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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Reunites Original Cast

Silent Hill is one creepy piece of movie. Gory, too. Now imagine seeing all of that in 3D. That’s the plan for the coming sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. It says so right there in the title.

Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean and Deborah Kara Unger will be reprising their roles from the first film, Shock Till You Drop confirms. This follows news from Konami last week that newcomers Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington will be joining the cast.

“For over a decade, The Silent Hill franchise has been scaring players through psychological horror and the fear of the unknown,” Konami Digital Entertainment president Shinji Hirano said in the press release. “It’s that proven blueprint for terror we know [producer] Samuel Hadida is capable of re-creating for the big screen. With him at the helm, we’re confident Silent Hill Revelations 3D, will bring a new dimension of fear for fans both old and new!”

STYD also has an image from the film (above), which is already shooting in Canada.


  • Farson89

    They’re turning Silent Hill, a franchise centered on atmosphere and storytelling, into a 3D action movie.


  • Dawnell_do

    I thought first movie was okay, but hopefully this will be better.

  • Tim Glaim

    If you want to “bring a new dimension of fear for fans both old and new”, try CREATING SOME ATMOSPHERE. Go for the less-is-more tactic used in the games. Throw in a little character developement instead of just opening the movie with a little girl crying about “SILENT HILL!” in her sleep for no apparent reason. Seriously, why would anyone scream out the LOCATION of their nightmares instead of saying “OH MY GOD! A BIG SCALY, TENTACLED SPIDER THING WITH THE HEAD OF KARL ROVE!!!”? And let’s par down the cast a bit, shall we? The first movie had more extras than Dawn of the Dead, thanks to that stupid cult that was mercifully only MENTIONED in the game; we don’t need to SEE them. Here’s a little hint, guys, the monsters in the movie should outnumber the human characters by at least 5 to 1, not the other way ’round.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I think I was also one of the few, along with my wife that enjoyed the first movie. As for decrying it as an action film, well, the game was full of action. Moody too but plenty of hitting and shooting as well. I’m very surprised the original cast is returning. I just hope that Sean Bean has more of an active role this time around.

    Just don’t become a Resident Evil movie knock-off. Cause that last film was shite.

  • morrigan_45

    vvv Lol how is it EVEN turning into an action movie? Resident Evil is turning into that not Silent Hill

  • Raven Faust