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Do New Avengers Rumors Mean Bad Things Ahead?

The new rumors about what might be happening in Marvel’s Avengers movie – brought on by reports of an already-filmed teaser trailer that may accompany either Thor or Captain America in theaters – underline the ongoing problem with superhero sequels (and, for that matter, Joss Whedon films). Potential spoilers ahead!

For those who haven’t heard the rumors, there is apparently a Loki-starring Avengers teaser already filmed and ready to be released, and it cues up an Avengers movie where Thor’s half-brother uses the Cosmic Cube from the Captain America movie to bring the Skrulls to Earth and cause chaos. And on the one hand, I really like this idea – it gives both Thor and Cap a reason to be involved in the Avengers, and keeps Loki’s place as the guy responsible for bringing everyone together in the first place. But on the other… Loki and a Skrull invasion? In one movie? A movie that was already going to be pretty busy just finding facetime for at least three leading characters? Ouch.

(It’s been awhile since I read The Ultimates, but isn’t this relatively close to the first couple of volumes of that series? I can’t remember if the Skrulls-in-all-but-name there were Loki’s doing or not, though.)

I mean, there’s a chance that director/writer Joss Whedon will find some way to make it work – most likely by cutting Loki’s role down considerably to something akin to “Guy who starts trouble then beats a quick retreat as it gets out of hand,” sadly – but even with that, I can’t help but feel that pushing an alien invasion story into Avengers does one of two things:

– Reduces the role of the villain to faceless, generic threat so as to allow more screentime for the headliners from the other movies, or
– Fills the movie with too many characters, and a scale too large, to fulfill everyone’s expectations of their favorites getting screentime.

I don’t know why I’m surprised that the latter is a possibility, because, hey: Serenity. But you’d hope that he would have learned from his mistakes, not to mention the mistakes made by almost every single superhero movie that isn’t an origin story (including, importantly, Iron Man 2), wouldn’t you? People: Less is more, when it comes to “number of characters people expect to spend some time with in a big budget summer movie.” Don’t work against your own best interests.

(Of course, this is all based on rumor and conjecture. But haven’t we heard the Skrulls rumor enough now for it to have some glimmer of truth to it?)


  • Mark

    Why don’t we wait until the movie starts shooting before we get too carried away with whether we think some unsubstantiated rumoured storyline will or will not work?

  • Jacob

    Marvel doesn’t have the film rights to the Skrulls. Pretty sure they went with the Fantastic Four.

  • Shawn Phillips

    There’s honestly no pleasing you people is there? First a bunch of people bitching about that great Red Skull pic and now the idea of having Skrulls and Loki together is a bad thing. Jesus. Iron Man 2 was a perfectly fine film that I must have watched a dozen or so times and its reviews weren’t much different than the first film. Evans and Downey both have plenty of experience in ensemble films (Tropic Thunder, Scott Pilgrim, The Losers, etc) so there won’t be any screen time arguments.

  • The Hudda Budda

    What was the mistake made in Serenity? That movie was almost flawless.

  • Mark

    No, my understanding is that Fox has the rights to the Super Skrull but not to the Skrulls

  • 2000filmfan

    All these films give comics fans panic attacks.

    Considering this is the first time we have ever seen a super hero team with this quality of heroes (four independent previous movies if we included the Hulk), I imagine we will encounter a lot of first time experiences. Despite the high stakes, I think we should wait before we start complaining. We really know very little about this film, story line, or full cast.

  • Jin_qun_ann

    why do plp like this post these articles and haven’t even seen the movie yet. and there rumors so chill.. besides this is a ensemble movie so it has to be epic.. enough for all this guys to come together

  • Coryjameson

    It should have only been the Skrulls. And it should have some of the feel of Ultimates 1 with WWII flashbacks. However, I don’t see how even with Thor, Hulk and Iron Man could force back a full onslaught invasion by a technologically superior alien race. I mean Thor would have to be COSMICALLY POWERFUL, but even then he’d have to destroy the Earth just to “save” it. Iron Man would probably only be able to take on one of the Skrull attack spacecraft. Hulk could be levitated by simple tractor-beam and he’d be absolutely useless (yes, Mark Millar is completely inept when it comes to physics). Captain America is a human in drag (as Edna Mode would say “useless”!) for all the Skrulls would care. Black Widow ditto. Wasp is literally an insect. Giant-man is vulnerable to just about any weapon you can think of…

    Most of the worldwide resistance would have to come from SHIELD technology and troops. The Avengers are “useless dahling!”

  • ATK

    and here I thought the Idea was that it was supposed to be BIG?

  • demoncat_4

    till marvel officially denies or confirms the skrulls all it is is rumor. Lokie figured given how they have the founding members proably minus wasp and ant man. including the hulk just have to wait for the trailer and what Marvel will let be talked about for avengers.

  • Jacob

    Why wouldn’t they be the same rights?

  • Palmer

    Wash was killed off.

  • MrHangman

    Inara and Book we’re in the film, but didn’t really have anything to do.

  • Anonymous

    These are exactly my own concerns. I mean, in the CAP movie we have the Cosmic Cube (!) and in the Thor movie we have the Infinity Gauntlet (!!) There is such a thing as throwing in too many references.

    Making a comic book movie is never easy because not only you have to please the existing fanbase, you have to get *the rest of the world* to care as well, and that usually requires some careful editing of the material.

  • CaseyJustice

    Nothing. It’s perfect.

  • Josh

    Wow…..rights to Super Skrull but not Skrulls? I wanna see that contract.

  • urbane_turtle

    Graeme is excellent at baseless skepticism and conjecture that puts a negative bent on every upcoming comic book movie property. Solid reporting there, bud.

  • Grant

    Man are we spoiled. 10, 20, 30 years ago people would be excited that they would even attempt a movie like this.

  • shawn richter

    To answer the headline question, no, there’s nothing to fear. We can only base any PRE-judgement on marvel studios previous output, which is currently limited to Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2, which, in my opinion are 3 good to great quality films. If Captain America and Thor are at least the same quality, then odds are Avengers will be of equal quality. Besides, the skrulls need very little in the way of exposition and would simply serve as cannon fodder for the heroes. The big bad could still be Loki and most of his character development will be taken care of in Thor (or for the “general public”, Norse mythology.

    What is interesting, is I guessed that Graeme had written this article before I clicked on the link…

  • Jacob

    I agree with all of this but “or for the “general public”, Norse mythology” What does that mean?

  • stojr

    So let me get this straight, we are worried about a rumor….about a teaser trailer…. for the scope of the movie that very closely matches the first volume of ultimates….which was fantastic.

    uh…. I dont get it

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    With a team movie you are already going to get limited face time, it’s a given. Graeme pointed out Serenity as apparently an example, well just like the episodes the movie gave more spotlight to certain individuals, that kinda what we expect isn’t it? Let’s not start discussing rumours too deeply in articles, keep that on the forums.

  • John Steed

    “because, hey: Serenity”…was an awesome movie?

    If you want to blame anyone for the mess that Marvel films are becoming, it’s best to start close to home… no, wait, AT home. It’s Marvel’s fault for ruining the one thing film versions of comic book properties allow and thrive on–sidestepping continuity.

    Apparently, Marvel’s idea of subtlety is Mjolnir.

    I was already disinterested in an Avengers movie, but throw in this plot and I’m now actively hoping it fails. And that’s too bad because I was very much looking forward to Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. So much for that.

  • Deeds

    Am I worried? Um no. I am preparing myself for watching a awesome movie. I think the writer is jumping the gun big time, wait until Thor and Cap have been released then speculate. Tard

  • deshawn

    Ironman 2 sucked because they forced the avengers plot and unfortunatly until they get someone like nolan who can handle multiple villains this shouldn’t happen but hey fans love references and thats why crap like ironman 2 doesn’t get called for being exactly what we got before but with a useless plot.

  • moira

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  • Moira

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  • Moira

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  • Marymoira2009

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