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Resident Evil 5 Coming Sept. 14, 2012

Critics love to crap all over Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil series, and no one in the audience really cares. Why is that? It’s a simple formula, really. Zombies are always awesome, especially when they are destroyed in great numbers. Star Milla Jovovich is similarly awesome, though for very different reasons. So Milla + zombies + zombie gore = a helluva good time. Math.

Since the series refuses to stop making money, despite the whimpering of angry, jaded critics, Sony keeps asking for more. And more is what we’re getting next year, as the studio has confirmed that Resident Evil 5 — presumably a working title — will be coming on Sept. 14, 2012. Usually a tough time of year for any release, coming as it does right between the summer blockbuster season and the awards season, but the last three RE movies got September releases and, as I said, they just keep making money.

Resident Evil: Afterlife, released last year, was the first in the series to make the jump to 3D. It was a welcome jump too; multiply the above equation by “3D” and you’re left the illusion of zombie gore being spattered onto your face by a sword-swinging Jovovich. There’s no confirmation that the fifth movie will be shot in the format, but Anderson himself is a huge fan of it and it worked so well in Afterlife. You can pretty much count on the 3D being back for movie five.


  • Cover55555

    Good, I always enjoyed the Resident Evil Movie series and I’m happy they plan on continuing. I expect it to keep luring me to theaters.

  • Khiaao

    Time for her to do some nude scenes in this one

  • Dawnell_do

    I liked the R.E. movie series, but they fucked up the canonicity so much that they should just reboot it!

  • Scud

    No reboots please. Even though its a total leave your brain at the door kind of thing I love these movies.

  • Blarg

    The Resident Evil franchise represents the art of bad horror movie making absolutely perfected. They barely even need scripts to make these things. Milla fights zombies, Ali Larter helps. What more do you need from a movie? I am always happy to leave my brain at the door and enjoy another chapter in the awesomeness that is Resident Evil. I hope the new one is 3D like Afterlife.

  • Slipknotfan87

    It will be in 3D. I asked Milla & She did say it will be filmed in 3D. ^-^

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I liked the RE movies up until I saw Afterlife which was not only a terrible RE movie, but a terrible movie period. I felt the stupider having paid to see it. Glad it was a cheap day though. -.-

  • The Hudda Budda

    ultimate popcorn movie. This is the primary example of a movie I look for in matinee, dollar theater, or rent. And I always get more than I paid for. Can’t wait.

  • Marius Cioranu

    mie mereu mia placut resident evil :D:D:D