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Rumor: Is Juno Temple Playing Robin In The Dark Knight Rises?

Juno Temple

With Friday’s confirmation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has at last closed a deal to appear in The Dark Knight Rises, attention quickly turned to what role he’ll play — Variety later reported it’s Alberto Falcone — and what that might mean for the movie’s plot.

However, the article also mentioned that indie actress June Temple “is being eyed for a supporting role as a street-smart Gotham girl,” a part many pegged to be Holly Robinson, the young prostitute who lives with Selina Kyle in Batman: Year One. Given the influence of the Frank Miller-David Mazzucchelli story arc on director Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, and the casting of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, it seems logical that Holly would appear. Right?

But what if the role isn’t that of Holly, or her analogue? What if it’s Carrie Kelley — or someone Carrie-like — the street-smart 13-year-old girl who becomes Robin in Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns?

That seems highly unlikely. Although Nolan was talking about a “still in a crib” Dick Grayson when he said, “I seriously doubt I will even be involved when Robin’s in the franchise,” an adolescent sidekick for Christian Bale doesn’t feel … quite right for this onscreen Gotham. Right?

Yet just yesterday Ain’t It Cool News jumped not to Holly but “to something akin to a female Robin,” a baton picked up this morning by Blastr.

“Of course, there are plenty of ways to employ an adolescent in Nolan’s Bat-verse,” Marc Bernardin writes. “Actually, no, there aren’t. Given that description, Temple can’t be playing Talia al Ghul, and, unless The Dark Knight Rises skips ahead at least 10 years in time, Barbara Gordon wouldn’t be old enough to be Batgirl.”

That, apparently, leaves Robin or a random street kid — or, y’know, Holly Robinson.


  • Anonymous

    To be fair though, in the last Catwoman series, there were moments where Holly seemed to be something akin a female Robin to Catwoman. (There’s also Arizona from the first Catwoman series, but I doubt they’d take someone THAT minor.)

    Also, currently in the comics (and given Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s casting as Alberto Falcone), there’s also Kitrina Falcone – Kittyhawk/Catgirl. Who is, you know, also another analogue to a female Robin for Catwoman. It’s a HIGHLY unlikely choice, but the familial connection is there.

  • Mythos

    Don’t complicate it. Catwoman is in the movie and she needs a motivation to protect Gotham (which, according to most info on DKR, is what she does in it), so it makes sense to have Holly Robinson.

    Heh… ROBINson. Get it?

  • Coryjameson

    Yes, because the poor little fanboys of Batman couldn’t stand even a whiff of homoerotic undertones. Even if they wholly accept it or ignore it in the comics.

    Gay people will never be completely accepted by society. Not as long as Christianity, Judaism, and Islame are the major forms of indoctrination in raising children around the world.

  • Mars

    Please let it be Holly. I don’t need a Carrie or a Steph here. I need a Dick Grayson and if Nolan can’t figure out what makes Dick one of the most popular characters in DC then the character is too good for him.

  • ATK

    If we were fast forwarding maybe 30 years and doing a adaptation of the Dark Knight Returns then maybe I would buy this, but if that were the case I would hope they would cast Michael Ironside as the elder Batman.

    As it stands I’m pretty sure she will be a tragic figure that will probably die just after we get to like her.

  • Shift

    Why are all these sites so intent on trying to convince us that Nolan is trying to introduce Robin into the franchise? Nolan has stated more than once that he doesn’t want to include Robin, because the concept doesn’t make sense with the tone of these movies.

    Robin is my favorite comic character, but I accept that he’s a hard character to introduce into the series. After all, the introduction of children character into any previously established story can change the tone of it considerably. That was the whole reason Robin was created in the first place in the comics. To lighten the mood of the Batman stories and to give the kid fans someone they could more closely connect with.

    But I don’t see why everyone keeps assuming that every time a new actor is announced that it’s going to be Robin in some way. And lets be frank, if Nolan did introduce Robin, he would go for the one people know. Dick Grayson or maybe even Tim Drake. Carrie is pretty obscure for the most part for those who haven’t read The Dark Knight Returns, and Stephanie was only Robin for what? 4 months of books?

    I really think the most likely case is that is will be Holly Robinson, because of her past connection with Catwoman in the comics, or maybe even Kitrina Falcone, just because the Falcone family is playing a major role in this story.

  • Michael Busuttil


  • Kelly


  • Kelly

    Get over it, people.


    How many times must the guy say it? No Robin.



  • Icer

    Batman and Robin aren’t Homosexuals. Anybody heard of brotherly love?

  • Jacob

    Brotherly love stops applying when Bruce is 35 and Dick is 12.

  • Jacob

    What? While, yes, there may have been homosexual subtext in the old Golden Age comics, there isn’t anymore. Bruce’s relationship with the Robin’s is more fatherly now (he’s adopted two of them and seeded another). Also, this shit is random. Nothing in the article even suggests that there’s anything even related to homosexuality in this decision making process.

  • Jacob

    Page views. Allows them to charge more for adverting space. If you say Robin has been cast in the new Batman movie, people are more likely to click it than “Random blonde girl cast in unknown role”

  • Sarcasmmode

    No, it just isn’t like Nolan to kill off a member of an ensemble cast just when we’re beginning to like them as part of an intricate and puzzle-like plot.

  • ATK

    Hence the reason he would do it, it would be unexpected.

  • ATK

    Please, it has always been (albeit awkward) father/son relationship. This can be seen in the comics as Dick Grayson is now the Gotham Batman, while all other Robins have been made to establish their own persona.

  • kalorama

    So basically what the post/article is saying is that the only possible roles a young woman in her early 20s could play in a Batman movie are Robin, Holly Robinson, or a random street kid. That’s it. End of options.



    And, unless I’m mistaken, neither of Gordan’s kids were ever addressed by name in either of Nolan’s movies, so it’s entirely possible that the little girl isn’t Barbara Gordon, that Barbara was off at college during the first two. (I doubt that’s the case, really, but it’s as possible, if not more, than the idea that Temple is playing a female Robin.)

  • Jacob

    Dick was the first Robin to do that, and only because Batman because Bruce “died.” >.> Also, father/son relationship isn’t brotherly love. Dick and Tim have brotherly love. I’m not quite sure what Dick and Damian have…

  • LazarusDives89

    How bout shes playing Dr Harley Quenzel? She goes insane from a few sessions with the Joker and is pitted against the Bat long side Bane via Holiday -or better yet, the movie takes place a few years later, Batman has had a few years fighting crime under his belt, Jim has more time in service, Gotham is how we all know and love it to be, batman is more established and Juno is an Jim Gordon’s teen daughter.
    . . . Good?

  • nobody

    holly robinson had lesbian relationships, so if she is replacing robin you can’t say they’re doing it because they want to avoid any “homoerotic undertones”

  • Anonymous

    i just wanna see how they introduce the joker and who its gonna be

  • Anonymous

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