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New Screencaps, Character Designs For X-Men Anime

Following our first glimpse last week at the character designs for Madhouse Studios’ X-Men anime, Marvel has released screencaps, a poster and final concept art for the eagerly anticipated adaptation.

The series, which debuts April 1 on Japan’s Animax television network, is set a year after the death of Jean Grey as the disbanded X-Men are summoned by Charles Xavier to find the abducted Hisako Ichiki (aka Armor) and confront the U-Men, the mutant organ-stealing cult.

X-Men is one of four Marvel anime adaptations written by Warren Ellis and produced by Madhouse. The English-language versions of Iron Man and Wolverine will premiere this summer on G4; X-Men and Blade will follow.


  • Checho

    Oh dear god Cyclops–could he be or look anymore ultra-feminine? Least Storm looks good although the Japanese have a spotty record when it comes to race–they overglamorize white people, completely mask the Japanese to appear white and completely denigrate people of African and Latino descent. I see they squeezed in Armor into the team instead of Jean Grey, Iceman, Colossus, nightcrawler or any other character that would be stunning to see in an animated form. (sigh) here’s hoping that Blade is allowed to be suitably black, masculine, bad-ass and not speak in some weird rap style (looking at you Killer Bee from Naruto)—although it’s a given that he’ll have one bad-ass asian sidekick who will be the star of the piece while Blade is more background filler.

  •!/haversam [A]

    CYCLOPS is gay now? How modern. Also, this looks terrible.

  • Hmhgjhjghgf

    Seriously. What’s up with his posing?

  • Beow101

    Since they weren’t including Jean Grey, did they decide to just blend her with Cyclops? What the hell are those poses? I know the whole hipster effeminate male thing is huge right now (especially in Japan), but really?

  • Dav

    I was thinking exactly the same thing

  • Farson89

    Enough has been said about ultra feminine Cyclops so I’ll think of something else to talk about.

    I’ve got nothing else, damn he looks gay.

  • MikeAB

    Looks better than X-Men first class.

  • SJPE

    haha You people know nothin’ about being fabulous! Cyclops is giving fierce poses and you’re all incredibly jealous.

  • Personamanx

    Not terribly fond of Cyke’s character design but this looks pretty good. I wonder who will be doing the english voices.

  • Lara Lara

    OMG, Cyclops is a Bishonen! Noooooo!

  • C.C. Sharumun

    Yeah… because Cyclops looking less stereotypically masculine is such a bad thing, and appearing less stereotypically masculine must automatically make him gay. For goodness sake. None of these things mean he isn’t cool, and strong, and heroic.

    On a positive note, I am loving the quality of this art. Some of those previews are beautiful.

  • Dawnell_do

    Like Cyclops character design, he looks sexy, lol.

  • Coryjameson

    I don’t like the design, but I’d be fine with a gay Cyclops. Or Wolverine for that matter. And for all of you who equate effeminate with gay, there are vast numbers of gay men who are anything but effeminate.

  • Knighthawk1771

    Yeah, but very few straight guys are that effeminate.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with Cyclops looking the way he does.

  • Wyatt

    I would have no problem with the whole team being gay. But while your last statement is true, it is also true that there number relatively few straight men who are effeminate.

  • jorge gonzalez

    uhmmmmmmm…………… yeah it does, it definitely makes him less “masculine, strong, heroic”, i mean , the whole thing about cyke is that he’s the badass leader who makes the hard choices and is(most of the time) damn right.

    and that design, and the horrible poses, don’t give any of that away

  • C.C. Sharumun

    And I would argue that being “strong”, “heroic”, “badass” and a “leader who makes the hard choices” does not mean that one must appear or be stereotypically masculine. These admirable qualities are not limited to appearances, sexuality, or how one places on a scale of masculinity and femininity.

  • jorge gonzalez

    i get your point, i mean who has been more of a badass than Indhira Gandhi????(and i’m not joking that woman was BADASS), but can you really pinpoint those defining characteristics from those stills????

    Compare this or this to the poses he shows and you’ll see that the whole point of body language in this Cyke is off; that uber-macho-do_as_i_say_cause_i_am_right vibe that has been a defining point of every Cyclops version is completely lost here, even his imposing presence is something we just don’t get from those stills, and if i have to point something to blame for that is that they tried to play him too cutey(at least in those stills).

  • 4for2

    is rogue and remy going to be in it? (oh and cyclops is work’in ittttt!)

  • Sam

    So it looks like Jean will at least appear since they hired a voice actor for her. Hopefully she returns towards the end or in flashbacks. Cyclops is getting to know his feminine side. I have a feeling this will heavily be wolverine centric.