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Social Network Predicted To Win Best Picture By … The Internet

Sunday is OSCAR NIGHT! The dynamite lineup of movies from 2010 will be named, counted and deemed worthy of receiving honors in the form of a golden statue. Or not. The expected results of the show are the subject of many water-cooler conversations and office pools, not to mention reams and reams of Internet opining.

Zeta Interactive undertook the Herculean task of sorting through the many blog posts, news write-ups, forum comments and tweets, compiling the data into a collection of Oscar predictions that are based on the “tonal buzz” around the Internet, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the company’s findings, The Social Network is the top pick for best picture and The King’s Speech — a current Best Picture favorite — helmer Tom Hooper will be honored as best director. There’s also a 12 percent boost expected for this year’s viewing audience.

The fatal flaw here is that all of this data is based on the ebbs and flows of the Internet. While it’s true that plenty of news is broken online these days, that newspapers and print publications are in fact suffering because of the immediacy that online reporting offers, taking the Internet’s opinion as a whole just seems sort of … flawed.

We bloggers and commenters and film fans aren’t the people who get to vote, and the actual voters aren’t voicing their opinions publicly outside of Twitter. It will certainly be interesting to see how the predictions line up with the actual results, but I can’t say I feel that this particular bit of awards soothsaying is really indicative of how the voters are thinking.


  • Scud

    Did everyone miss Inception or something?

  • Anonymous

    the people with a vote did yes.

  • Jacob

    Inception was fantastic, but not really best picture material. The Best Picture tends to be emotionally stirring and filled with moving performances. Not zero-gravity fight scenes in a hallway. But hey, take solace in the fact that Inception will be remembered much longer than whatever film actually wins (Unless, by some miracle, Toy Story 3 actually wins Best Picture)

  • Scud

    If Cobb’s journey throughout the movie, especially the parts about his wife, wasn’t emotionally stirring than I don’t know what is.