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Fox’s Locke & Key Finds Its Dodge

Ksenia Solo and Dodge (illustration by Gabriel Rodriguez)

Life Unexpected actress Ksenia Solo has been cast as the manipulative entity Dodge in the pilot for Locke & Key, Fox’s adaptation of the acclaimed horror comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, NiceGirlsTV reports.

Rodriguez, who visited the series’ Pittsburgh set last week, confirmed the casting, writing on Twitter: “… Ksenia Solo, AWESOME as Dodge in the Locke & Key pilot. Really!”

Debuting in 2008 from IDW Publishing, Locke & Key centers on Nina Locke (Miranda Otto) and her three children Tyler (Jesse McCartney), Kinsey (Sarah Bolger) and Bode (Skylar Gaertner) who, after the murder of Nina’s husband Rendell, return to Keyhouse, the family home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. There they encounter Dodge, and numerous doors that can transport the mansion’s residents to other worlds or bestow them with supernatural abilities. Nick Stahl joined the cast last month as Rendell’s younger brother Duncan Locke.

The 23-year-old Solo, who had a minor role in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, stars in the Canadian supernatural crime drama Lost Girl. She also recently appeared in an episode of Nikita.

Locke & Key is produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Fringe) through their first-look deal with DreamWorks TV. Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) is directing the pilot from a script by showrunner Josh Friedman ( The Black Dahlia, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles).


  • Gotravisjackson

    The casting for this show continues to concern me. The book by itself is a wonderful piece of art and deserves better than what FOX is propping it up as. It seems that when it comes to casting, a pretty face or teen fan following (aka McCartney) is good enough for Hollywood.

  • Jacob

    Come on! All the talent is there behind the scenes! Don’t screw this up!

    Also, it would probably be better to have the same actor play both The Lady in the Well and Dodge. Because his male and female forms are damn near identical (side from teh lumpas).

  • Grant S

    The fact that Fox is behind this worries me greatly. The comic is great. Jesse McCartney (whoever that is) looks nothing like Tyler Locke. Not that I’m saying the actors have to look IDENTICLE to the comic for it to be a good adaptation or a good show. I can’t help but wish a network like AMC, FX or HBO had picked up the show instead. The comic is very dark and adult and I fear Fox is going to water it down and/or turn it into some stupid bubble-gum “scary” show for teens. Plus they are a network notorious for dumping great shows before giving them a chance to grow an audience.