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Updates On Ghostbusters, Baywatch And Private Parts From Ivan Reitman

It’s been a long time since Ghostbusters, but the name Ivan Reitman still carries plenty of weight among geeks. You don’t strap an unlicensed nuclear accelerator to Bill Murray’s back and let him joke about it without leaving a mark, it’s just that simple. And that’s why you should be very excited to hear today from Reitman, who, with Montecito Picture Co. partner Tom Pollock, offers some updates on a few notable projects fans have been waiting for.

The one you want to hear about the most is also the one that Reitman offered the smallest amount on in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Ghostbusters III: “There’s a lot of talk about Ghostbusters III. And there’s a very good script that the other cast members have read and liked. We’re just waiting for Bill Murray to read it.”

C’mon, Bill! You’re the man and everything, and we’ll always love you … BUT READ THAT ALREADY.

Next up is Baywatch, an adaptation of the titillating ’90s TV series starring (among others) David Hasselhoff. It has already been confirmed that the movie will skew more towards outright comedy as compared to the unintentional comedy that was a highlight of the TV series. Reitman says that things are moving right along … but they’re not there yet.

“We still don’t have a script that’s makeable. I think it’s a big opportunity. This is a comedy, and I think we have a very interesting take — a classical idea that will be fresh for the world audience. It’s one of the best-known titles that’s out there.”

Finally we come to the Private Parts sequel. Reitman was one of the producers on the 1997 bio-comedy about and starring radio shock jock Howard Stern. There has long been talk of a sequel, but it sounds like it is probably the least likely of the three to ever get off the ground.

Said Reitman, “I spoke to Howard. He brings it up all the time. There is a great sequel story in it. But I doubt it will happen. If he’s going to do another film, my guess is that it’s probably not going to be the sequel to Private Parts.”

As a final note, Reitman added that while he won’t be producing his son Jason’s Up in the Air follow-up Young Adult — “Not for us.” — he expressed hope that father & son can come together to co-direct a future project.

“I’d like to direct with him somehow. I’m talking about a movie we would co-direct that has a kind of dual story perhaps that can be divided up.”


  • L2O

    Back in January of this year, Amy Poehler expressed a desire for Bill Murray to guest-star on a tv show. What concerns me is, she said he can sit in a chair the whole time, and would only have to work for a couple of hours (Found at Something else which concerns me is an article (here: ) which as I am reading it, questions whether Bill Murray will attend a function in July. Steve Worthy’s comments seem to indicate this is due to question regarding Bill Murray’s health.
    I started to worry about Bill Murray’s health a long time ago. He has not been looking 100% for a while. After the end of the recent Howard Stern interview though, I really started to wonder what is going on with him.

    Being a Bill Murray fan, this scares me. It hurts my feelings too a little though (selfish and silly, perhaps) because while I don’t know this man, I am among many of have had a high affection for him which stands for the reason of buying movie tickets, and thereby being among many (probably millions) who helped to further the successful career and life he has enjoyed from over the years of his hard work. I think Mr. Murray’s response to that should be a little humble, maybe even unselfish and heaven forbid: grateful. If something has happened to Mr. Murray, it would be awfully thankless and just plain nasty for him to take these people for granted. If he is ill and has lied about the reasons for not doing Ghostbusters 3, then he must think nothing at all of these people who care about him; support him; and so, so, many people (mostly young people) on twitter who speak highly of him. Some of the kids out there almost worship him.

    If Bill Murray is ill, this is a public request for him to please, please, please tell his fans what is happening. I think it would be a nice (and gracious) thing for him to do. Maybe it’ll take some humility for him to do that. Mr. Murray that is certainly nothing you have to do, but it would surely be something nice for you to do.

    All of the above being said, it is important to note a possibility that Mr. Murray is not ill (reserving questions as to whatever “when healthy” meant in the Monterey Herald article) and may be fine. The comments posted are out of sincere concern. I hate the feeling of not knowing what has happend to someone who I care about. That’s torture, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels that way. I do not have any desire to start rumors or anything of the like. For that reason, it is asked that those who do not have true information or do not have permission to share it, please not respond to my post with any information about Bill Murray’s health. If Mr. Murray approves the solving of this mystery though (preferrably from his own mouth), his kind cooperation (and mercy to speak up) would be sincerely appreciated.

    That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

  • Bill Reed

    He’s not ill, he just doesn’t give a shit, and is notoriously difficult to (1) contact; (2) get to sign a contract. He has no agent; you call him up, and if you hear back eventually, that’s the best you’re going to do. And then he says he’ll show up, and you pray he does. That’s how the Murray system works now.

  • Bclewis6593

    The script has been written for months if Murray wanted to read it he would. At some point you have to say screw this psychotic asshat and start over. Which I could see Sony doing a reboot of the whole franchise.

  • Ollywood

    let’s be honest, bill murray seems to be the only one of the ghostbusters that seems to have a sense of what is good and what is shite, that is why his career has continued to grow and evolve and theirs have floundered. so, if he thinks it’s a bad idea (you don’t need to read a script to know it’s a bad idea) and doesn’t want to be involved then i’m proud of him for not just doing it for an easy buck. just leave it alone and make something new and original (that goes for the rest of hollywood too)

  • Kenneth Livitski


    GB3 will happen. It use to be said that Bill Murray wanted nothing to do with project and that’s why it’s taken forever for it to get this far. The last couple years, though, he’s been warming up to the idea of being a Ghostbuster one final time. Not only did he lend his voice to Ghostbusters: The Video Game, he practically cameoed as himself as Peter Venkman in Zombieland. I’d definitely say he’ll be ready to strap on a proton pack sooner than later.