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Avengers To Shoot In Cleveland

Marvel will shoot part of The Avengers in Cleveland, Ohio Gov. John Kasich confirmed this afternoon, less than two weeks after the film withdrew from Michigan over questions about state tax incentives.

The Plain Dealer reports that the Ohio Film Office had been in talks all week with the studio about bringing The Avengers to Cleveland, an effort Kasich teased on Monday without mentioning the Joss Whedon-directed movie by name.

“I’m really pleased that the city is going to get this movie,” Kasich was quoted as saying today. “It’s fantastic. It required quick and hard work between the community here and the state of Ohio, something that hasn’t always happened. We won another one from Michigan. I’m thrilled we are going to have this here. I’m just bucking for a part as Governator 2.”

Marvel reportedly pulled out of Detroit because studio executives were unable to confirm whether The Avengers would still qualify for incentives under Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget plan.

Expected to begin shooting in Cleveland this fall, The Avengers will be the largest movie ever made in Ohio. The bulk of The Avengers will be filmed at Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico, beginning in April, and at other locations throughout the state before moving to New York and, now, Ohio.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg. It opens on May 4, 2012.


  • Guest

    Wonder if they’ll run into Howard

  • Anonymous

    Whats up with the shot against Michigan tho? Sports I can understand, but this is a job issue foremost, kinda rude but whatever.

    But the real loser of course is Lebron.

  • Lucky967

    is the avengers bigger than Spiderman 3? That also was filmed in Cleveland. I guess it depends on how big a chunk of filming is done in Cleveland before I can decide for sure.

  • Matt Rower

    I wonder if Bendis had any input on this…

  •!/haversam [A]

    He wants the movie to last 6 to 9 hours

  • Jaded Devil

    And mostly revolve around a conversation about Luke Cage’s marriage.

  • A Guest 2

    Does anyone think its funny that Whedon is having to direct in Cleveland after all his Cleveland jokes in Buffy?

  • Jacob

    I’d watch that.

  • Exorian

    Michigander/ganian/whatever here. So Glad we elected a douche bag CEO to be our governor, so we can lose job opportunities to other Rustbelt states.

  • Evil_s2003

    Yeah, much better than the jobs and money we were hemorrhaging under that dumb broad Granholm.

  • Impshial

    Hey, our governer is a douchebag CEO as well, and a corrupt one to boot. This is the first decent thing he’s done, and prolly the last.

  • Ragweedjones

    I’m originally from Detroit Michigan but fled the state like many others before and after me. This is a political maneuver. Governor Snyder is a Republican. Detroit is a Democratic stronghold. Most of the revenue would have gone to the Detroit area. Synder doesn’t give a shit about Detroit.

    Michael Moore (the liberal) is from Michigan and was a huge proponent of the Michigan Film Office and the tax breaks breaks and instrumental in getting film companies to shoot on location throughout Michigan. This is Republican sour grapes and retribution towards Michael Moore.

  • BetterThanAMonkeySmile

    Yay, finally something important that I like near me!

  • BetterThanAMonkeySmile

    I cant wait for the movie