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Disney Channel Picks Up TV Series From Neal Adams

Disney Channel is developing a live-action television series based on Ditz the Scatterbrain, an unpublished comic book created by industry legend Neal Adams, Heat Vision reports.

Described on Adams’ website as “Lizzy McGuire meets Men in Black,”  Ditz centers on a “seemingly normal teenager” — the daughter of an alien and a former astronaut — who can enter the minds of other people (and aliens) and control them, while helping the possessed with their problems. The drawback is that doing so leaves her scatterbrained and her body functioning on its own until her spirit returns.

The Lizzy McGuire comparison may have been what attracted the Disney Channel, as the Hillary Duff series was its flagship in the early part of the decade. Steve Marmel, creator of the network’s Sonny with a Chance, is attached as showrunner for Ditz, which is in the early stages of development.


  • Dawnell_do


  • Summer

    Some of it reminds me of that 80s sitcom, Out Of This World.

    In a good way.

  • Art of the Comic Boo

    Based on his “Batman Odyssey” train wreck, he better not be writing the show.