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The Clock On Hold For 24 Movie?

Looks like the countdown to the 24 feature film has come to a pause for now. In an  interview with TV Squad about his first novel and various new television projects, producer Howard Gordon gave some insight on the status of the big-screen follow-up to the Fox television series starring Kiefer Sutherland.

“The 24 movie is on hold for now, although conversations are ongoing,” Gordon said. “Beyond that, there is no news — at least as far as I know.

“The challenge is just not making it a movie for the sake of making a movie version of 24, but really having a compelling story … simply making it good, frankly,” he added. “I know that sounds non-specific. But nobody’s interested just to do it as an exercise. If it’s going to be out there, it has to be out there for a good reason.”

The news comes as the latest in the long line of rumors and teases since the show’s conclusion last year. Gordon said he agrees that while the television life of Jack Bauer has run its course, the character has some big-screen life left in him. While certainly discouraging, this tidbit doesn’t necessarily kill the chances of the film. It certainly seems Gordon wants to give it a go, and we know that Sutherland definitely seems optimistic about the possibility. Hopefully, it may just be a small delay before that 24 clock starts ticking again.


  • Bclewis6593

    Given the less than stellar ratings for the series finale I’d say the chances for a 24 movie are slim to none. If the series finale had done gang busters then the movie be in production right now.

  • Larry

    I’m not optimistic about this film being made. A real shame if it’s not. They could even do periodic television movies a la “Redemption”. “24” fans would be happy with that.

  • Cforshaw67220

    ’24’ lost momentum in its second season (every episode after Jack said, “No, you don’t” to Nina in season three was great, but it was a misleading return to form) and never regained it. I mean, c’mon… the show just got more preposterous and right-wing as it got older, to the extent that if it returns, Jack will probably be carrying a badly spelled placard and be trying to kill Obama to ensure tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Even worse is that, if Kim was 16/17 in series one, that puts Jack at about 36/37, or possibly older, possibly a little bit younger. Over the course of all eight series, 15 years passed. It should be expected that another one-to-two years will pass before the events of the film. That puts Jack Bauer at 50-to-57 years old (factoring in that he may have been a little older or younger when Kim was born).

    Never mind his heroin addiction and the ravages to his body caused indirectly by such abuse, or the variety of exposure to chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, EMPs, and who knows what else, that probably would have long-term health problems, the fact is that this is a guy whose best years are definitely behind him.

    Which is ironic, because clearly that is the case with the ’24’ franchise as a whole.