldn’t care less what you think of Superman, Cavill, or Routh
    Your tone, however, indicates an extremely malformed personality dealing with very little of your core inefficacies as a human being, spewing hate and scorching the Earth behind the safety shield of your computer
    Get help dude

  • Pablo

    He Looks like Superman to me! , good choice!

  • Shift

    I’m very interested in seeing how this guy does. I mean he looks like he could physically pull off the role, but I just hope he can give us a good Clark Kent and Superman variation.

  • WWfan

    Sigh He looks so good.

  • Jay

    I think you need help Matt. You wasted all those key strokes because a guy said he doesn’t want a Brit playing Superman? So what! Move on to the next post.

  • Erik Larsen

    “Woefully dated?” try “timeless.” Superman still wears those duds in the comics and if any hero doesn’t need plastic nipples and leather it’s the man of steel. They’d be well advised to stick with the classic outfit.

  • JMC

    I would agree that the “Adventures of Superman” 50’s costume has not dated well, particularly the padded outfit (although I still have a soft spot for the show).

    But to claim that the Christopher Reeve outfit is woefully outdated? That’s just a stupid comment from Melrose.
    The outfit was a classic design that showed, if anything, just how commited Reeve was to the role and that he didn’t require plastic muscles or a padded undersuit to portray ther Man of Steel.

    It’s these little, ignorant comments that have no reason for being written other than to shit-stir, from Melrose and other Spinoff Online “writers” that sometimes make me question who’s running this site.

  • Kevin Melrose

    The costume design — “S” shield, red shorts, cape, etc. — is timeless. What Reeve wore in the original four movies, however, is incredibly dated. I can’t imagine seeing Cavill, or anyone else, wearing that version on screen … y’know, almost 25 years later. I don’t see how that’s a “shit-stirring” sentiment.

  • JMC

    Now that I think about it, I retract the statement.

    My problem was that I’ve been holding Spinoff Online writers to the same standards as a journalist (professional, objective, and unbiased) when in fact you guys are just “media commentators” e.g like the guys on TMZ. Shame on me.

  • Kevin Melrose

    We’re an entertainment blog. Sometimes the writers express opinions, and sometimes people disagree with them. I don’t see how commenting that a three-decades-old movie costume is woefully dated is a breach of ethical standards, but your retraction is noted all the same.

  • Anonymous

    Well Reeve’s costume is almost 40 years old, it must be pretty worn out, lol… Its great, don’t get me wrong, but something like Routh’s costume is much more fitting these days.

    Anyhoo, Cavill sure looks the part.