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Shane Black Will Write Iron Man 3 As A Tom Clancy-Style Thriller

In the nearly three weeks since Shane Black signed on to direct Marvel’s Iron Man 3, many have wondered whether the established screenwriter — Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, for starters — would try his hand at the sequel’s script. Well, wonder no longer.

Ain’t It Cool News reports that Black appeared at the Omaha Film Festival, where he confirmed he will, indeed, direct and write the third installment of the franchise, and plans to get story input this week from star Robert Downey Jr. (Black directed Downey in the 2005 crime/dark comedy film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.)

According to the reader report, Marvel executives weren’t pleased with Iron Man 2 — but, hey, it grossed more than $620 million worldwide — so the third movie will move away from “two men in iron suits fighting each other” and toward a Tom Clancy-style thriller, “with Iron Man fighting real world villians.”

Black also reportedly said that Iron Man 3 will be made after the Joss Whedon-directed Avengers and, therefore, won’t feature the character cameos that Marvel has used to build toward that movie. After The Avengers is released in 2012, the studio plans to return to “self-contained, single-character stories.”


  • Jacob

    So wait, no supervillain? Dammit.

  • Apprentice_00

    Black could go Batman Begins route and turn villains from the comic into more real world villains??

  • K-Dog

    We may still get the Mandarin, though not in a way that anyone expected.

  • Kenneth Livitski

    I’m digging Shane Black on this… not so sure I’m digging NO Marvel-based super-villain in it…

  • John Lees

    I hope we still get The Mandarin in “Iron Man 3″, even if it’s an updated, more “real-world” version.

  • Scud

    Iron Man fighting real world villains? *raspberry* I wanted to see the Mandarin.

  • demoncat_4

    guess this means the Mandrin will never show up in an iron man film now or iron man three. as for cameo’s hope that does not include stan Lee’s .

  • Jacob

    Yea, but they started their franchise that way. It set the tone for the sequels. This is Iron Man 3. The third movie in the series. To go that route would be a very bad call, imo. They already had two supervillains featured. I was really hoping for Mandarin or Ghost or somebody cool and fantastical to appear. Not terrorists or whatever “real world villains” means. I have doubts that it’ll be as cool as some of his supervillains. (but I’m still going to see it anyway, I liked Iron Man 2, I’m ip for more. ^_^)

  • Deco

    ironman vs vampires

  • k0

    ‘so the third movie will move away from “two men in iron suits fighting each other” and toward a Tom Clancy-style thriller, “with Iron Man fighting real world villains.”’

    Umm….. I recommend everyone take a long breath, step back and read the article again. That except I placed above did not indicate that there will be no Marvel villains. They are just moving away from the monotonous Iron Man verses the next evil armor-clad guy. First Iron Monger, then Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo. Who’s next? Firepower? Mauler? Melter?

    I rather the change of pace. Furthermore, they are staying true to the tone set by Jon Favreau. He actually wanted to establish a more grounded take on Ironman’s world but with a lighthearted demeanor. The Ten-Rings, the terrorist organization responsible for kidnapping Stark in the first place was meant to be the entry point for the Mandarin. But for some reason he decided to effectively repeat the origin movie’s tired plot in the sequel.

  • Eric

    As far as I’m concerned, Shane Black can do whatever the hell he wants in Iron Man 3. I’m in, no matter what.