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McG Brings Untitled Sci-Fi Movie To Fox With Expendables Writer

So a movie is coming out. It doesn’t have a title and we don’t know anything about the plot. Twentieth Century Fox picked up the pitch, though. From none other than McG. It’s a science fiction adventure film with The Expendables and Doom writer David Callahan working on the script.

Hey, it’s not like McG movies really need an over-the-top script. A platform from which to execute set pieces works just as well.

Deadline reports that the deal was made on Friday, with McG set to produce and possibly direct through his Wonderland Sound and Vision. If he’s going to sit at the helm, though, his schedule might need a little spring cleaning.

McG just wrapped on This Means War, a dark comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. He’s also developing an adaptation of the Parker Brothers board game Ouija, with TRON Legacy writers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis providing the script.


  • Blarg

    An adaptation of the Parker Brothers’ board game Ouija? Dude, that’s just a Ouija board. That’s like saying you’re making a movie adaptaion of a telephone.

  • Steve King

    McG is just a poor man’s Michael Bay. He has never made a good film. Now he wants to do top secret projects and become the poor man’s J.J. Abrahams. McG made the only bad Terminator movie, I’m not looking forward to anything he makes.

    Terrible Director.
    Terrible Writer.
    Terrible Producer.
    Terrible Name.

  • Adam Rosenberg

    I know it’s just a Ouija board but I can’t hep it. It’ll always be a Parker Bros. board game to me.

  • Jacob

    Waaaiiit, they did that. Phone Booth, 2002.