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The Sandman TV Adaptation ‘Is Awake,’ Geoff Johns Says

Sandman: The Dream Hunters (by P. Craig Russell)

Remember yesterday’s announcement that the planned television adaptation of The Sandman had stalled? It turns out it was all a dream.

Less than 24 hours after Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, Warner Bros. Television’s top choice to develop the Vertigo project, was quoted as saying “Sandman is not in the works, at least for this season,” DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns took to Twitter with a “correction.”

“Correction to world: The Sandman is AWAKE!” he tweeted this afternoon. “Psyched to be working with @neilhimself on developing one of the greatest series ever!”

“@neilhimself” is, of course, the Twitter account of Neil Gaiman, who created the acclaimed series, working with such artists as Mike Dringenberg, Sam Kieth, Dave McKean, Jill Thompson and Charles Vess over the course of 75 issues.

Sandman in any form — comics to live action — doesn’t work without @neilhimself,” Johns added.

So what do we make of this latest turn? Good question. When the plans for the series were announced in September, it was noted that Gaiman wasn’t involved in the development, “though because it is early in the process, that could change.” That didn’t exactly fill fans of Gaiman, or The Sandman, with confidence. And when Kripke talked to The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday, he said he’d spoken to Gaiman about an adaptation, but didn’t indicate he’d worked with the writer.

Perhaps realizing that, in Johns’ words, that Sandman “doesn’t work without” Gaiman, Warner Bros. and DC pulled the brakes on a Kripke-led project so they could chart another course with The Sandman creator.

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  • Paul

    Now let’s hope they don’t cast Ryan Reynolds as the Sandman.

  • Dawnell_do

    OMG!, why did you have to bring that up?

  • Jaue2

    Eh, this still doesn’t give me any confidence.

    Of course Gaiman will be involved in some capacity. The Gaiman of the 1990s wouldn’t have been involved, but the Gaiman of recent years is basically a sellout who will put his name to anything, whose quality-control has dipped considerably.

    I’m just being honest with how I feel. Gaiman still ranks as one of my favorite writers ever, thanks to his ’90s work. But Gaiman found his niche and his own self-involved flighty and marketable persona. He believes his own hype now and everything he does reads like a toned-down, dumbed-down rip-off of ideas he had twenty years ago.

    I’d almost prefer it if Gaiman wasn’t involved. But who am I kidding, I’m not going to watch a Sandman teevee series anyway, unless I hear really, really, really good reviews of it from sources I trust, sources who don’t automatically fawn with glee over anything with hype and the air of nostalgia around it.

  • Jacob

    You really think Gaiman or Johns would let that happen? He was cast as Hal Jordan because he could play that part (shame the script doesn’t seem to get who Hal Jordan is though), if he can play this part then he’ll get it. Otherwise, no, he won’t. (besides, it’s TV, Reynolds won’t do TV)

  • YeaSayer

    I bet in the first issue, a bunch of Nazis dismember the Sandman’s family. Then all of the Endless sit around worshipping Stargirl’s virginity.

  • Briguyx

    Neil once considered doing a “Sandman” adaptation with Roger Avary, with the scenes in the dream world done by animation. I always thought this was a terrible idea.

    While “The Lord Of The Rings” and “Harry Potter” has opened things up as far as continued stories at the movies, TV is the way to go with this. I liked the selection of Eric Kripke as a producer, who has steered “Supernatural” in a scary direction with well thought out season long arcs…

  • demoncat_4

    nice to see that the sandman refuses to die in attempts to try and have other incarnations. and glad the sandman master himself Neil is involved. though still think it would do better on hbo or amc for cw may wind up having to dumb down sandman to it its mold.

  • Drfunkphd

    This comment sounds like someone who has read very very little of Gaiman’s work outside comics. You have no idea what you’re talking about man.

  • Omniaural

    I kind of think in a post-Inception world a series based around dreams and reality would be really successful especially if it chucked a bit of the supernatural in there too.