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C. Thomas Howell Confirms Lizard For Amazing Spider-Man

Although it’s been widely reported, and long accepted, that Rhys Ifans will play the Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man, there’s been no confirmation the classic villain appears in the Sony franchise reboot, at least until now.

In an interview this week with the Retroradio podcast, actor C. Thomas Howell revealed a little information about his supporting role in the Marc Webb-directed film, while letting slip some significant plot details — including the identity of Spider-Man’s foe.

“There is not a whole lot to talk about. Sony wants us to be hush-hush right now,” he said. “I play a relatively small role. I play a construction worker who’s son is caught in the middle of a battle between the Lizard and Spider-Man on the Manhattan bridge. Spider-Man helps me get my son back from this perilous situation. There is some payback there at the end of the movie. Spider-man is kind of hurting. I help him when all of the other people won’t. Part of the story is, the nation thinks he might be a bad guy. They don’t know what to think. Because of my experience on the bridge with my kid, I know he is a good guy. I pitch in and help out at the end. That is the best way.”

Debuting in November 1963′s Amazing Spider-Man #6, Dr. Curt Connors was a gifted Army surgeon whose arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated. Returning to civilian life, he became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian regeneration, and eventually developed an experimental serum taken from reptile DNA. Connors tested it on himself, and his arm did grow back. However, it had an unfortunate side effect, transforming Connors into a reptilian monster known as the Lizard.

Connors was played in 2004’s Spider-Man 2 and 2007’s Spider-Man 3 by Dylan Baker, but the character never became the Lizard in those Sam Raimi-directed films.

With the Lizard now confirmed as the main villain, we can move on to other question about The Amazing Spider-Man, such as how Irrfan Khan’s Nels Van Adder fits into the plot, and whether we’ll see Andrew Garfield’s wall-crawler battle an reptilian monsters.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Campbell Scott, C. Thomas Howell, Julianne Nicholson and Annie Parisse. The film, which began production in December, will be released on July 3, 2012.

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  • Farson89

    Aw yeah. After Raimi dicked us around with hinting at, but never giving us, the Lizard it’ll be nice to finally see him on screen.

  • Jacob

    I’m cool as long as Bachalo designs him.

  • Dawnell_do

    I like that their using other villains for the film, but I don’t think the Lizard should be the main threat.

  • Jacob

    I disagree, Shed shows there’s a lot of potential for him to be the main villain. I’d hate for him to be reduced to a pawn. Considering this movies going to be aimed at families, there’s a lot of mileage to get out of his relationship with his wife, son, and scales.

  • Dawnell_do

    The only real Lizard to me is the mindless monster that lives in the sewers, trying to either eat people or get revenge for losing his arm, anything else is a little far fetched.

    I think the main villain(s) should be more realistic and lead up too the superpowered enemies…like the Enforcers working for the Maggia leaders Hammerhead and Silvermane, the Shocker, Spencer Smythe and Alistair Smythe with their Spider-Slayers, and maybe Mysterio.

  • Bclewis6593

    I was going to pass on this but I’ll see it just to see the Lizard portrayed on screen. He’s one of Spiderman’s more unique villains.

  • f**K spidey 4

    I just cant accept not only ANOTHER origin story for spidey— but a very FEM looking one as both peter and spiderman.
    But the worst offense is the costume— any true fan above the age of 12 shuold NOT support this.

  • DannyJBeckett

    I’m pleasantly surprised they aren’t going with the Green Goblin for this series’ first villain. I think too many superhero films use the Arch-nemesis as the first villain and then fall back on his/her villain-legacy to try and fill out the subsequent film’s plot (Spider-Man 3, anyone?)

    I’d really like to see Scorpion or Electro get a showing, though.