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The Bodyguard Remake Is A Go

Whitney Houston will always love you, but will she love the news that her starring role in The Bodyguard will be revisited in a remake? Warner Bros. has revealed plans to reboot the 1992 film, which starred Houston and Kevin Costner in a story about a pop diva and her manly protector, Variety reports. The studio has Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer set to deliver a script and Dan Lin on board to produce.

In the original, Costner’s character was an ex-Secret Service agent hired to protect Houston’s pop star from her more dangerous “fans.” The reboot will reframe the character as an Iraq War vet. Friedman and Palmer are also set for another WB picture, Family Getaway, about an assassin who heads home for Thanksgiving dinner and the shenanigans that ensue when rival assassins show up to spoil the holiday cheer.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems totally unnecessary. The Bodyguard was fine and it remains a noteworthy moment in ’90s Hollywood pop culture. It’s going to be tough to recapture magic like that, when it is so centered on a particular time and the players involved. Then again, the face of pop stardom has shifted dramatically in the almost 20 years since the original was released. Today’s divas, people like Lady Gaga, are a much different breed, which could potentially offer a fresh new angle on the story.


  • Anonymous

    wow…really? That is like the last good thing Whitney Houston ever did, I smell fail all over this.

  • ShinHakkai

    Yeah, this time, the bodyguard must protect the fans from the divas.

  • RunnerX13

    This officially marks the end of original ideas from Hollywood.

  • Bclewis6593

    The first film was lightning in a bottle with everything coming together to make something that will be impossible to duplicate. The music was what really made the original work and right now there’s no pop star out there that is as good as Huston was in that moment in time.

  • Pigdogbastard

    they should remake MY Bodyguard

  • J82f13th3d

    People in Hollywood are so stupid that they can’t think of anything original anymore. Like really? Who cares?!

  • Omegasaga

    wow so now we are already up to Remaking movies from 1992. sheesh i am getting old.

    Movies from the 70s and early 80s that are reeeealy dated i can understand. BUT– whats dated at all about the BODYGAURD??

    Movies that NEED a remake:

    Last starfighter
    Greatest american Hero
    Logans Run

  • DrunkMonkeyKungFu

    Meh, It can’t any goofier then they remake with Jet Li. Which is goofy in a fun way.

  • Scud

    1992? They just remade Let the Right One In two years after the original was made and they’re remaking the Millennium Trilogy just two years after the Swedish films came out.

  • Joemac307

    Why is anyone surprised? Isn’t this new flick “The Roommate” essentially a remake of “Single White Female”, which came out in 1992? You have to think at who these types of films are aimed at – people in their late teens/early twenties, mostly, I’d guess… who were toddlers, or not even born yet, back in the early 90s. They may not even realize these flicks are remakes.

  • Geeksnap

    dude, this is actually a great idea! i would watch this!