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Five Movie And TV Crossovers That Really Should Happen

For all the misgivings I have about the shared Marvel Movie Universe – which pretty much comes down to “It’s all fun now, but it’ll probably seem like a drag ten movies down the line, just like the comics” – I have to admit, there really is a thrill in seeing characters from one place suddenly pop up where you least expect them. In fact, I have to admit, if I had my way, movies and television shows would crossover much more often than they already do – and here are five examples of what I’d want to see.

Psych Vs. Leverage
Both are con shows of varying stripes, with Psych‘s con much more of a long game, but also much more on the straight-and-narrow than Nate, Sophie and the kids of the Leverage crew. And yet, what if they ended up on the different sides of the same case – It’d be Shawn and Gus on the wrong side, of course, keeping with their bumbling idiots with really good luck theme – and the Leverage team decided to reveal the truth behind his little psychic scheme to give them the upper hand? I’ll tell you what would happen: televisual greatness.

Fringe/Doctor Who
Okay, so Olivia, Peter and Walter have already investigated sightings of the same man throughout history – That would be the Observer, of course – but what’s to say that they wouldn’t stumble across numerous recorded mentions of an upbeat optimist that sometimes wears a fez and his magic disappearing blue box throughout human evolution? Add to that the possibility of seeing Walter trying to retroengineer a Cyberman, and I can’t see how anyone could resist.

Transformers/Star Trek
Two words: Decepticon Borg.

Okay, so it’d take some kind of weird explanation that I’m sure would be torn apart by hordes of upset fans, but when you have an unstoppable cyborg villain just sitting there unused in Star Trek – Although I have no idea whether that’d be the case in the new reboot universe; for all I know, they’re at the heart of the still-unfinished sequel – and giant unstoppable robots in disguise in Transformers, and both franchises are currently being written by the same people, it’s a no-brainer only thwarted by copyright and more sensible minds that this hasn’t happened yet.

Nikita/Chuck/Covert Affairs/Every Other Spy Show That’s Been On TV Recently
Again, another no-brainer because, come on, just how many shadowy governmental conspiracies can there really be? Just tie them all together in one massive storyline that crosses between any show that relies on that cliche by saying that they’re all different facets of the same conspiracy – and then bring in someone completely out of left field to be the guy in charge. That’s right, I’m saying that it’s the President, and the true name of his conspiracy is The Secret Empire. Someone call Captain America!

(Somewhere, the comic geeks in the audience are feeling superior to everyone else, who has no idea what I’m talking about.)

Community/Two And A Half Men
Really, I’d just like to think that the cast of Community could make the Charlie Sheen carwreck funny somehow. I’d settle for the cast of Parks and Recreation doing the visit instead, as well. Hell, I’d even accept the cast of 30Rock at this point. Just someone, please.

But that’s enough of my fan-fic inspired rantings: What shows/movies would you want to see face off against each other? Go use those comments to vent your spleens.


  • Palmer

    Arrested Development/Modern Family: Dysfunctional showdown!

    The Office/Parks and Recreation: She looks like Ann! She looks like Karen!

    The Simpsons/Futurama: technically it was done in a one-off gag on both shows.

    Glee/American Idol: Rachel sabotages the competition and tries to seduce Ryan Seacrest.

    Eureka/Fringe: both have giant corporations with super scientists on opposite sides of the country!

    Firefly/Dollhouse: trace the evolution of the Reavers all the way back to Rossum!

  • Scavenger

    John Rogers would do a Leverage/Psych crossover in a second. Each show has referered to the other as shows, but in his mind, Shawn Spencer and Elliot Spencer are cousins

  • Caanan

    I was sad they never did a Scrubs/House crossover. Seeing Braff and Laurie present together at the emmy awards years ago will have to suffice. *sob That and the episode where they made Cox into a House-like figure.

    Also, Fringe and X-Files would make an awesome event. Science vs Paranormal!

    Bored to Death & Castle.

    Weeds & Breaking Bad. Or Breaking Bad and the Big C – “Wow. THAT’S what you did when you found out you had cancer? Wow. Just… wow. I built a pool.”

  • Jacob

    I’ve been thinking of a Fringe/Doctor Who crossover for a while. It could actually work really well. And The Doctor and Walter would have some of the best dialogue of all time.

    Also, Orci and Kurtzman left Transformers, for Prime, so they aren’t doing the movies anymore.

  • demoncat_4

    fringe and doctor who would be hilerous espically if Walter got a hold of a Dalek and heard it start screaming exteriminate. that plus Oliva and Peter have to control the Tardis. transformers and star trek would not rule something like that provided Hasbro and Paramount would ever give the okay.

  • TheBoyWonder

    I would love to see Mulder show up in an episode of FRINGE. Hell, Mulder AND Scully.

  • Kaupe

    Stephan Colbert and Glenn Beck

  • Scud

    Trailer Park Boys/It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I would do terrible terrible things to see that one hour special.

  • Niels

    I’m waiting for The Big Bang Theory/The Guild, myself.

  • Sijo

    Heroes/No Ordinary Family: Come on, it’s almost the same show now (which is a pity, I was hoping NOF would be lighter.)

    Chuck/The Cape: Comic book geek turned spy investigates cop turned superhero!

    Supernatural/ Touched By An Angel- Ok, TbaA hasn’t been on for decades, I just would like to see how they would work out the utterly different (to say the least) approaches to Christianity in both shows together. :P

  • jephd

    I never really understood why there arent more john munch type characters out there. He’s been constantly on screen since 1992 and has appeared on loads of different shows accross multiple networks (he even got an in character name check on BBC’s Luthor last year). I’m not saying it sahould be the norm its just wierd that it hasnt happened more.

  • Tommy Castillo

    Deal or No Deal/Bobby’s World.

  • Sladewilson

    Fringe/Warehouse 13 – Nuff Said

    NCIS/NCIS LA/Hawaii Five-0 – Already all on the same network, have a naval officer killed in Hawaii under mysterious circumstances and have it all end in Los Angeles. McGarrett meeting Gibbs is worth the price of admission alone with a Kenzi/Kono/Ziva 3 girl bad-ass trio a very close second.

    Covert Affairs/White Collar

    Fairly Legal/The Good Wife – yeah, it’s cliche but the thought of Alicia vs Kate is hilarious on soooo many levels…

    Wonder Woman/Batman/Superman/Green Lantern – Oh wait – that’s the Justice League with a much better cast… Hint, hint Warner Bros – let’s make it happen… BTW – What happened to the Green Arrow movie? That sounded like it had promise…

  • FDCain

    Doctor Who/ Sherlock. Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch would be great together. Plus, both series are written by Steven Moffat. Maybe it could actually happen as a Red Nose Day type thing.

  • Anonymous

    Gremlins/the Smurfs. Clumsy Smurf muddles a spell from Papa Smurf’s magic book and switches the personalities of the Smurfs and the Gremlins. Can you imagine what the Gremlins in Smurf bodies would do to Gargamel and Azrael?

  • Imaginet1

    Fringe and No ordinary Family
    House and Glee

  • FabNic

    Days of Our Lives and Supernatural.

  • Cforshaw67220

    ‘Sherlock’ and ‘House’ – given that Gregory House, a fan of Joseph Bell (who was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes) who is anti-social and obsessed with solving puzzles, is essentially a medical rip-off of Holmes (get it? even the title is a clue – House/Holmes), and given that both of them would be guaranteed to absolutely hate one-another because they are so similar, it would be great to watch Cumberbatch and Laurie have a game of one-up-manship.

    ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Quatermass’ – this one is, to me, a bit of a no-brainer. ‘Quatermass’ could be amazing if it was brought back for a ‘Children of Earth’ style event once a year, and the perfect place to trail the reaction would be by having The Doctor rescue Quatermass from his death back in the 50s/60s, and bring him to the present day to help solve a problem with an alien invasion. After all, “Time can be rewritten” now, so why not use the opportunity to bring back one of the best sci-fi heroes television has ever seen.

    ‘Misfits’ and ‘Heroes’ – Nathan: “Save the cheerleader… for my c**k.” ‘Nuff said, really.

    ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ and ‘Justified’ – After a shady deal with Arlo Givens leaves them on the run, Bo and Luke Duke flee, but end up shot dead by Deputy Raylan Givens, mere hours after sleeping with Daisy. Meanwhile, Boyd Crowder falls in with the Tea Party lot, who are propping up Boss Hog as the commissioner of Hazard County, before, eventually, realising that they are supporting greed, and that doesn’t play right with Boyd’s born-again persona, and so he delivers a savage beating to Boss Hog, but with Sherrif Rosco Coltrane being so inept, Boyd walks free.

    ‘Dexter’ and ‘Murder She Wrote’ – after years of escaping justice by pinning her murders on other people, fake-amatuer-slueth, mass-murderer, and best selling novelist Jessica Fletcher decides to retire to the sun-kissed beaches of Florida. But when she can’t control her natural impulse to murder, and then insert herself into the investigation, that puts her in direct conflict with generally incompetant serial killer Dexter Morgan, and the generally incompetant police department where he works. Now the race is on… can Dexter kill Jessica before she realises she has the perfect patsy for her crimes?

    ‘Father Dowling Mysteries’ and ‘The Wire’ – when a young boy is gunned down in the street, Catholic priest and slueth Frank Dowling sets about proving that the murder was a hit carried out by ruthless street criminal Marlo Stanfield. Despite being warned by everyone with a bit of common sense that Marlo will, “Pop a cap in yo’ @$$”, Dowling none-the-less persists. He finally manages to figure out who Marlo ordered to carry out the hit, but is shot dead, and left to rot in an abandonned house.

    ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Fringe’ – strange dopplegangers? The fact that Doctor Jacoby is Walter’s old colleague (mentioned a few weeks back)? A former FBI Agent named Dale Cooper on a killing spree across the country? The Black Lodge about to open in Glastonberry Grove? Josie Packard sharing Walternate’s bed in the other universe – giving a burnt-out Harry S. Truman a chance to be with her again? Lucy swapping tips with Astrid, thinking she is Walter’s secretary? Albert Rosenfield as a new recurring character? Directed by David Lynch? Why hasn’t this happened yet?

    ‘Lost’ and ‘Sex and the City’ – Four annoying, screeching, insulting, materialist, obnoxiously-wealthy, stereotypes of every negative trait attributed to women, crash land on a mysterious island. When the mysterious Jacob reveals that they have to protect a cave of strange electro-magnetic magic, or evil will command the hearts of all people who walk the Earth, Jack points out that they have four shrieking harpies that suggest that the process has already begun. Eventually, The Man in Black reveals that he tricked Jacob into bringing them to the island to destroy the morale of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, but then reveals that he cannot stand them either, and kills them. Permanently. Then he shoots them in the head in case of zombies.

    ‘The Human Centipede’ and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ – hilarious episode in which insane scientist Dr. Heiter narrowly manages to hide his sick experiments from Ty Pennington and his home makeover crew when they mistake a tape from one of the girls begging for help as a request to come and rebuild his house.

    ‘Castle’ and ‘A Serbian Film’ – The romantic tension is building between Castle and Beckett… Until they get involved with the case of a Serbian porn-star accused of rape and murder… Only to find that the truth is so disturbing that both swear to a life of celebacy, and lock themselves in their fancy New York panic rooms for the rest of their lives, their only communication being through the tiny gap in the door that their loved ones push food through three times a day.

    ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ – Hannibal Lecter: sophisticated, charming, intelligent, and liable to eat your brain in a fancy sauce if you give him half a chance. Gene Hunt: sexist, reactionary, violent, and confrontational. But whereas others have sought to understand Lecter, to get inside his mind and understand his sublime intelligence, Gene Hunt wants only one thing: to kick this n***e’s head in.

    ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ’30 Rock’ – Picard is trapped in the holodeck, whilst a holographic projection has somehow gotten free… but everyone thinks that the projection is Picard, despite the fact that it is clearly Tracy Jordan. Ryker: “Sir, the people of this planet need our help.” Tracy: “Are they transexual prostitutes who need help breaking into the performing arts and are looking for a sponsor?” Ryker: “Uh… No, sir.” Tracy: “Then it’s no deal, bearded assistant. It’s no deal.”

    And, finally…

    ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Venture Brothers’ – The Black’s show up without their shirts on, and then turn into wolves. Brock Samson smiles. “Two can play that game.” Brock strips naked, and takes out his knife. And smiles. Soon, Forks is just a smouldering crater in the ground that Brock uses to light his cigarette.

  • Jacob

    Waaiiitt…. Didn’t that just happen?

  • Necrosadist

    Now that Michael is back ‘in’, I’d like to see a Covert Affairs / Burn Notice crossover. They’re both on USA so I don’t see it as being impossible…

  • atomic1fire

    NCIS, Criminal minds crossover.
    Some psycho starts killing navy people, Of course, they need the Behavior team for some reason, maybe the cases cross, And gibs starts telling people what to do.

  • JD

    What do you mean when you say you would “accept” the cast of 30 Rock? 30 Rock is one of the best shows on TV!