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The Walking Dead Season 2 Will Debut In The Fall, Not Summer

Actor Bryan Cranston raised the hopes of fans when he suggested a few months ago that The Walking Dead‘s second season might debut in July, alongside Breaking Bad, instead of in October. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be the case.

UGO’s Kevin Fitzpatrick notes that AMC’s new website for The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season clearly states “New Season: Fall 2011,” dashing our dreams of a summer return for Rick, Shane, Lori & Co. Sure, July seemed unlikely — production probably would’ve needed to begin in February — but we can hardly be blamed for fantasizing about a Sunday-night pairing of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Curse you, Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston!

So, we’ll have to wait until at least Oct. 2, the first Sunday of AMC’s Fearfest, for the premiere of the 13-episode second season. To hold us over, there’s always the first-season DVD, which goes on sale Tuesday, as well as the Friday marathon. Not new episodes, but they’ll have to do.


  • Scud

    Had a feeling they would wait until October regardless really.

  • jake estrada

    This is a stellar show, and I eagerly await the second season. I think million others are waiting just like I. :)

    Hope to see my zombie bashing.

  • Quinten

    Well this blows

  • Grant S

    DAMN! I don’t want to wait that long. Oh well, the show is great.

  • Dawnell_do

    Yeah the more “zombie bashing” the better!

  • Darrell

    It sucked so badly, they can use the extra time I’m sure.

  • Evil_s2003

    Much as I HATE waiting…I’d rather they not rush production on this.
    It also says this on the DVD release for the show. Right before you go into the special features you get a screen that says new episodes in Fall 2011…