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Kevin Costner Considered For Role In Superman Reboot?

As Superman casting rumors go, this one falls somewhere between that one about Kristen Stewart and, I don’t know, that one about Lindsay Lohan. Which end of that spectrum it falls closest to is anybody’s guess: Deadline reports there’s “heightened interest” in Kevin Costner for a “key role” in Warner Bros.’ upcoming franchise reboot.

That’s right, the star of such hits as Dances With Wolves and JFK, and of such disasters as Waterworld and The Postman, has apparently caught the eye of director Zack Snyder. For what role, though? Jonathan Kent to Henry Cavill’s Clark? Jor-El for a flashback to the sentencing of the (rumored) Phantom Zone villains? Perry White, gruff editor of the Daily Planet? Nah, probably not that last one.

Of course, there’s nothing saying Costner has to be a good guy. Might he be considered for General Zod, the role made famous by Terence Stamp? Okay, that’s not very likely, either, but it’s kind of funny to imagine. If the rumor is true, safe money is on Costner to play Pa Kent.

The Superman reboot, which is expected to begin filming in June, is written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan. Charles Rovan, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder also are producing. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are executive producers. It’s set for a December 2012 release.


  • Shaun Manning

    I can see him as Brainiac. Cold, emotionless…

  • Michael Sacal

    Jor-El. It follows what we saw from him in Waterworld and Postman. From a world overrun by water, to a world overrun by lawlessness, to a world on the brink of destruction.

  • Christopher

    Field of Kryptonians

  • Benwahbob

    I could see Costner as Jonathan Kent

  • Shomy

    I’m thinking Jor-El…. He’s perfect for that role….

  • Biff Fearless

    Could easily see him as jonathan Kent.

  • Modernpost

    Jonathan Kent, of course…

  • The_Rear

    Totally agree on the Jonathan Kent comments.

  • JMC

    I think he’d make an interesting General Lane – but even money on Jonathan Kent.

    Who am I kidding – this is just a totally bullshit rumour that will go nowhere : )

  • Jetski

    I kind of liked Waterworld. I mean, it was long and kind of easy to make fun of, but I was entertained.